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  1. Not a scapegoat for me. Whilst ever he puts on our shirt I will support him. However, he is not good enough for to play for a team that should be in the top six all next season. Same goes for, Fox, Palmer, Joao, and on his form this season Jones.
  2. Can you call anyone who appeared in 24 games last season, and does not score in any, a striker?? Step forward Big Dave, the game changer. My arrse. Sticking that big lump on and taking Fletcher off is what cost us a place in the play off final. Not only huge blunder by CC that, but ultimately a great foook off to better players on the bench. You wonder why Rhodes has no confidence.....
  3. He'll never play Wodes, Winnall, Wallace, Wildsmith, and Fowestiewi, in the same team though, especially at Wedding away. So its a no from me.
  4. Harry Maguire. 6 feet 2 inch. Premiership quality. Age 24. Sheffield lad. No brainer.
  5. Yep. Bring back our stripes.
  6. While you're on the phone to him, tell hims kits crap, and we want our stripes back.
  7. I've lost a lot of respect for CC with his hanging out to dry of Rhodes, in an attempt to focus the spotlight away from himself, which would have highlighted his own shortcomings after such a poor second leg play off semi, with some appalling tactical blunders.
  8. Leave kid alone. He plays for Wednesday and wanted to come, and if Carlos actually thought about it properly, he should be building any Championship side round him. Bit of opportunistic, deflecting tactics for CC's own semi final shortcomings. CC's man management is better than was a deliberate scapegoating effort.
  9. Wants to be Boxing Day at Hillsborough. ....But it'll be 10am on a Tuesday morning.
  10. Jordan Rhodes only 12 yellows in nearly 350 games. Team of Mother Teresa's.
  11. What is the point of making safer in-stadium gangways by selling less seats near them in the stadium, AND then having 10,000 bloody people having to exit over a single bridge behind the South Stand at the same time. Accident waiting to happen this. Madness.
  12. WEDNESDAY 'TIL I DIE. PS - Please bring the stripes back. This is Sheffield Wednesday.
  13. I was born in Sheffield on a Wednesday! Therefore I feel suitably qualified to make a predication for Wednesdays game, previous results don't matter! 4-0 us.
  14. It'll not go to penalties. 4-0 us......2 up in first 15.
  15. If we are already there with ten to go a massive Kop Conga would look great.