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  1. Slipknot - Wait and bleed
  2. Hope it's something different next season, it's getting a bit boring now. Not really a tune to get you pumped up anyway
  3. Been thinking a bit... this is our best side. Someone send it to Carlos please Westwood Hunt Lee's Hutch Reach Bannan Lee Forestieri Hooper Rhodes Fletcher
  4. Westwood lees hutch loovens Hunt Reach Lee Bannan Abdi Hooper Rhodes
  5. Wildsmith and Dawson.... I'd imagine that will be it
  6. Brendan Rogers here for 10 in a row!
  7. It's not even funny.... he shouldn't be anywhere near the 18
  8. That's it then most Wednesday fans will be slagging him off rest of his career cos he didn't get a chance with us..... just like mcgeady
  9. That's just made me feel sick general
  10. 2,700 now.... Whats happening!!!
  11. I was at 2,400 5 mins ago. I'm now at 2,550
  12. If we lose.... we'll av another go next season. We're gonna get there eventually with Mr. Chansiri in charge!
  13. He proven himself in the premier league before....
  14. Think its just rangers fans who don't rate him given what he did at celtic.... only conclusion I can come to.
  15. Burnley didn't sign loads of players and they seem to be doing okay. Obviously they had a better squad going up but not a million miles off. Dont forget we beat two prem teams last season! Id argue Hutch and Abdi certainly good enough, infact didn't Abdi score a fair few goals last season for Watford? Sure Hooper Hunt Reach Bannan and Fletcher have all played at that level before too.