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  1. I hope so, especially with the money they have spent!
  2. 4 villa players marking Diame
  3. He's been booked already so with a bit of luck he does something daft.
  4. Good news that Gayle is injured again. A win for villa would be brilliant for us. Diame isn't showing his presence so I can see villa nicking this.
  5. It was definitely over the line, I was in the south stand and towards the away end it was easily a foot or so over. We got away with one there big time!
  6. Neil Thompson
  7. That was literally after Leeds scored the winner. There was more than just that, he was replying to people at first with the "laughing" emoji, it was only when he realised just how many people were annoyed did he delete it all and post an apology.
  8. He was at middlewood doing some extra training with Tom Lees yesterday.
  9. After his mocking of the fans after our loss to Leeds I wish him nothing but the worst in football terms. The guy is a complete parasite.
  10. A free kick with the potential to attack ends up with a Wigan throw in. So so poor.
  11. Horrific pass from Rhodes.
  12. Andy Rhodes looked really pleased with Jordan's assist.
  13. That's a shame, Dunk is absolute quality as well.