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  1. All the more reason to be wary of those fixtures and get something out of them - and be points up on last season already.
  2. I was quite happy with it - thinking it wasn't going to be so hard - until I saw the end of the season. Reboot. I am happy with the end of the season because we play better against tough teams.
  3. I love all the positivity in this thread. Is this the season where Wednesday's Woe is ended?!
  4. Good way of looking at it. I started supporting Wednesday in the 3rd division in the 70s as a kid. It's hard to shake off that underdog mentality. Got to try harder - even if only for the sake of my kid.
  5. Hope so!
  6. Of course. You can't know how the season will pan out. Last season had Reading, Hudds, Leeds & Fulham all up at the top, and the previous season were in the bottom half. However... simply based on last season, Leeds, Sunderland, Fulham, Hull, Reading & Norwich 'may' be tricky depending on whether they have a good transfer season. That's 6 potentially trick games out of the final 9 - a lot trickier than the season just passed.
  7. This is the run in: 17th March Leeds United Away 31st March Preston Home 2nd April Sunderland Away 7th April Fulham Home 10th April QPR Away 14th April Hull City Away 21st April Reading Home 28th April Wolverhampton Wanderers Away 6th May Norwich City Home Not the easiest of run-ins.
  8. I used to like playing Steven Harlem in Championship Manager 99/00 and restart if he didn't get at least an 8. Eventually he played for England!
  9. The most exciting thing at the moment is whether this thread or the Official Summer 2017 Transfer Window Rumours Thread will dominate summer! Each are only 1 post away from beating the other at any given time.
  10. All the photos are of Watford. He's not going to be going back there. Nothing here to be concerned about.
  11. Fair enough, just wanted our boys to be surprisingly high in their results. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/championship-biggest-club
  12. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/championship-biggest-club