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  1. Oh dear. You really believe the squad couldn't be bettered???. Lightweight in midfield. Lack quality cover in central defence. Suspect at full back 14 players in that squad that rarely if ever make the first 11. Really???
  2. MCGugan Dielna, Lachman, Emanualsen, Nuhiu, Sougou, Melo, Mattias, Joao, Keane, then Buckley and McManaman to return to parent clubs. ADD Semedo unless reatained in coaching role for development squad. That leaves the first team squad virtually intact but we would still have too many strikers but not enough wingers I would be looking at transer/swap deals to rectify this but think its time to bring Stobbs and Hirst into the first team squad. New EFL regulations I understand require some home grown players in matchday squad. We only have Palmer at present. ADDITIONS Powerful attacking midfielder, Tall centre back, Winger who can play either side. POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS . Right full back able to defend as well as attack down the wings. Left full back depending on progress of Fox.
  3. Have posted along similar lines in the past. It seems the only explanation for the way that some of the players signed this season have rarely been used. It also indicates a divergance between the views of the current head coach and the overarching philosophy of the club (owner). This week's meeting between Carlos and Chansiri should give some clarity.
  4. Perhaps we should wait and see if Mr Chansiri is going to sign a manager/ Head Coach first. Technically we don't have one at the moment. Everything starts anew if its not Carlos.
  5. Yes, IF we are to play the Carlos system next season the full back positions need improving We had pacey wingers in Buckley and McManaman that were rarely used because Wallace and Reach acted as full back cover IF we can recruit two athletic full backs the wingers might just be released to attack the opposition. Thats a couple of big ifs though.
  6. It was what Carlos deemed HIS strongest side. That opens up another big debate.
  7. We could try signing a left footed 6'4" beast then and play a back 3. Lees Hutch Beast. With Loovens as cover. Not much different to what we do most of the time anyhow when the full backs push forward.
  8. Plenty of chances to watch on youtube, but there is what Carlos likes to call a transition. Put simply when our full backs are in aadvanced positions the central defenders go wider and Huutchinson drops deep between them. Pretty much as your diagram. It also works best when Hooper is fit & does the deeper link role with Fletcher more advanced. Main problem is getting the full backs in the right position if the opposites have a quick break down the wings as Happened v Huddersfield Wednesday evening.
  9. I suggest you watch more closely what already happens when our fullbacks bomb forward and Hutchinson drops between Lees and Loovens.
  10. Carlos has made a few comments lately that make me wonder about his motives. First unnecessarily revealing he was out of contract at an important time of the season, then the Rhodes one. Why do that if you intend to continue at the club? He has no difficulty deflecting question he doesn't want to answer in the 'pressers'.
  11. Nobody is wanting us to appoint any sort of poo manager. I have enough trust in this owner now to believe he will either bring in someone he rates better or leave Carlos in charge. That's assuming of course that Carlos is minded to stay.
  12. Clinging on to what you know is comforting for some folk. I suspect Chansiri, being the succesful businessman he has become, is not one of them. A business has to adapt and change if it is to thrive.
  13. Not the same as training and playing games week in week out though is it.? Needs to move on and play regularly but I suppose clubs will be wary of him now.
  14. I agree that the formation switches at times during ganes to 3-5-2 when attacking . It is a solid 4-4-2 with 2 banks of 4 when defending which has been most of wof the time this season. The only time I saw that change was v Rotherham As Wagner said 'the way they play doesn't change'.
  15. Looked a bit porky last picture I saw of him and faded out of development squad game. Can't think he's doing much to keep himself fit. Personally I wouldn't have let him anywhere near youngsters in the development squad.