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  1. if Reading lose both their games they could drop from 3rd to 7th. The points are so close that one slip could be fatal for any of the 5 teams. After the heartbreaking final we had last year, it'd be amazing to right it this time. Plus the big 150 !!! Plus it would wee wee on the pigs celebrations !!! Plus Chansiri promised it in 2 years WAWAW
  2. Im pretty sure only one of us can get promoted as that's the rules of the playoffs
  3. Reading in semis anyone but Fulham in final
  4. Crikey !!! Fulham 3-1 up
  5. Just saw this news on Sky Sports... http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/9886810/who-is-carlos-carvalhal-we-profile-new-sheffield-wednesday-boss
  6. I don't like being a 'glass half empty' person, but I am nervous about tomorrow. Read a lot of posts saying Fulham game could be a 'dead rubber' but Derby are our bogey team... it's been at least 10 years since we've beat them at Hillsborough ... then Ipswich, again no pushovers / pullovers / combovers..... etc. I was sat in South stand when they beat us 2-1 earlier in season in one of the most boring / disappointing games I've watched this campaign. Someone fill my my glass up !!!
  7. as Derby can't make the POs now, do we reckon they'll turn up in sandals & beach towels ??
  8. Have you got a map for Fulham game? They went on general sale today (I'm not being lazy - don't think I can bring up map on my phone) hoping it'll be a big crowd for both... even tho I'm hoping it's all sealed before the Fulham game.
  9. I noticed on BBC commentary yesterday that they were all over Fulham. Not once did they give us credit, only mentioned us to say "Wednesday will be looking over their shoulder" as Fulham went ahead... again as QPR equalised. i don't get it as we've been pretty much up there all season, and were finalists last season.
  10. Reading semis Hudds final. honestly dont fancy us at L**ds or Fulham.
  11. I've got many fond memories at Hillsborough, but some of the 'newer' stadiums I've been too do make me a bit jealous. So im torn.... Madejski & Amex are decent Ashton Gate has been refurbished (no gaps -seating all the way round) (wasn't even netting - rival fans in same end) i think to to move forward into the prem then move to a newer shinier stadium
  12. I don't want it to go to the final game, I'll be a sweaty mess !! I watched as Brighton came to Hillsborough last season in the POs. they were knackered and I think had about 4 players go down through exhaustion. I didn't care at the time, as it was to our advantage but karma can be a be-atch
  13. I can't understand them !!
  14. At Wembley !!!!!!! :( we'll get the place bouncing on Saturday (just like Wembley) WAWAW
  15. or....... Westwood Hunt Lees Loov Bann Hutch McMan Reach FF Winnall Rhodes 3-4-3 can go defensive & attacking depending on who has the ball ??