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  1. If we are borrowing from Everton, can't we just use their away kit ??
  2. and he forget Dutch legend* Regi Blinker
  3. Chelsea changed their system tho, with only 3 at the back instead of 4. So he just didn't fit in to Contes plans. Especially as David Luiz was doing well in the middle. I know he's not the player from 10yrs ago, or even 5yrs ago but love him or hate him, I do think he's earned his place in premier league history.
  4. I'd have him in the team, JT maybe past his peak in the prem but I've seen Chelsea play a few times in recent yrs and he is class. Maybe not the wife shagging / racism parts of his life, but for football, there's a reason Chelsea have won so many trophies with him as a leader.
  5. It'll be Boro at the riverside
  6. I voted for the 3-1 Man U game. Simply because I was there, one of my first games (I would've been 18 - don't live near Sheffield so could finally drive to S6) and Man U we're on fire at the time, and I was so nervous.
  7. Zlatan kodjia hourihane
  8. I got negged - then someone +1 me so it evened out... but I agree, why neg someone ?? Poo faces
  9. Chris Waddle. the sole reason I became a Wednesdayite in 1993. Also shoutout for Carbone & DiCanio, just for the excitement they could produce. Lees & Lee from current team for the passion & attitude each game they play.
  10. this was not what I expected the thread to be about.
  11. Ahhh yes, I had heard that actually you mention it
  12. What rumours ?
  13. According to BBC sport, Fletcher has just been dropped from Scotland team.
  14. I reckon Blackpool have taken more fans this year, than Hull did last year !!!