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  1. A derby is a match between two teams from the same city. Leeds is a rivalry
  2. He'd kill to return and manage us
  3. Unfortunately I think it'll be next season. As champions of course.
  4. It was, Weaver went up for last minute corner at 4-3 down and we conceded on break for 5.
  5. If i also remember correctly, we went 3 weeks from playing up until that Huddersfield game, really killed us that enforced break did.
  6. Just to add a bit of reality to that stat, before the Huddersfield game we was 5th in the table on 33 points and only a point off 2nd. By the time we'd got to the Carlisle game, we'd dropped to 17th with 37 points. We was doing reasonably well until this point in the season.
  7. Worse than Carlos
  8. Get to bed soft lad
  9. Now you know how we all feel about you
  10. Had a good week off school mate?
  11. You'll learn better comebacks next year when you move up to big school
  12. You'd know a lot about bellends wont ya
  13. Commentators are bobbar. Loovens left Wood in the middle all alone. If he had followed him he'd have cleared. Of course he told him to leave it, catch him offside. One thing you don't do is ignore captains orders
  14. Was Loovens error for the goal