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  1. Think its just rangers fans who don't rate him given what he did at celtic.... only conclusion I can come to.
  2. Burnley didn't sign loads of players and they seem to be doing okay. Obviously they had a better squad going up but not a million miles off. Dont forget we beat two prem teams last season! Id argue Hutch and Abdi certainly good enough, infact didn't Abdi score a fair few goals last season for Watford? Sure Hooper Hunt Reach Bannan and Fletcher have all played at that level before too.
  3. Really, I have a drinking and gambling problem to fund before anything else!
  4. Afraid not at that price, some of have to put other things infront of football
  5. If still on offer Id love to buy them off you :)
  6. International games should only take place in the summer
  7. What does sag actually stand for? And I know I'm stupid so no need to remind me.
  8. Graffiti on the wall just as the sun was going down
  9. Costs too much
  10. we just scored.... guessing it was hooper
  11. Has Emanuelson been injured again or is he just and u23 player these days?
  12. Grimsby.... but everyone got it off us cos we're massive n that
  13. Dont think therell be a problem of the tickets selling out. Its a bit more of a match for us this year and its nearer to the business end of the season.
  14. Think Ill be making the trip aswell now.... although Id have to set off at 6pm from sheff centre