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  1. Aston Villa have made an offer for him too. They are prepared to pay 4 times the amount of wages we are. I have been told we offered him a new contract of £2000 a week which has been rejected.
  2. We wouldn't match his wages.
  3. Mulgrew would be a good signing. He was very good when he played against us last season. A definite improvement on sasso and could easily challenge for loovens place at CH, I definitely wouldn't complain if we sign him. Exactly what we need in my opinion.
  4. This would be absolutely rubbish on behalf of the club and semedo himself. Reasons being, like last season he would be getting paid to train and have minimal impact on the pitch. Semedo himself if easily good enough to be playing for another couple of years at least. He is in very good shape and should be wanting to play, not just sit in the stands watching.
  5. Joao nuhiu mcgugan matias Banan (I don't dislike him it's more to force the managers hand to change midfield)
  6. He was back training with u23s last week. He scored in a friendly for them.
  7. Even when fit Abdi was overlooked.
  8. All those saying the bid is a joke, they can roger off etc do you realise that he is in the final year of his contract and will leave for next to nothing next summer. The club have virtually no power at all in this situation, the ball is entirely in Hirst's court.
  9. I edited it for you pal.
  10. The goalkeeping situation is one of the best we've had for years, everyone of the keepers has praised Andy when interviewed and someone starts a rumour that we've sacked him.
  11. we do play the likes of Sheffield and Worksop, I watched these games last season. I'm pretty sure we also played stocksbridge too. I doubt these clubs clubs will be moaning that we didn't field a full strength side. Both the games I watched we won comfortably. The attendances at sheffield and worksop were way above their average, the clubs will have earned a tidy packet from these games. Our players have only just returned from pre season and I'd be suprised if we didn't play the local sides this pre season.
  12. Are Scunthorpe or Lincoln even interested in him?
  13. I said the same after the playoffs. He will be under pressure to perform this season and hopefully we will do.
  14. I agree totally. It would represent appalling business and treatment of the player.