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  1. One letter can change so much. Actually agree 100% with the rest of the comment.
  2. What ? your GCSE English revision books?
  3. I'm up UTO
  4. Seen Sam play many times he played in the same Cheshire U18 team my lad captained to the national championship two years ago. He's a strong tackling good passing defender who converted from a defensive midfielder to a full back/centre half. Good character and one of those strong winners you need in a team.
  5. Speedboat no driver
  6. Moretti with elderflower cordial followed by a nice white rioja
  7. Can honestly say I've never met a Fulham fan
  8. No leg-overs tomorrow
  9. Didn't he score a hat-trick in a friendly in Scotland one pre-season?
  10. Have to ask Geohay, he's seen him I'm biased
  11. Goole AFC freshly relegated to the NWCFL