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  1. Done, that slob sharp on 26% and Westwood on 25% as it stands
  2. Sure look nice and snug under your stone island top pal
  3. Yes thought this my self
  4. Cheers pal, can just remember his name that's about it, must been around same time we got Tommy Johnson on loan
  5. Pablo bonvin was a big hype at time I seem to remember, did he even play a game for us?
  6. Right waste spunk want he constant injured
  7. Cheers mate worked a treat UTO
  8. Cheers mate will try that
  9. And this no reply frustraiting
  10. I'm same mate been like this all day, few pals same
  11. Kev pressman defo deserved one
  12. Again everything super hooper touches turns to magic uto
  13. What a great freekick inch perfect