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  1. Negative manger, why would we want that?
  2. All under good contracts, they'll have to make crazy bids for it to even be a possibility.
  3. Oooo touchy
  4. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/m.wikihow.com/Use-You%27re-and-Your%3Famp%3D1
  5. Who's the main commentator? He said we finished 5th? How can sky get that wrong? We finished 4th!
  6. What's your job? Just as long as you're not a cardiac surgeon
  7. Cmon young Owls! Someone say that the south stand is pretty full?
  8. Brighton, Leeds and Villa
  9. Have restricted view on the Kop been on sale? Going to look ridiculous if there's 2 scars of empty seats?
  10. Very bizarre. How many would that be then?
  11. Why can't we have T block open? Thought the North was considered safe after the inspection early this season? Glad I have a ST, was zero hassle getting a ticket.
  12. Can we please have T block open and restricted view on the Kop made available? Doesn't look good on us since most people aren't aware of why we aren't allowed to actually sell out.