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  1. Costs too much
  2. we just scored.... guessing it was hooper
  3. Has Emanuelson been injured again or is he just and u23 player these days?
  4. Going round Leeds for day, anyone else watching match there? Don't wanna have to beat up all the leeds fans myself
  5. Grimsby.... but everyone got it off us cos we're massive n that
  6. Dont think therell be a problem of the tickets selling out. Its a bit more of a match for us this year and its nearer to the business end of the season.
  7. Think Ill be making the trip aswell now.... although Id have to set off at 6pm from sheff centre
  8. Ticket office just tweeted theres been a surge in tickets sold.... wonder why :)
  9. Imagine this team when everyones available..... Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Reach Hutch Bannan McManamen Forestieri Hooper Rhodes And we'd have a bench containing Lee Fletcher and Abdi .............. UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!
  10. 42 games and 19 clean sheets
  11. 985 sold.... so should be over a 1000 making the trip. Does anyone know last time we took less than a 1000 to an away game?
  12. Did someone say the game is streamed on sports devil? If so what stream is it on ta
  13. Think to have scored 9 goals at this stage for bottom of the league he must have something about him.
  14. Horrible news, really is. But as other people have said... I go to the football to watch a football match. I go to a funeral/grave stone/church to remember people who have passed away. Never understood why football has anything to do with remembering people who have passed away. Having said that I thought the minutes applause against Rotherham to remember everyone over the year was nice. Its a great idea and should be the way forward IMO.
  15. Already been mentioned that full-back is the weakest are. If we really want to improve our team we should go out and spend 10mill on getting charlie taylor from leeds and cyrus christie from derby. By far the best left & right backs in the league. Would be wiser spending money on them than it would rhodes. I mean is rhodes really that much better than hooper? Im pretty sure in the second half of last season hooper scored more than rhodes.