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  1. I'll start with a clean slate. Hope he turns it 'round. Nice to know we haven't got a trigger happy chairman, sure CC will be under pressure though. Rather have this situation over being a Leeds/Watford type club.
  2. First, go get Jota from Brentford (think he's out of contract too)?
  3. Arthur McAlpine built the stadium...I dated his granddaughter once! ;)
  4. I too have this worry after he was at the Rotherham game. Please god no. Would have Bullen in before him. I think Carlos will walk if we don't go up, he'll stay if we do...but nobody really knows..,
  6. Wow. Came looking on here for the match info, for those who can't be there. However, this is way down the page. who scored? also, nothing on the official site.
  7. Andy Carroll too said he doesn't follow football, only plays it. Claims he had to Google most of the Liverpool team when he moved there...he is pretty damn thick though!
  8. We own their goal scorer now though, so that's nice...
  9. Hutch for Semi on bench...what a bench that is!
  10. Having lived in Australia for a short while, I can tell you they are some pretty cringeworthy TV adverts starring Mark Schwartzer too!
  11. Edgar Davids as Barnet manager :/