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  1. Fulham Tho!

    To think I was advocating SJ for manager a week or so ago. Please feel free to ignore any opinion I have in the future.
  2. Away shirts

    Hate to give them any credit. But their home shirt is their best for many a year.
  3. Bannan and Jones

    If Hutch were in defence, with Lees, Loovens, the new guy Venancio(?) and Pudil, that's quite a decent CB line up. Methinks it's LB we should be looking at.
  4. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    No. But saying that we're on the same points as 2015/16, and one more than 2016/17.
  5. Daniel Pudil

    Then maybe we need a new LB not a CB
  6. Carlos press conference live now

    Maybe this is mind games to confuse the opposition?
  7. Feel more positive?

    However, it seems like other teams always dominate us in the first half and we come back in the second. We need to start games well and get the psychological edge over other teams.
  8. Feel more positive?

    The one thing I haven't seen in a Carvahal team is for them to dominate from the first minute.
  9. Feel more positive?

    Wolves apart, a lot of the early favourites haven't got off to great starts - Fulham, Villa
  10. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Sounds like a plan.
  11. Can we play like the second half from the kick off? Seems like we're always unprepared

    As it stands, a win tonight would get us close to play-offs!
  13. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Thanks for the clarification. But it shows how valuable is could be to handle George's development right. Don't get me wrong, my preference would be that he's a Wednesday legend - but if we were to cash in on him I hope it's for real money in today's terms.
  14. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Leicester back in for George Hirst at £2m. The thing I don't get is that people like Theo Walcott were sold for huge amounts by a league one Southampton many years ago. Yet we're expected to part with our prize youth asset for £2m?
  15. I wonder how much for. I liked him. Would've liked him here.