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  1. Haha...England...Don't give a flying xxxx...only interested in us. UTO.
  2. He's all p1ss and wind.
  3. Pigs ont pitch. Anti-moaning vigilantes ont Kop. Halftime dance troupes ont pitch. UTO.
  4. Those 10 minutes were fkn glorious, electric. I'm a dumb ass, unrealistic optimist, genuinely believe we can win each game 6-0, think we can get the winner in the dying seconds, and I bet I'm not alone. Been doing this for about 45 years now so seen 3000ish in ground for that Bournemouth game long ago to Wembley and Cardiff glory. Guess what I'm trying to say is - it's about us, the supporters, we are the constant. It's not easy, we get hurt. Let's get the bile out on here if needed, it's therapy time, every viewpoint is valid...but I know we will recover and be stronger. Those 10 mins showed what binds us together. Here's to getting back to it next season. UTO.
  5. Yes.....we get over it and go again. As long as we have good decision making and funding at the top we will progress. UTO.
  6. I wouldn't say that just yet. It's the biggest test yet of the strength of the Chansiri rebuild...let's see what transpires. UTO.
  7. One love.....lets blow the fkn roof off. UTO.
  8. Well thats 5 mins killed...
  9. Wayfarers? I had some as well :-) Real cool!!
  10. They believed the hype and now it's a big come down. Regardless of what we post on here we know what reality is and manage to take the poo with some dignity. C'mon Wednesday. UTO.
  11. Get thi mac ready.....UTO.
  12. 6-0. One love. UTO. EBRA. WAWAW. C'mon it's our time.
  13. Lets just gerron wi distractions no mood swings. I know its tough but ffs. UTO.
  14.'s got to come out via the's so's fighting now to gerrout. UTO.