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  1. err.. the "?" i clearly intended to represent a new signing.
  2. "Which do you think you could get more of your tongue in to?"
  3. Lee's what.. 6'1"? They looked noticably shorter than Palmer who's 6'2".. more around Abdi height.. so 5'10"ish by my reckoning. It might just be deceptive posture.. Thorniley seems to often have a bit of the 'Rooney hunch', never stands up straight. Maybe he's taller and just hiding it.
  4. One thing.. Does anyone know how tall Thorniley is? Our official site describes him as 'towering', but against Farense he (and O'Grady to be fair) looked pretty short, certainly below 6ft. generally you're going to struggle at under 6ft as a centerback. Hutch manages it at 5'11", but he's strong and has a good jump on him. Can't help but think they're both going to struggle to have senior careers at centerback purely because they just don't seem tall enough. Certainly can't think of any centerbacks in the premier league who are under 6ft.. probably not many under 6'2".
  5. They finish their preseason with Bundesliga Augsburg. For me it's not at all about results, but getting sharp. If you're playing against team and player considerably worse than you then you're not going to get to the required level. If you're playing against players who do things with the ball that lesser players don't then you'll be ready for when that happens in the early league games. If it was "just about getting some miles in the legs" as some have suggested then we'd just send players out jogging. It's for match sharpness, which you can't get playing mickey mouse sides. That's why everyone but us is playing decent opposition.
  6. Preston's last 3 are: Newcastle, Burnley and Fleetwood (who make League One playoffs last year). QPRs last 3 are: 2 german sides (one being bundesliga 2) and finishing with Bournemouth. Sunderlands last 3 are: Bradford and Scunthorpe (both League One playoff sides) and then Glasgow Celtic. Fulham: Just played Chelsea and West Ham. 2 games left, Wolfsburg (Budesliga) and Darmstadt (just relegated from Budesliga). Burton Albion: West Brom, nobodies, Shrewsbury (League One) and then Leicester. We are certainly the exceptions in choosing to have a preseason made up of pure amateur, walkover sides.
  7. Actually, I agree. :O They're not similar in their play, but they are in the positions they take up and when we play them together the core of the team is too deep and we struggle to make connections to the forward line. I'd avoid playing them together. Bannan and Jones seems to work and allows the wide players more freedom to bomb forward. Bannan and Lee or Abdi works as both Lee and Abdi take up more advanced positions on the pitch. The key to the season will probably be the midfield pairing. Personally I don't think that Bannan and Lee is a bad way to go. They've done well together and we've improved the players around them incredibly over the last 18 months. Lee vs Abdi will be an interesting fight. We all know Lee's quality and what he adds to the side, but if Abdi is not 100% then he's an impressive prospect given the flashes we've seen when he was on the egdes last season.
  8. We had a great run for 2 months (end of august to end of october) with him at centerback.. 8 games, 6 wins, no losses. the only 2 games we lost in that period were when he was suspended. Similarly our 6 game win streak at the end was without him even in the side. I like him a lot, but I don't think Hutch is vital.
  9. I'd expect a few involved tonight, with 2 games in 24 hours i'd not be surprised if we rotate the starting 11 pretty much completely. Crazy cameo for Wallace at left back? Hooper - Fletcher Nando - Abdi - Murphy - Matias Wallace - Thorniley - Hutch - Palmer Wildsmith Something like that. I'm a little surprised we keep starting Pudil at centerback, rather than on the left. It's fine for getting everyone fit, but Fox and Reach seem to have done well so far and so seeing how Pudil works with the new more mobile and more dangerous Reach would be good. Would surely be good experience for one of the youngsters to be in along side Lees too. But oh well..
  10. I'm fairly sure it'll be: Nando/Reach - Bannan - Lee/Abdi/Jones - Boyd It would have been Nando nailed on for the left, but Reach is making a case in preseason. Bannan, I don't think Carlos thinks is droppable from the side. While some on here complain about him, he does retain possession well and his distribution is excellent. There's no one else in the side who can spread play like he does. He doesn't get a lot of assists but he is involved in the build up of soo many goals for us. Lee and Abdi are similar in that they both play slightly ahead of center mid and link to the forwards. I don't think we're likely to see them together in the midfield very often, if ever, as a result. Jones is still a useful guy to have if we're playing more of a counterattacking style for a particular game. So I think they'll rotate depending on the requirement and Abdi will fight Lee for the 'normal' starting spot. Boyd is a sure thing to start on the right for 90% of games. His workrate is 2nd to none and while he's not as spectacular as Wallace can be, he's a lot more consistent. Teams will hate playing against him at this level.
  11. They were heavily involved in the first two friendlies and so it seems they're largely being involved with the first team in preseason, just not going to portugal.
  12. Seems to be his movement that's different. He looks like he's freer to move about the pitch and it's when he comes more central that he's that goal threat. Whether that's instruction from Carlos, a side effect of Fox wanting to overlap a lot, or purely a preseason thing "i dont care i'm going wandering and having a pop at goal" remains to be seen. Fingers crossed it's the first two and he can carry it in to the league games. Before pre-season started I'd thought he'd be a good shout for left back, with Nando on the wing, but he's making a good case to be used further forwards now, and putting him at left back would surely shut down all the contributions he's making right now. Like Holmowl says, it becomes a dilemma for Carlos. A good one to have, but how happy would Nando be to spend a while sat on the bench if Reach is on form and contributing every game?
  13. That's missing the point entirely. Preseason is to get up to speed for the start of the season. That we finished the season higher in Carlos' first season with a massively improved squad is hardly a surprise. The fact remains we've had 2 very similar preseasons under Carlos and 2 very slow starts: 6 points from 21 and 5 from 15. This is the 3rd preseason and bears a strong resemblance to the previous 2. That we had better starts with a weaker squad after playing more competitive teams.. certainly seems like correlation if not causation. We'll see how we start this season, but a bit part of me is currently expecting to end August with around 6 points.
  14. I think you've missed the point I've beenmaking the whole thread long. ;)
  15. And when we have another slow start we'll all stand around wondering why and saying no one could have seen it coming. The two seasons: 2015: Alfreton, Ilkeston, York City, Braga, Scunthorpe, St Mirren. One decent team (but not British style) in Braga, surrounded by dross. 2016: Alfreton, Chesterfield, Benfica, CD Nacional, Port Vale. One decent team (but not British style) in Benfica, surrounded by dross. This season it's pretty much all dross. The last season we had a good start was 2014/15 under Gray: York (League Two) Bury (League Two) Arsenal Tula (Slovenian Premier) Doncaster (League One) Newcastle (Premier League) Barnsley (just relegated from Championship) Are we really saying that it's pure coincidence that when we have 'soft' preseasons we have slow starts?