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  1. Poor against a weakened Bolton side, we simply don't turn up until it's too late! Seen enough to suggest we will not progress with CC. Unfortunately I think he will be given another 5/6 games.
  2. West Brom want Field to go to a championship side on loan, once they get their targets in, if he joins it will be on deadline day!
  3. Will be great if Leeds get McCormack he is on a downward spiral!
  4. His son went to same school as my Daughter in Aston, but heard they had moved back to Spain. Obviously Costa La Chezzie...
  5. Winnall to Leeds

    I would happily sell Rhodes, we have enough quality to cope and besides they way we play does not suit him. I would rather us keep Winnall, would also allow to strengthen other areas before end of the month.
  6. Jackson Irvine

    Think he will end up at Leeds! Especially with Wood off to Burnley!
  7. Atdhe will be available as a like for like replacement, sure we would accept half that!
  8. Sam Winnall

    Would not surprise me, he usually gets a few games scores and gets dumped from the squad.
  9. You clearly have not watched all of it then....
  10. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    Boyd was terrible at Preston but Wallace has been equally poor! I would bring Boyd in on Saturday.
  11. According to Dom Howson

    Depends which Fernando turns up! I want players who will leave it all on the pitch! It is about time he grew up fast, instead of this petulant behaviour.
  12. Feel more positive?

    Since Preston we have been improving, we have a difficult game on Saturday which we must win. That 2nd half is the brand of football we all demand, if we lose playing that way. I for one will not complain.
  13. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Seems logical to me, why would we try and develop him further for him to say thanks for the 12 months on loan I am off to Everton!
  14. Boyd

    Wallace was average tonight, Boyd for me starts on Saturday!
  15. Man o match etc etc

    Bannan superb, Reach and Pudil also had very good games!