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  1. Nice one Southie, didn't know that, can now watch in hd.
  2. U20's World Cup Final -England vs Venezuela just kicking off on Eurosport 2
  3. Did you see the equaliser Finlux ? Do you think Hirst struck his well or their keeper made a good save ?
  4. And breathe George. Don't think anyone expected them to get to the final so well done lads.
  5. And thats how to take a penalty George. FFS
  6. Replaced by Chealsea youngster Ugbo, still joint top scorer.
  7. Gutted for the lad but it was a p1ss poor penalty.
  8. FFS
  9. Ivory Coasts Yaya Toure looks to have shed a few pounds
  10. Assist for George and cracking finish by Brookes. 1 up.
  11. True mate
  12. Nice thinking Ethel, was going to record the Scots game and watch it later but +1ing sounds good.
  13. For anyone interested young George and his muckers vs Ivory Coast on Bein Sports 6 16.30 kick off. Should be a few links around.
  14. think thats his second so is joint top scorer with george.
  15. yep forest to leipzig, can't remember how much but i think it was a record fee for a scottish player.