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  1. Players missing tomorrow

    Hirst tweeted earlier 'good luck to U23s' which implied he's not with them. Coukd get a run out in the cup ?
  2. Championship League Table

    Crikey... already 7 points off the top.
  3. Team for Bolton

    Wildsmith Palmer Lees Pudil Fox Wallace Jones BB FF Rhodes Winnall maybe give Venancio Matias Abdi some game time too
  4. where's he put his helmet ??
  5. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    no Chrissy Waddle ?
  6. Please leave the Chocolate Hobnobs Theyre mine
  7. Fans sounding great at the Cottage. Fulham didn't really make a noise / sat down for the whole game. not writing them off as Fulham have some decent players, but the fans mustve had some bad news or something just before KO to be that quiet
  8. .... with the rest of the squad on March 17th. probably be a 12:30 ko
  9. Team v Burton

    I'd keep a similar team but with a Reach in at LB ( not fox ) and have Boyd or FF at LM (if FF will play there) with Wallace RM
  10. Away shirts

    But it's got black stripes on the back... ! black numbers, black letters & black stripes would just make it impossible. The white numbers stood out fine.
  11. The Massive today

    It was that loud that my ears were hurting not that I'm complaining cracking game.... actually I am complaining that there weren't a couple more goals. WAWAW
  12. You're not the guy that ran in the pitch then ??
  13. MoM player ratings etc

    Mainly great performances- although Fox was invisible & Hunt kept giving the ball away far too often BB & SF outstanding
  14. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    The 7x bench'd is better than the 11 selected