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  1. If you are using an android device for viewing go for mobdro, always found it better than any kodi addons.
  2. £10 on Thingy for first goal. happy days.
  3. yep - live on chelsea tv, starts at 7pm.
  4. yep, plenty of decent boxes around depending on your budget. although some people get on ok with them i'd steer clear of the cheaper open/sky boxes.
  5. people need to use this internet thingy more, have a google for vu+ and dreamboxes. loads of info out there.
  6. brilliant mate. you must have wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much time on your hands.
  7. i think we need to know what watfords % is before saying take the 7 million.
  8. fecking gutted. makes you wonder if the agent cc refused to speak with belongs to ff