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  1. Love that Will. Thanks.
  2. Think that's Fulham.
  3. A cap would spoil his hair.
  4. Merry Christmas fellow Owls. Am old enough to remember the Boxing Day Massacre.....4-0 again for us on Boxing Day at Newcastle will do nicely!
  5. Great goalie. Best in a long time.
  6. None of this Liberace rounduns with Hutch. Proper man goal celebration with him.
  7. Carlos, Carlos knock him that recent touchline melee with the ref.
  8. Give over. Kid came through Wednesdays ranks, played for us nearly 200 times, and GOT sold to fill a hole in the budget. Give him some respect.
  9. I shall spare a thought for others but will be replaying all the happy memories of me and Dad at Hillsborough. Went with him basically every game from 1974 to 2012 at home. Still miss him and think of him at almost every game. Love you Dad. Miss you.
  10. That's a pretty bad hernia.
  11. Totally criminal that we are wasting 100k a week on players who are not playing and don't even look like they might. That's £5 million a year.
  12. Lady in front of me screamed yes, Yes, YES! Did wonder if it was Flying Owl.
  13. Ha. Been on the 16 pint challenge since 11am!