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  1. I think he's damn right, you got your Burnley's and Bournemouth's in there...imagine what a club like ours could add!
  2. Got to agree with most of these...Kenwyne Jones, he was a defender at Southampton, Sturrock turned him into a striker, who scored 7 in 7 (was it?). then...bad...Brad Jones, how he stole a living as a goalkeeper frustrated any hard working man, Nevermind any hard working footballer. How did he play for Liverpool!?!!!!!
  3. What a great position to be in too! Imagine, a club that goes for it. I'm certainly happy having him waiting in the wings and wouldn't be gutted to see him put in at any time, if Carlos sees fit.
  4. FF - " Didn't get that involved, but hassled at every opportunity"...I'm confused by this contradiction but thanks for the ratings. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  5. When he had his back to goal, would've made more sense to roll it back to Bannan. Anyway, we won...and we all know Wednesday like to do everything the hard way.
  6. I prefer stripes but, as long as it's blue 'n' white, I don't get too worked up over the design.
  7. Planning for a few signing down the line are we!? I'll take Messi in 2, Neymar in 8 and, f**k it, Dele Alli in 10.
  8. Agreed. Time to get Gary Taylor-Fletcher back in!!! Make it happen DC.
  9. I just find the whole calling each other 'pigs' very petty and school ground like...Weeds, Wendy, Blunts, Pigs...Jesus, might as well be pulling each others' hair and giving out nipple twisters.
  10. FF

    Did he? Missed that, what happened?
  11. Hooper tore them to pieces last season. Unlucky not to be given the hat trick.
  12. Hadn't realised just how much we have missed Hooper. Great half from the man.
  13. I certainly hope not but him being there did put the fear of god in me!