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  1. Moose knows FA unless it is West Ham related!
  2. Jota and Irvine would be superb additions but our priority should be adding width and pace to our side. 2 x Wingers 2 x Full backs 1 x Centre Back
  3. Potentially he could have played at the very top if he only stopped eating!
  4. We can sing it on April 1st 2018 when we have just reached 90 points!
  5. Agreed but will mistakes be made again in the transfer market? We need pace and width in that side. It was never addressed in the August or January transfer windows!
  6. I would also go with this or play him on the left if it was 4-4-2! He should not be playing as a striker, maybe on occasions when we are struggling!
  7. I totally agree that we need better options, but I can only judge on what happened last night and Bannan was the stand out player!
  8. Keith Andrews has been very critical, he thinks we have under achieved with the personnel we have. I am inclined to agree with him.
  9. Congrats in the final, best team went through over the two games! Our negativity cost us!
  10. Sorry to say but think you have got $h!t in your eyes!
  11. WOW beautiful post!
  12. 10.30 start and 3pm finish, should be a 7pm finish!
  13. Not sure his attitude helps him! Regardless what league we are in next season it is one area that needs improving!
  14. Did @Saxondale say he was injured before the Fulham game?
  15. Looking at those comments about their style of play, did not realise we were playing Real Madrid. Just a recap of some of their classic performances during the last few months. Huddersfield 0-3 Cardiff Huddersfield 1-4 Fulham Forest 2-0 Huddersfield Bristol City 4-0 Huddersfield That is it I am passing my ticket on, we are going to get annihilated.