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  1. think you just have to submit the colours. the mamadov thing was so that mandaric honoured his side of the deal so mamadov had to pay up.
  2. tazmanian devil
  3. he could just perform rubbish whilst there so he can come back here and milk DCs teat some more
  4. yes about 15 years ago when I stopped reading the sheffield star. obituaries is most up to date news page.
  5. salad cream on salad or sandwiches, mayo on chips. hope that puts your head at rest.
  6. almost certainly the most important news of the last 48 hours
  7. almost certainly the most important news of the last 48 hours
  8. ah he knows where back of net is......when marked by a plastic humanoid cone and ten yards out.....with his right foot and keeper not diving....and taking a kind bobble.
  9. it's lovely to read all the same posts again but this time in a dedicated thread as opposed to the transfer rumour thread
  10. especially to 'that club' ha ha ha
  11. doing his coaching badges? interesting. imagine him trying to lecture you to push yourself that bit harder when you knew he'd spent 2/3rds of his career more or less on strike.
  12. if he'd have been a shearer or a Beckham yrah but can't see one defender making a difference
  13. Peter rudi
  14. if the rumour of the possible signing is confirmed it'll be a real coup (whatever) for this Fred