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  1. No leg-overs tomorrow
  2. Didn't he score a hat-trick in a friendly in Scotland one pre-season?
  3. Have to ask Geohay, he's seen him I'm biased
  4. Goole AFC freshly relegated to the NWCFL
  5. Will Booth he's a young centre-mid/ wing back - was that the game Bay won 2-1 ?
  6. My lad plays in the Evo NPL for Colwyn Bay and he's played against Nathan Modest and Adam Muller this season. Adam Bolder plays for Scarborough and they are playing them on Saturday.
  7. One too many y's in that sentence Braddo
  8. R.I.P. fella always liked your posts. uto.
  9. Makes my sheite itch reading the name Irvine in any new manager thread
  10. Can't beat a nutty cluster
  11. Judging by that photograph its a pity he didnt stretch his neck the full length against Leeds. However I thought he was excellent against Narch.