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  1. We all got a new one last season though?
  2. Tha's having a laugh You can go and watch multiple teams and be a fan of multiple teams, but you can only be a true supporter of one. So is it Lincoln or is it Wednesday?
  3. Should never wear another English teams kit. Foreign are ok unless you are playing them.
  4. Cos according to some on here you don't get promoted with 30+ players. Hence that rule
  5. Come off it mate, you still thought Jose Mourinho was at Chelsea
  6. It's what Nixon does. Regurgitates old news stories and hopes that everyone had forgotten about em
  7. He'll change his mind toward end of month when he has 50k wasting away
  8. Think he'll play a team close to what he wants to play against Preston ---------------Westwood-------------- ---Hunt----Lees----Pudil----Fox--- ---Boyd---Abdi---Jones--Reach--- ----------Rhodes---Fletcher---------
  9. Lee and Jones
  10. His own?
  11. He really wasn't. He'd be the first I'd bench from last season, shoehorning him into the team is our biggest issue. Decent offer came in he'd be straight out the door for me. He's overrated massively by people, on this board especially.
  12. Is he roger
  13. Maybe, but i'm going off he;ll be either injured himself or n midfield
  14. McGugan Nuhiu Matias Bannan Forestieri