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  1. This has to be the year DC insists on the target of automatic promotion. Failing that, and failing play-offs winner, it'll be time for a new manager. I'm pleased that CC has another stab at it. Stability is good so long as progress is being made. Aargh!! that sounds like the Conservative manifesto.
  2. Wow! Or should that be Wawaw!
  3. I know. This is the life of a Wednesday. Long suffering.
  4. Oh boy, the name of Jota made me forget everything and realise how exciting the transfer season is!
  5. Last year we were so happy to finish just in the play-offs at 6th. At the beginning of this year we would have been so happy to have solidified and finish 4th. Don't forget at the beginning of the year we'd have thought Norwich would have been far better than they turned out to be, and Villa may have been also. Next year is the big year. No falling back. It's the first year that we'll have proper expectation that we could feasibly finish top 2. Give CC another year. If we're not top 2 then get rid. But as the OP says, we've got better every year since 2011, so why not stick with the task in hand.
  6. Let's do a Brighton. Knocked out of the play-offs, stick with their manager, next year automatics.
  7. It's all about service and defence for me. Up front is fine, but Nuhiu should be swapped for Hirst now. It's time for the lad to kick on in the first team. He's not going to become a gem for us if we don't let him shine. Our problem is that whilst we seem to be strong in the centre of midfield, it's actually where we need more creativity and a lot of intelligence. A Zola-type player, a midfield general... Oh wait... we've already got Abdi who apparently Watford fans said was excellent in that role. I also agree about Reach & Wallace. Love Wallace, but we need somebody else who can also do it as he won't be fit for every game. I hope Reach has a lot more in the can to improve on, because he needs to kick on and skill up. Too many balls go astray. Then our defence just needs beefing up, preferably with a strong centre back who is as much of a sweeper as anything. And sure, strengthening the LB position is also ideal. And then our goalies - we need to make sure we pin down Joe Wildsmith. Our recruitment for goalies recently has been awful since we got Westwood.
  8. Wednesday Huddersfield/Reading Middlesbrough Fulham Hull Leeds Sunderland Norwich? Derby? Villa? You never know whether it'd be more difficult than this season. This year you wouldn't have predicted Leeds, Reading, Huddersfield & Fulham in or close to the top 6. They finished 13th, 17th, 19th & 20th in the previous season. Then again, with the right players brought in, and good tactics from the manager (whoever that is), we could even finish 1st!
  9. Well done CiderOwl. It took honesty from JR to say he wasn't confident at taking a penalty. That is to be applauded. It is all about next season now - and how to build on what we've got and push for automatic promotion. It concerns me that we haven't played the play offs with the kind of flair we know we have at our best. CC set us up too negatively in the first game, and that gave Huddersfield some confidence back. I think he gave them too much respect. Last year, we played Brighton superbly in the first game, and were well up for the dog fight of the second. Our tactics this year have not been great. Is CC the man to take us forward? I don't know. As much as I respect how far he's taken us, I do get frustrated with him playing players out of position, and not playing positively enough.
  10. If we focus on him not wanting to take a penalty because his confidence is shot, it ain't gonna help increase his confidence. A Jordan Rhodes, big on confidence, is surely a great asset to our team. Over the summer we've got to find a way to unlock the undoubted talent that he showed at Huddersfield & Blackburn. Otherwise we're wasting our money. As fans, we need to stick by our man and give him the chance to shine. And that starts by looking at the way the team is set up, and working out what needs improving. Rhodes isn't the only 'star' to come to Hillsborough and not hit the ground running. Watford fans I know were fine with us getting FF off them, but were very disappointed to see Abdi go. I'd like to see Abdi played in his best position, JR looked after and given the supply he deserves. The problem with having FF up front is that we've got plenty of strikers, and he takes the place off someone else - normally Rhodes or Winnall. FF on the left for me. And then, we need to see where we need to strengthen. Quality supply and creativity in midfield and a stronger back line would be my punt. But for the moment, let's think about Rhodes and focus on getting the best out of him. We don't want his confidence even lower next season. Stand by our man.
  11. Jordan Rhodes is the cheapest he's been for years. All because Middlesbrough haven't played him much. If we have interest to buy him, there'll never be as good a time as now. Sure it's a lot of money, but we'll never get as good a deal again. If he goes elsewhere, you'd reckon he'll be played a lot more than at Middlesbrough, and his price will go up.
  12. As much as I wholeheartedly agree with the OP, we're not immune. For example, the SWFC players' betting scandal in the 60s. I do hope we haven't, and never will get involved in anything underhand again. Keep football clean! I was very pleased with the clubs when we turned down payday loan company sponsorship. I might be out on a limb here, but I wish the same could be said about betting! I don't understand how an industry which is based around making sure punters lose more money than they win has been allowed to gain such a strong foothold in football. Football's not horse racing. I wish clubs (or leagues!) weren't sponsored by daylight robbery companies. And it sours my experience of Hillsborough to find betting inside the club shop. The club shop is a great way to bring young'uns into the SWFC pack - and I don't appreciate having to explain that buying gear is okay, giving away money to a business with no return is not!
  13. The official car parking is extremely expensive. If you're early enough, the business premises within the industrial estate - first way, fifth way, fourth way, second way all rent out available parking for a lot lot cheaper - like up to a tenth of the price. But you have to get there early. They're also better because they tend to be easier to get out of after the match (nearer to the North Circular Road etc.) Even better is to pick a tube station on the Jubilee Line to the north. We normally choose Canons Park. The only problem then is that you have to brave the queues to get to the tube station. But some of the streets around there have free parking - but check the signs on entry to the roads as well as signs along the road. The council can be sneaky and parking regulations aren't always that obvious.
  14. I'm local. We park at Canons Park and get the tube in. Otherwise arrive super early and find an ad hoc car park on south way, fifth way, second way etc. Much much much cheaper, but have to arrive around midday for a 5pm kick off.