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  1. They are the only ones that can understand Lee Bullen.
  2. Well a £1million pension fund with a 5% RPI linked annuity rate would have brought in £50K p/a when I went to school, I personally opted for a level deal at 7% p/a, was I being over optimistic?
  3. Time for a realty check for those who think that £1million is a lot of money, to DC it's just short change, he isn't going to give a gifted young player away for peanuts. A £1million pension fund would give an annual pension of circa £50K p/a, it's hardly Richard Branson territory is it?
  4. I recall Premier champions Blackburn Rovers visiting Hillsborough, their pathetic away support were singing 'stand up for the millionaires'. They were spending freely but soon became a selling club, I want to see us turn down a ridiculously high bid for one of our best players before I believe that we are a none selling club, as it is we don't yet have anyone that one of the top clubs would break the bank for. What gets me is the derisory Leicester bid of £1million for young Hirst, have they not yet noticed that we are no longer a basket case? I'm intrigued to discover how high the likes of Newcastle and Everton are willing to go, but don't expect DC to disclose any bids, we will have to rely on the press for this.
  5. I don't disagree, but my hypocrisy does have it's limit, I daresay that when we signed Hirst snr that it upset quite a few Barnsley supporters.
  6. So if SWFC happen to hear of a good young prospect, who might be tempted away from their club, that they ignore the possibility of signing him in order of the greater good, by not upsetting his current club's supporters, is that correct?
  7. Fantham Rodrigues Alexandeson Nilsson Kay Eustace Nolan Sheridan Tudgay Ekoku Ingerson Nicol Well you did say create.
  8. Yes we could have a local mini league and call it the County Cup, I'm surprised that it hasn't been thought of before.
  9. A class act, it always amazes me how many clubs ignored him, I'd take him on a 12 months contact like a shot if he passed a medical.
  10. Short back and sides.
  11. He still played 86 league games for us whilst gaining three England caps, so hardly a disaster.
  12. Can't be too much mercury, Freddie had so many great tunas in his repertoire.
  13. Well it's obvious that you've not been circumcised.
  14. Yes, I understand that his preferred position is behind the goal, seriously though, is he likely to improve what is already a strong squad? We are now in search of a couple of 'icing on the cake' players, not the 'bread and butter' variety.