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  1. £6 would be more his value! Well past it now!
  2. There has been little movement from most clubs in the Championship! I am not worried we only need 4/5 players! Sometimes getting the right players means being a little patient!
  3. They are welcome to him at £8-10 million. Huddersfield had a bid of £7.2 million turned down!
  4. Hmmm how to split a dressing room and team morale. Having the best back four in the world, will not guarantee you anything in this league!
  5. Good luck to him, thought he did a very good job when called upon!
  6. I always book my holidays around the play offs. I have just booked during the play offs for next season I am that confident..... Seriously depends on our recruitment, if we get that right I think we will be seriously pushing!
  7. Sebastien Pocognoli would be a very good addition, got a great left foot!
  8. He is going to Newcastle
  9. Now we are talking, he was outstanding the year they went up!
  10. I will base my assessment on last season and he is far from lightweight! Irvine and Williams were fantastic last season!
  11. Suggestion or rumour? He would be a great addition!
  12. You have got to be kidding! One of the best in the championship I would be delighted if he came to us!
  13. Danny Williams Centre Back?? He is a Centre Midfielder!
  14. Top 2 no excuses that has to be the target!