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  1. Andy is right. Players arrive around 6pm and will park on the side by the river just through gates to South Stand, by the Kop. They then walk to players entrance in South Stand. Usually all happy to sign for and have photos with kids. CC parks in single bays much nearer players entrance.
  2. Fak, fak, fak. Like a bit of passion. Great.
  3. If you fancy sitting in South Stand, there's usually room near us. Don't pub it before the game, just get in ground early and have a beer, then head up to seats at about two with a coffee, watching players warm up, crowd build and general footy chat. You're always welcome to join us.
  4. Obviously BelfastOwl2's time of the month. Nasty little fecker.
  5. I played for Middlewood Rovers which went on to be the Young Owls. Trained at the training ground in the late 70's, early 80's. All the best players though played for Ridgeway Rovers and alot went for trials at Man Utd. Man Utd often sent a few of theirs to play for RR. Beckham is after me though.
  6. I love Sam but..... Total Professional Appearances = 100 Yellow Cards = 39 Red Cards = 5 Good or bad?
  7. Love that Will. Thanks.
  8. Think that's Fulham.
  9. A cap would spoil his hair.
  10. Merry Christmas fellow Owls. Am old enough to remember the Boxing Day Massacre.....4-0 again for us on Boxing Day at Newcastle will do nicely!
  11. Great goalie. Best in a long time.
  12. None of this Liberace rounduns with Hutch. Proper man goal celebration with him.
  13. Carlos, Carlos knock him that recent touchline melee with the ref.
  14. Give over. Kid came through Wednesdays ranks, played for us nearly 200 times, and GOT sold to fill a hole in the budget. Give him some respect.