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  1. Great finish! Nice dummy by Boyd too...
  2. I reckon we'll sign a centre-half none of us have ever heard of...then Hanley will join on loan on transfer deadline day (when Newcastle have covered their bases).
  3. I still get the feeling Winnall will end up leaving.
  4. Once saw Giles De Bilde, hugging his girlfriend, looking very lost and confused in Meadowhell! You could see him thinking 'what have I done'......I had no interest in speaking to him.
  5. Unfortunately, I think some would... we were dreaming of signing Jordan Rhodes and now a lot deem him not good enough after half a season of playing catch-up.
  6. Good point! Brunt, Whelan and Holt use to get some heavy stick at home games too... ...we've never been a nurturing bunch!
  7. Allen walked out on them last season.
  8. Nope, they've decided he's (Rhodes) useless and that's that!!!
  9. ...are there any from Scotland we can have??? ;)
  10. Scottish, over 30 and on loads of money there. It'd be a big no from me. His own fans always seem to hate him.
  11. I grapple with the state of football occasionally but force my way through because it's 'merely' a form of entertainment, apparently, but if we signed Keogh for £5mil (after they'd signed Davies for 500k) I'd be considering washing my hands of all this business. i won't pretend that Im ready to give this sport up but it has gone crazy!!! Jay Rodriquez (cripple) - £14million...what is happening!?!! :(
  12. It appears to me to be the case with far too many Wednesday fans, especially with strikers. They're deemed failures after such a short time. No patience. Andy Cole (at Man U), Drogba (at Chelsea), Wood (at Leeds all had unsteady starts and became legends...Wednesday, they don't score 20 in 25 and 'get rid'. Meh, been recognising it since I were a lad and it'll never change...I just really hope players are at least smart enough to never venture on these forums. I'd be put off playing for some of these folks (most are a great lot). Support the team (at least give the individuals a summer and a full season please). UTO
  13. Completely agree and, yeah, I too think Davies would've/should've been the perfect new partner for Tom Lees. Shame.
  14. It's hard to get motivated for this new season but don't see the reason in everyone dismissing players like Reach, he could come good! I lived in Leeds and they hated Wood in his first season "why we spunked that money on him"...some players mature! Calm down lads.