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  1. I have a gut feeling that there has ben a problem at the heart of our team since the away game with Norwich last season. Can anyone do the stats to show our results with Forestieri in the starting 11 compared to those without him in the starting 11. May be wrong on this but our form seemed to pick up when he was injured last season.
  2. Throwing teddies out of cot

    Thought we lost on the lottery that is a penalty shoot out.
  3. Keeper

    They look very different, and yes I have seen them both play in the first team. Wildsmith is a themore agile, better shot stopper, but is small by today's goalkeeping standards. Dawson does not have the same agility but is bigger, commands his area well and finds his man better than both Wesrwood and Wildsmith with his goalkicks.
  4. Im here to whinge and im here to stay

    I read it all. You're wrong on several points 1. We never play a flat back 4.Check the positioning of full the backs. 2. We have played 2 games already with a midfield diamond this season 3. Versus Fulham Hooper was positioned deeper towards end of first half making it a fluid 4-4-1-1. 4. Reach is showing that he has pace and is an excellent outlet down the left. 5. Our central defensive pairing is sound, as evidenced by the record of clean sheets. Pudil has proved an improvement on Loovens and we have strengrhened by adding Vernancio 5. The Bannan / Jones central midfield has proved by the results gained towards the end of last season to be an effective pairing. You clearly have a pessimistic mindset as opposed to my optimistic one for all things Wednesday.
  5. Ticket office problems

    Why do you need tickets. Its pay at the gate.
  6. Couple of weeks 1 to1 coaching and conditioning with a sports psychologist. Concentrate on sharpness, and confidence. Then back in team. Crosses of the type Fletch put away v Fulham, and earl ball to feet through central midfield.
  7. Carrying injuries

    Always been the case Alan Shearer on match of the day last season said he was rarely 100% fit in his playing days. He just got on with it.
  8. Official whingers and moaners thread

    In the interests of fair play there would need to be sections for Clappers, Balanced and Ever so slightly unbalanced.
  9. Agreed. There is an almost hysterical clamour of criticism insisting that everything Carlos does is wrong at the moment. I am pretty sure this is a very vocal minority, and posts analysing his tactical adjustments help give some balance. Having said that I believe we were more than fortunate that Fulham were firing blanks in the first half. The use of this flexible 4-4-2 system though is surely the way to tackle difficult away matches bearing in mind our current squad of half fit central midfielders.
  10. Great analysis Snooty, those who keep claiming Carlos is a tactical numbskull and losing the plot should read and digest. Loved the typo's too. My wife once had a left side birth, very painful.
  11. Joao

    Pace without skill doesn't make a top player. Jeremy Helan had pace enough to leave most players in his wake.......the ball as well most times.
  12. Carlos - Post Match Comments

    I wonder if all this pyramid inverting is the reason for:- Hutchinson's hernia Abdi's shoulder Matia's groin Lee's hip Melo's knee Looven's back And his insitence on including Nuhiu in the squad to help with the heavy lifting.
  13. Jones - the enigma

    Jones looks awkward in possession, usually playing the safe sideways or backward pass. What he does though is to play the holding midfield position that important few metres higher up the pitch. Hutchinson by comparison tends to drop deeper almost into defence making Bannan isolated unless he also drops deep to obtain the ball. Don't think its coincidence that Bannan looks a better player with Jones in the team.
  14. Team v Burton

    Pudil had a pretty good game v Sunderland, and by all accounts at Fulham. Looked a distinct improvement on Loovens. Moved the ball quicker, carried the ball upfield out of defence a couple of times which Loovens never does. He also seemed to have a good understanding with Lees. Think we should leave him at centre back and bring Vernancio gradually into the team. Start him on the bench v Bolton and give him last 30 minutes if circumstances are right. Good game to see how he's likely to fit in.
  15. Fletcher

    Thats nothing. I can do that with either foot.