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  1. What about The Macc Lads?
  2. Just clocked it too. Class!
  3. Avoiding it it by visiting the capital city to do some site seeing using a couple of rail tickets that I'd speculatively bought recently!
  4. Top Semi OMDT! Please give us an early goal Wednesday, to calm the nerves. People keep telling me that it's our year! I'm trying not to listen to them, but it's starting to seep in! Aargh!
  5. However, they do count in the final!
  6. I'm under confident about the fact that I'm overconfident about beating Udders. Can't make my mind up............ Sod it, I reckon we'll beat em 2-1! (I think )
  7. Here we go! Come on boys make it count. 2-1 win for us today. Their friend Foresteriri to terrorise them when he comes on.
  8. Was Helan there until the end of the season. I might be imagining this, but didn't we recall him before the close of the season?
  9. It's the South alright. Check out the SAG Werthers proof safety netting.
  10. Top thread! A nice stroll for the second string with a win would be great (ps hope Reading win too. Kids birthday party logistics to contend with during play offs )
  11. Pitch invasion. Match abandoned. Result handed to Fulham.
  12. Yeah, sod it. What about playing Rush Goalies? Is that allowed as long as we inform the ref during play? (I bet Forestieri doesn't take his turn though, and would probably take his ball home if Loovens asked him to go in!!)
  13. Fine line between confidence and arrogance, however, the OP is right, this truly is a unique opportunity. It's not as if we are playing a team of players who have recently come down from playing in the big game atmospheres of the Premiership, or a recent trip to a Wembley final. We will have learned from our failure last year in the final and take that with us into the play offs. Also, the league table doesn't lie. We are currently 1 point from finishing 3rd. There is nothing to fear! It may simply come down to moments of brilliance or bottle. We can and should compete on both.
  14. Hang on a minute. Don't forget Leeds. They might win 15-0
  15. Top thread! Hoping that we win, Fulham draw and Leeds win, so we can kick back and watch the Cottagers squirm against our reserves whilst the rest of the 1st team can have a massage or summat.