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  1. Pathetic performances? Did you not see that stat about how we only scored when he was on the pitch? And he's not an 11 million pound striker either
  2. I think you're terribly pessimistic
  3. Nigel Pearson will not ever manage in Sheffield- he's said that himself
  4. It would have been nicer to lose 2-0 tbh. Losing on penalties is gutting
  5. There have been some truly ridiculous things said on here about Carlos and various players. All just heat of the moment stuff. As far as I'm concerned we keep Carlos (anyone who thinks Alan Pardew could do a better job needs a good talking to) and push onto next year. We are STILL Sheffield Wednesday, there is no apocalypse and we can't let tonight's result overshadow the progress we have made since DC and CC came in which has bought us our best side and league position in 17 years. All we can do is to get behin to get us back to where we belong. Moaning about not being able to beat Huddersfield won't help the team at all. The only thing fans can do is give the team our continual backing, and that's the only thing that will help them. We're call SUPPORTers for a reason.
  6. Better than last year... but then again they couldn't get any worse
  7. If we played like that in the final we might well get promoted
  8. Theresa is our best right winger- should keep her there
  9. Now can you imagine the reaction from SAG
  10. I'm calling 38 minutes on red card bingo
  11. Any fans making noise when watching that Burton team deserve credit- most negative football I've seen this season
  12. Didn't one of them play for Fulham?
  13. Bit old now init, David? And he struggled for fitness even in his heyday... come to think of it, weren't there that thread about him leaving the club?
  14. Good news my Fuhrer
  15. Cancelled tonight in favour of War of the Monster Trucks: The Return