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  1. Bong from Brighton
  2. Why would he be doing his coaching badges if he had no love for the game? Hes still a player with us so us so he's not on any coaching ladder anyway. Ridiculous post.
  3. I don't think we have a chance of signing him to be fair, clubs like Brighton have apparently expressed an interest.
  4. With Newcastle going up, I wonder if Diame will become surplus to requirements? Hes exactly thr midfield beast we need, kicks lumps out of other players and his goal against us at Wembley shows he's got an eye for goal too. A modern Carlton Palmer (almost)
  5. Iv only read the OP and without any shadow of doubt it would be Carlton Palmer.
  6. Nothing to do with chansiri's cash then?
  7. Reckons CC will leave, couple of comments on his twitter.
  8. Yes we do, that's what Banan, Wallace, Reach, FF are there for but we also need a calm and steady head in there. Too many times we've lost possession cheaply and jones isn't the player to do that, he's a different option to Lee and Banan.
  9. Fair point mate. Can't disagree with that.
  10. Joao needs to go. Simply isn't good enough. If we can't sell him then he needs to go on a season long loan somewhere. He doesn't have the potential that some are making out, you just have to look at some of the chances he has missed to see that. If if we are serious about keeping hold of George Hirst then he needs to be given Joao's place in the first team, yes arguably 5th choice striker. Keep him playing u23 football and use sporadically in the first team. He is someone with potential.
  11. That's one only the manager can answer. Bizarre.
  12. Iv no issue with Jones. Admittedly I knew nothing about him when he signed but I think he is a useful member of the squad. He is unspectacular, in a good way in my opinion. He is something completely different from our other midfielders. He is happy to break up play and keep things very simple. The simple bit is the most important, keeping possession and not giving the ball away cheaply. Something some of our other midfielders have been guilty of.
  13. Who ended up playing as a number 10?
  14. I'd rather not say on here mate. I try to speak my mind on here and have spoken out about the academy in the past. I know the feeling of getting released mate, I had the same from Wednesday and then United, a few years back now though!
  15. Good point, we haven't done that though. We've just bought more strikers!