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  1. You're absolutely right, we would've given our right arm for this squad, but that's exactly what people find frustrating, we should be getting more out of them and gaining promotion. This is where some of the frustration with Carlos is and whether he really can get the best out of them as at times last year that was sadly lacking.
  2. We need to get these 4/5 players in early and get the dead wood out early so the new players can acclimatise early and hit the ground running come August. Get a good early start, and give the team confidence to kick on and stay up there all season like Brighton did
  3. Is anyone else so inspired by his words every time he speaks?...if only he was the manager, bet we'd win the title next year with his team talks and inspiration
  4. Anyone else thinks this is like the Hull game at Wembley last year?
  5. Damned if they do. Damned if they don't. They are there to ensure the safety of everyone, including members of the public after the game. Hillsborough was the site of the worst sporting arena disaster in the history of British football, which still to this day has layout problems in terms of home and away fans coming together. The unfortunate thing is, a small minority of football fans still cause problems at football matches. At the Newcastle match, I witnessed a Wednesday fan in the west side of the north stand, run his finger across his neck in the direction of the Newcastle fans with his 4/5 year old daughter sat on his shoulder. It's this kind of behaviour that requires police officers to be at football matches, when really there shouldn't have to be a need for them at all. Regardless of the reputation of some football teams, if you put two sets of fans together, a small minority will always cause problems. The reason for officers from other forces is that police officers spend a lot of time at work and away from their families. The last thing they want to do is go to work on their day off. Whether the number of officers appear to be overkill or not, the fact the match has gone without incident shows that it was the right thing to do.
  6. It goes without saying....but a massive thank you to all 4 sides of Hillsborough in the 58th minute applause. I cannot express how much this meant to us all, especially Julie, Ryan and Helen. Another huge thank you to Sheffield Wednesday, their staff and Mr Chansiri who have been brilliant with us and make us proud to be Wednesdayites. What a club we support
  7. Thank you for what you did. Words cant express how greatful the family are with how supportive people have been and I know his wife, son and daughter in law are particularly touched. It's people like yourself that make horrible times like this more comforting, thank you
  8. Once again Hannah, thank you for what you did and being with him before we got there, it was nice to see he wasn't alone x
  9. I don't think many are aware, but yesterday, just before kick off, on the kop, my uncle, Nigel Goodinson, collapsed and suffered a catastrophic bleed on the brain. Paramedics were there in seconds and after treatment in hospital yesterday and today, he sadly lost his life with his family around him. All the family are devastated, but we all agree as a mad Sheffield Wednesday supporter, if he was to go anywhere it would be at Hillsborugh with his beloved Sheffield Wednesday. They pulled through and won for him as well. As popular as my uncle Nigel was, many on here may know him and will have nothing but good things to say about him. With the families blessing, I'm going to contact the club with a view to a minutes applause at 58 minutes on the clock at the Fulham game...58 being my uncles age. The family and I would be ever so greatful if my fellow Wednesday fans would join us in this applause for a true gentleman who died in a place he loved. Rest in peace uncle Nigel we all love you very much
  10. I actually think Nuhiu wouldn't mind just having the last 10/20 minute sub role going forward. When we play defend and time waste teams like Cardiff, his height gives us that long ball option when our passing game doesn't work. When we change to the long ball in the last 10 with him on, their defences don't expect it and panic a bit. Seemed to work yesterday. He just adds something we don't get from anyone else. A regular starter...no. Sub last 10...yes
  11. I'd much rather us go for it and show the will and desire to win, than get 1 goal and spend the rest of the game trying to defend it. Show some ballocks and crush teams instead of being scared to loose and end up with a nowt draw!...so frustrated!!
  12. Didn't he say he'd spend £300 million on us if it wasn't for FFP?
  13. IF we were a Watford or a Bournemouth I'd probably agree with the OP but we're not. With promotion comes the massive payday just like other teams, but what they don't have is a Chansiri and his John West friends behind him, that can help us compete with some of the big boys. Chansiri has put his money where his mouth is in a league that ties one arm behind your back. Imagine what he'd spend with the shackles loosened in the Premier League. True money doesn't guarantee success, but it did Man City alright. Premiership all the way and hopefully no looking back!!
  14. Yeah I know they lost, my point was that they played with freedom and were attacking, which other than last night has got them where they are. If we played the same with our firepower we'd destroy teams, instead of having to claw back a 1-0 or 2-0 first half deficit.
  15. I just think Carlos is so scared of loosing, he isn't prepared to go for the win. This 'we were unknown last season' excuse might be palatable if Brighton hadn't carried on as they left off last year, yet teams know what theyre about. I watched them last night at Newcastle and can see why they've done well. Always looking positive, breaking quickly and only going back when absolutely necessary. Totally different mentality than what Carlos is going for. Despite their loss I can see why they've scored so many and won so many, just wish Carlos would instill that into our players, but think he's managed to get away with the odd goal win that many times, he thinks it'll get us through the season.