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  1. But for the staff not to know an exact day/date is bad, the need to look at the fans point of view it's embarrassing
  2. That we need to fix up
  3. Ask 3 questions when I went to get my rangers tickets this morning as follows when are season tickets ready to be picked up? Don't know when will the new shirts be in the shop? Don't know when are the Preston tickets coming on sale? Don't know what a shambles.
  4. No need for donations he's got his lads on job.
  5. Hull accepted £2 million for huddlestone from derby
  6. I think we will sign the players just before our last friendly.
  7. How many of you are going down to alfreton tonight, setting off myself in 20 mins.
  8. This might get called off if rain carries on like this.
  9. Never been to ground another one to mark a off the list that's my raw reason for going
  10. Cheers my fellow wednesdayites
  11. Does anyone know how money tickets will be sold to us as I'm driving down tomorrow and it's pay on gate only?
  12. Anita gone to Leeds, wouldn't have minded him down at hillsborough.
  13. I'm sure DC is aware of FFP and will make sure we don't break the rules of it, so stop worrying.