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  1. Would love to see him back cracking player. Really good on the ball driving forward but can do some of the less glamorous work in the midfield also. Imagine he would be much cheaper than buying from England too, prices are totally inflated he would be worth serious cash if he was English playing over here.
  2. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Lee Hutch Bannan Wallace Fletcher Forestieri
  3. Leeds tho...
  4. Fantastic player both at Centre Half and Midfield puts himself in the thick of it all the time which is great to watch. You can see also just how much he enjoys his football and appreciates being out there because of his injury scares in the past. Lee and Hutchinson both fit is a cracking midfield pairing, probably won't see it this season unfortunately with neither having many games under their belt in recent weeks. I wouldn't split Lees and Loovens up to get him in their experience is vital at this stage especially Glenn
  5. To be fair most of the comments in here are valid we were playing shocking football, couldn't score goals and looked like dropping away from the play offs. Fair play to Carlos for completely turning it around we've been fantastic since Reading at Hillsborough, players like Hooper and Lee returning + Fletcher form has helped massively, football can change so quickly. Hopefully we can all have a laugh at this thread end of May as mentioned above
  6. Whoever scores the winner at Wembley
  7. Sold us a 10 million pound player for a third of the price what a player Hooper is oozes class proper player Cheers duck nice doing business
  8. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Bannan Jones Fernando Hooper Rhodes Wildsmith, Sasso, Palmer, Reach, Lee , Fletcher, Nuhiu 1-0 Hooper
  9. Mention to Alex Lopez, looked class back end of last season obviously not the massive impact of names like Wickham etc but what a player he looked, would love it if DC could get him back this summer
  10. Wickham looked a class above at this level, the spell at the end of 2013 bagged goals for fun when we needed them desperately
  11. I think beating Derby should just about seal it for us, Ipswich tough but fancy a point down there and then Fulham will have to come and attack us on the final day and as shown against Norwich and Newcastle at Hillsborough we punish teams when they actually try and play against us.
  12. Steven Fletcher didn't win a single aerial battle all game, Atdhe comes on won everything and showed great feet at times. Crowd responded to him fantastically aswell. Anyone who says he's not got a role to play in this squad watch that cameo.
  13. Can somebody ask why such a smart businessman like DC is paying wages to Urby Emmanuelson, cheers.
  14. Played superbly last year when trying to earn a long term contract, got that and became one of Carlos' favourites because of those performances. He's got comfortable and this has led to mediocre performances throughout this season. Really talented footballer but needs to step up a bit more especially with our injury situation he's the key man in midfield. Didn't rate him at all Saturday if I'm honest
  15. That sliding tackle in the box was mega that's how to time one Bannan. You can't not love the guy probably knows himself he's not cut out at this level but gave it everything last night. Gooo on Semi lad