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  1. Another set of DIY floodlights to laugh at. 6-0 Wednesday. UTO.
  2. Does tha train dogs for a living, or are tha a politician?
  3. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    6-0 Wednesday. UTO.
  4. Fletch

    Yeah, strong hold up, it transformed our game. UTO.
  5. 6-0. Hooper 5, Westwood 1. C'mon Wednesday smash the sheeite out of 'em. UTO.
  6. North Stand Concourses

    Didn't know that! Agree with MHHB..beer brewed by a Wednesdayite.
  7. North Stand Concourses

    So we had the shack....it was alreet...pies and pump beer, bottles and tins. Now we have 2 shacks, in a mock-up of a school playground, just bottles and tins. Dunt take much to work out what's really needed, and it shouldn't involve Mr C. Hoping previous normal service is resumed soon. UTO.
  8. North Stand Concourses

    Wentworth ale on Kop last season.....geeit back please Mr C.
  9. North Stand Concourses

    And good beerless.
  10. North Stand Concourses

    Get pumps back....Kop and North......
  11. It's a reyt soap opera...if it can't be kept quiet tell us the real story..currently drama is a joke. Wek me up when it's done.
  12. Meltdown at Kop kiosk

    Didn't know that....looks like there's a chance then :-)
  13. Meltdown at Kop kiosk

    Get pumps back on Kop.