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  1. .......... Andy Sinton
  2. Sorry to hear that @trevdi9 hes a battler, and had a better day today. But it is family / friends in sad situations that make us see that Owls losing isn't the end of the world, they gave us the best season for nearly 2 decades & ppl have no perspective. Big love to you & your missus. Hope things are ok mate.
  3. Looked like the whole front row
  4. Wasn't there a cryptic tweet from Bannan about LM recently. And I thought he was getting a squad number (from someone in the know)
  5. To say 'if it doesn't hurt, you don't care' is a stupid statement. Im sat here next to my son in hospital, there are far more important things in life than losing to Hudds. They were better than us over both games. They were better/higher than us nearly all season. Nothing we can do about it apart from grow stronger & move forward. Thats life
  6. The most sensible thing I've read since the match ended. I had a quick look last night on OT and saw tantrums (about Carlos FF Rhodes & Hutch etc) and decided just to go to bed & sleep on it. I still love Carlos, I still love Wednesday - I don't think bitching about our own lads is necessary, one team had to lose (& we missed a golden opportunity in first leg to test a 21yr old inexperienced keeper... but I'm not dwelling on that, loads of ppl on here were praising the result of 0-0. ) We'll go again in a few months, but getting rid of our manager & star players would not be progressive. We're All Still Wednesday Aren't We ?
  7. If you read the BBC sport app about Weds V Udds, i kinda thought it was biased towards Udds. There's a paragraph mentioning Izzy Browns raw pace and a few others....... the only time they mention Wednesday was to say Hoops is probably missing so Fletch to keep his place. Blummin bias buggers
  8. I wonder how the players slept last night ? I was nervous & woke up at 4 today is going to be a loooong ol' day
  9. not sure who's name they're singing.... but he's magic yknowwww you'll never get past .... ?? if it's Reading v SWFC then the whole of Wembley can harmonise - jaap stam had a dream - he's magic y'know - on our way
  10. Maybe so, but if I was living away from my family and only saw wife kids once a wk or few times a month then I'd look for a job closer to home. Id love CC to stay, but he got a lot of abuse & ppl calling for his head recently. It might not be worth the poo that he's putting up with to stay in Sheffield.
  11. http://downatthemac.proboards.com/thread/104869/ithe-noise-all they think they will make the most noise at Hillsborough. They also call it 'the cauldron' ??? or 'Sheffield Library'
  12. why are we bringing on 4 subs ??
  13. if CC family still in Portugal, then he's spent two years away from them. So maybe he is thinking about going home. Itll be a shame, but nowt we can do.
  14. Only for Fulham & Udders. Reading & Wednesday have to win cleanly by a clear goal. Thats my understanding fron from listening to 5 live or SSN.
  15. 4th of April - this thread started. Its now 16 May and papers are picking it up, I hope The Mail get their info from random threads on OT..... we cant swap King Carlos for Pardew ??!!!???!!!