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  1. The wingers will be on the bench for our plan B Good old fashioned 4-4-2 Or if we're really up against it 2-3-5 with half backs, wingers and inside forwards.
  2. Big money move to finance reshaping of the squad?? Didn't really miss him in the 6 game winning run that pushed the Owls into 4th place. A few surprises in store in the next few weeks I think.
  3. Yes it seems so, then there's no purchase history or priority point record. I'm hoping they are still working on the details but would have been best to wait until fully functioning before opening it up.
  4. I think thats pretty obvious too. Why else would so many signings get nowhere near the first team. Recruitment this time will be crucial but if Carlos is not responsible he needs to have the right to veto any signings made. It seems the only way of showing he doesn't approve of a signing is to leave them out of the team.
  5. Would like to see more of a fuly fit Abdi for the Owls next season, not allowing him to strengthen a competitor. Things would have been very different if he Hooper and Lee had remained fully fit all season.
  6. Think it may have been a different story if he was on the pitch when the penalties were taken v Huddersfield. Takes a cracking left foot penalty.
  7. Thats pretty much the way we play now anyway when attacking and Hutch drops deep.( Carlos calls it a transition) Bannan hs been the choice in centre mid instead of the injured Abdi. but its better when Hooper plays the linking role. Its been criticised for lack of pace/ crossing ability from the wings all season. Only other problem I see is back 3 are all right footed and lack a bit of height Could work with the right players on the flanks and in defence but not holding my breath.
  8. He had Wallace, Reach, Buckley, McManaman and Sougou. Plenty there to fit whatever style of play you might want.
  9. Major problem with this is you would need to close the South bridge to home fans to ensure segregation
  10. That sggests we need to get our transfer dealing done before the season starts for a change. Difficult I know as the transfer window is open during August.
  11. Yep certainly changed the game v Huddersfield semi final 2nd leg and not for the better.
  12. The out of contract players were thanked for their services and wished well for the future except for Dawson and Wildsmith. I can only read that one way.....Thank you and goodbye.
  13. Thought Fox looked promising. Couldn't really see why he was dropped for Pudil. Better defensively and added a bit more height to the defence Can't remember him beng dire but didn't see many away games
  14. Winnall Yes Rhodes No Dave No, and no goals in more than a season. I like Dave for his attitude and can see how his presence helps the team. However unless he can add goals to his game we can't keep playing him. Of the three mentioned he should be first in line to depart. Lets face even Joao has more chance of a goal every now and then.