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  1. Unfortunately this has no correlation to what does or doesnt happen at hillsborough. The people who are on the SAG in Sheffield will always have that day back in 1989 in their minds when providing the club with recommendations, despite supporters being absolved of any wrong doing. Can you imagine what would happen if anything untowards happened again at Hillsborough. Whether we as fans or the club like it or not, over cautious attitudes will always play a role because of past events.
  2. There's usually someone sat in my seat every game. I think because its one of the few on the South where you dont have to be a dwarf to be able to comfortably fit with the shocking leg room. The look of bewilderment when I ask people to move is strange though. I've only paid the best part of £600 for the ticket and I want to sit in the seat I've paid for please!
  3. The club has said before that the seats arent sold in the north stand because of overcrowding on the concourse and the fact that fans dont sit where there tickets are for. So more people in the nw end of the stand than seats.
  4. Hardly likely when at £40+ the home areas were pretty full amd the atmosphere was great.
  5. Where does he have to go?
  6. Haha - cheers! Prices have gone gone up again, but still works out at £31 for me and the young in and I'm happy to pay that.
  7. Renewed. Again. Hopefully for a campaign in the premiership!
  8. I was sat next to him at the match yesterday on the south. All he'd say about when he'd be back is "soon".
  9. It was the fans who needed to use their brain cells. nupties throwing the ball back on the pitch despite the ball boy (s) wearing bright orange coats saying pass me the ball.
  10. Pretty sure the capacity of the south stand at Hillsborough is larger than the whole "New York" stadium... i also don't remember my view being To bad or not being able to have a pee in an actual toilet at the ground either.
  11. Someone has to want to buy them. That's the biggest problem I think we have.
  12. Unless we start filling all the empty seats in the other 3 stands what's the point opening more areas?
  13. The board were voted on by themselves purely by the fact that they held the majority of the shares (that ever voted) between themselves.
  14. Was there as much uproar when we replaced the old wooden seats on the north stand? I can't remember. DC owns every seat, brick, nut and bolt that holds the north stand together (like it or not) he can do what he likes. I don't think he's going to lose any sleep over it.
  15. Something's never change.