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  1. Smash 'em all....and all the premier foookers next season. UTO.
  2. Oooh....from that split second when it went in...people talk about deafening silence, it really was, it's hard to think about it. Anyway...upwards now...we are definitely on our way back :-). UTO.
  3. Ooh....cup final replay....that's my dark place....not old enough for 66....C'mon Wednesday, knock the sheeite out of Ipswich :-). UTO.
  4. Great to hear...look after yourself, get fit for Wembley :-) UTO.
  5. 7 on the bounce coming up. UTO.
  6. I reckon (conclusive or what), he wernt himself from body language/face when he dint get to ball or missed a move. Still good to have him on though. UTO.
  7. Gary Hooooper........UTO!
  8. Longest week this season so far......can't wait to get on bus and off to ground. UTO.
  9. Looks like folk speculating with the 'shoot ourselves in the foot' expectations. No faith, today is the day :-) UTO.
  10. Good luck....get thissen reyt for Wembley...I will have a shout for you this afternoon. UTO.
  11. Saturday at last....longest week this season...6-0. Get some beer down and shout like pet shop! UTO.
  12. He's also got a top-quality song. UTO.
  13. Fk me....biggest game since Wembley, a bit of positive news, and it ends up in handbags....this is what's gone wrong with this season. Just fkn shut up, drink some beer and shout inside S6. UTO.
  14. Uto