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  1. I expected a post like this when I read people complain over the past few weeks that we hadn't posted any training ground photos. Somebody always gets chosen as the scapegoat fat lad. (The exception to this was hooper last year, he really was quite big!)
  2. Agreed however that second goal showed him up a bit.
  3. I'll go with the opinions of the football professionals at the club who have worked with him closely over yours, thanks for sharing though.
  4. Looks like he's still with us. Very good news.
  5. Not saying it's false but I'd be amazed if Andy Rhodes has gone. Carlos has always spoken very highly of him.
  6. The key will be the start. Start well and the positivity for an automatic promotion push will be there. Last two years we've started too slowly. Hopefully that'll be rectified this year.
  7. It's interesting the mood of some fans who are unhappy about the performance today. We've played better than we did in our away playoff game against Brighton last year (from my memory of the game). Against Brighton they created many more chances and we were very lucky that Wallaces cross drifted in as that halted a lot of their pressure. Today wasn't great but for all the time they had the ball they didn't create much, only from our mistakes. Bring on Wednesday night!!
  8. Score line is all that counts.
  9. Where has the hooper rumour come from? I've not seen anything.
  10. Does anyone know what capacity SAG have allowed us for this game?
  11. I still get nervous about our prospects even though it feels so close. Still think we need a win and if we don't get it against Ipswich then that final game is going to be nerve wrecking. I think Leeds will pick up 6 points from their last 2 games so if we don't beat Ipswich then we'll need to beat Fulham otherwise we'll miss out on goal difference.
  12. But that does make any sense!!! ALAW???
  13. But if he can provide "great strikers goals" from the left surely that's more reason to play him there?
  14. Ff was playing on the left when he picked up the rebound. It was Dave and Rhodes upfront at the time.