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  1. Fantastic photos WWS. Thanks for posting. Love anything like this. Personally would love us to be called The Wednesday again......and stripes...yes please, stripes.
  2. Been on a Nou Camp tour. Wrote WAWAW on toilet wall. He, he. Well you do don't you!
  3. Loved the anarchy of the North Stand cushion chuckers watching as a young lad sat in the South. In the 70's we were so bad that the cushions and every game scrapping on the Lep were far more entertaining than the footy.
  4. The number of extra fingers most fans have in their family.
  5. Pretty sure Forests 2 stars are for their 2 European Cup wins as they have only won the league once. I think it's a good 3rd Kit that design, and I love the stars. Love to see the stars on a blue and white striped Kit that is quite similar to this as the Home Kit. Bit tight fitting though!
  6. Didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me. Nice change. Progressive.
  7. I'm fed up of these trolls.....if you've got nowt nice to say, shut yer gob. Bad enough on here nowadays.
  8. Get into Prem, drop price to a tenner, and we'd fill a 60,000 seater stadium.
  9. If anything has happened the guy is still a legend to me.
  10. Not grown on me at all. Bring back the stripes please.
  11. Without doubt "bob".
  12. 5-0. With all 5 going through their Blade centre halves Mcfazdeans legs. Now that would be pleasant.
  13. FF played his heart out last night. Got booked for nowt and really showed his strength by shrugging it off and getting on with trying to get a goal back. One or two others need to watch a rerun of the game and do the same.
  14. Andy is right. Players arrive around 6pm and will park on the side by the river just through gates to South Stand, by the Kop. They then walk to players entrance in South Stand. Usually all happy to sign for and have photos with kids. CC parks in single bays much nearer players entrance.
  15. Fak, fak, fak. Like a bit of passion. Great.