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  1. When's the SAG meeting?
  2. Pathetic we aren't allowed to use our stadium the way we see fit.
  3. Only 400 tickets left for home fans, I really hope T block opens on the North and the restricted view seats on the Kop go on sale.
  4. This would get 39k of we were allowed.
  5. T block on the North SURELY has to go on sale? Early on in the season the stand had an inspection and I thought it passed?
  6. Heard it could go back up to 36k?
  7. Have tickets in the T section on the North gone on sale yet?
  8. 4th

    Highest number of points we've had in this league since we got relegated from the Prem as well.
  9. What? Why would you not want to see your team regardless?
  10. They sold 1.5k the day they went on sale for them.
  11. They sold 1.5k on the first day of sale, not sure how many they've shifted since then though.
  12. Anyone got an update of the plan? Hopefully our capacity will go back up to 36k next week as I believe it's under inspection? In which case the restricted view seats will go on sale on the Kop?
  13. They definitely weren't there on the Kop!
  14. Removal of screens on the concourses
  15. Isn't our allocation going back up to 36k in the next week? In which case surely they'll allow the sale of restricted view on the Kop and open AA on the South and T on the North? AA was open last week too.