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  1. Walked past...

    He had a flat white
  2. Beautiful the old city is stunning but flippingroasting. Enjoy
  3. Why do people moan about people moaning ...not that I'm moaning UTO
  4. Greetings from cloudy Dubrovnik wish I was at Hillsborough tho can imagine that atmosphere. Roar those boys on COME ON WEDNESDAY
  5. Lee Bullen's perspective/input?

    If my Aunt Roberta had Bo! !ocks she'd be my Uncle Bob
  6. Nuhiu at Centre Back

    Rather wipe my @rse with a rough brick
  7. Rare Photo, Tango with his shirt on

    Look's different with his clothes on
  8. Straws at Turnstiles

    Mine has definitely caused the camel to get backache
  9. Milky Performance

    Seen milk turn quicker
  10. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    Books.... Bramall Lane... Those words in the same sentence look wrong
  11. His nickname was the first line of the cooking instructions of his own brand sausages ... " pr#ck with a fork"
  12. Had a surreal moment watching my lads face as he realised he was marking the legend that was Gary Taylor- Fletcher in his latest "friendly" Colwyn Bay v Bangor
  13. Caption competition

    Hey Don how come your lads a Ginner
  14. Drunk rumour

    I Talk Krap
  15. Lego Hillsborough

    reads better