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  1. Bravo !!!!
  2. Nail on head my friend, and also worth bearing in mind the birth of his new child, and clearly having play whilst clearly injured. I'm sure these two aspects had an effect on his overall game, but when he is on it, buzzing around, harrying defenders, he is quality. I'm hoping he comes back refreshed and rejuvenated and scores a shed load.
  3. Spot on. If Rhodes and Hooper up front, then FF playing in the hole behind them would be awesome. Also with the way Hooper plays would allow FF to make those forward runs. FF is not an out and out striker, so play him in the above role, or just let him play a free role. Either way, he makes us tick and we need to get him involved in more advanced attacking situations.
  4. Westwood Hutch Lees Loovens Lee Abdi Bannan FF Hooper Rhodes Winnall
  5. So this is the same negative defensive tactics that almost got us to the PO Final again. I'm sure Carlos will learn and find the right balance. Just out of interest, I suppose you are in the Barcelona type play every game and not getting into the playoffs ???
  6. Proven track record ??? Look, I understand your frustration, along with many others. But, a bit of perspective is required. The club has undergone monumental changes, both in terms of players and infrastructure. Some want Instant success, citing the money spent. Good things take time to build, and no-one can say that we are not an upwardly mobile club. The likes of Derby, Wolves have spent far more than us and are in no better shape. Continuity is key, and yes, CC does need to rethink and tweak his approach, but there is no reason why he can't , and if this report is true, then it is fantastic news for the club, and it's continued progression .
  7. Well said sir !!!!
  8. For what it's worth I think FF is a fantastic player, and someone we definitely need in our team. I agree with many that I think his best position is out wide, but I would love him to be played in a free role if at all possible. Playing in a 442 he has to play wide left imho, in a front 3, then there is certainly scope to play further up the pitch on the left, or maybe behind a front 2 ? I also think that the arrival of his new child and the fact that he has been clearly carrying an injury for a good while seriously affected his performances. My hope is that after a good summer of rest and relaxation he is ready to go for the start of the season.
  9. Enough said my friend !!!!
  10. Carlos to remain if at all possible. But failing that and in no particular order -: Roger Schmidt, Ryan Giggs, Frank De Boer, Lee Bullen, Roland Nielson
  11. He is also someone with a past history of falling out with chairmen and alienating a clubs fanbase. This has happened on more than one occasion. It's a definite no from me.
  12. Please for the love of God, not Pardew.
  13. Roger Schmidt former manager of Bayer Leverkusen
  14. CC does not play with wingers in the traditional sense. Can anyone think of an instance this season, when our supposed wide player has taken a player on, beat them and delivered a cross ? I'm struggling to think of one instance, but I am sure someone will put me right. I understand people wanting direct fast wingers, to provide width and service to our front men, but CC in his system doesn't use them in that way, Buckley and Macca were wasted and not utilised properly. As many have said in numerous threads since Wednesday, we have the players, it's about finding a system to get the best out of them.
  15. I've said this in my other posts, but we DO NOT play with traditional wingers. We got Macca and Buckley on loan (Both proven wide players) presumably to play 442, and give us width and crossing ability. However, for whatever reason (injuries aside), did we ever play to that system ? Presumably both were brought in to p!ay that role, but when they were not in the side, where was the natural width to come from ? If CC remains and sticks with 442, and has players at the club who are genuine wingers, please play them like that, not done hybrid version which stifffles their natural game. Our strike force is very very good for this level, and they need service to thrive on. Getting quality crosses into the box gives them a chance.