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  1. He went to Bradford, he's made the bench a couple of times but has been playing in their u23s.
  2. Pretty much nail on the head.
  3. Our youth players are doing their bit in the relevant age groups. Don't forget Connor O'Grady also being called up to Ireland u21s. Preston, Hirst and Lonchar have excelled this season, along with a couple of others too. The comparison between us and our neighbors is that they are prepared to give young lads a chance, we aren't.
  4. I think you are wrong but at times this season Iv found some of the "injuries" to be a little suspicious. For example. Melo hadn't played for nearly 18 months, no signs of being fit but then come the transfer window he is suddenly ft enough to go out on loan and play regularly. Abdi, featured from time to time Radio Sheffield when asked said he was being overlooked but fully fit, a week or so later Carlos says the opposite when pressed on the issue. Granted now he is injured. We we have an injury crisis and suddenly Matias is fit again.
  5. I know that mate, believe me.
  6. People are say that kind of crap because it makes them feel like they have instantly won the argument. These sort of responses are getting used more and more. The new era of the club started last season, anything gone before is almost irrelevant. For what it's worth I don't think we over achieved, where we finished was right.
  7. I don't think Iv seen anyone doubting the quality of our squad.
  8. Hutchinson?
  9. I said the same thing before Christmas and got slaughtered for it.
  10. It wasn't too long ago that someone on here was telling me that he would get into a Wednesday team over John Sheridan.
  11. Square pegs in round holes.
  12. I agree about the 433 thing but I seriously doubt we will ever see him play here again.
  13. He hasn't got a famous dad so has gone under the radar on here. He's always been decent when Iv seen him play.
  14. Who on earth sanctioned the loan deal of Lucas Joao? 3 goals in 2 games, he played really well tonight by the sound of things. There needs to be an inquest into why he wasn't performing while he was here. Terrible decision to loan him out, especially when we can barely score. (Apart from the Norwich game).