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  1. And of course by the various scouts and coaches of the England Youth teams, who keep selecting him. Get a grip fella. !!!!
  2. Fair point, but what is your suggestion as to how this gets resolved ? Fans staying away in droves to force the club to lower their prices ? The bottom line is, that whatever price the club sets for tickets, there will ALWAYS be those that say the prices are too high. You just cannot please everyone. I don't have the answer, but am in the fortunate position to be a season ticket holder. The club have introduced a number of options in relation to tickets over the last couple of seasons, and if any or all of these options are out of reach or unattainable for some fans, then I do genuinely sympathise, but as I mentioned above, I don't know how this gets rectified. The point you make of fans 'blighthly' accepting the prices, I feel is harsh. Many do believe the prices are high, but are still willing to pay to get the opportunity to see their team play live. Those fans have made that choice, and scorning or admonishing them for doing so is really not something you should be attacking.
  3. Thanks Ladies and Gents. So from the few replies in relation to this 'news' about FF, the consensus is that it is garbage. However, playing devil's advocate, is 12 million for FF good business for us, should this or similar bids from other teams be made ?
  4. Thanks for all the warm, heartfelt messages of support !!!!
  5. Don't shoot the messenger !!!!
  6. EFL Twitter sure, hang in and I will try and link it
  7. Brighton make an official 12 million pound bId for FF !!!!
  8. Agree 100%, however the opening 10-15 seconds of the highlights where he was too deep and gave the ball away, just show that he doesn't need to be anywhere near there during a game. Overall, some decent football played and a good start to the preseason.
  9. Really good point Holmowl. I mentioned this fact in relation to the season before, where injuries necessitated a fixed formation/ group of players. Ideally, as many have said in numerous threads and posts, CC needs to have a clear idea who his best starting 11 are, play them as often as possible, and allow that understanding and appreciation of their respective attributes and abilities to complement each other.
  10. With the added bonus that both 'wingbacks' could cross the b****y ball !!!!!
  11. The Wolves spending spree does highlight their 'all in' attitude. The likes of Wolves, Derby, Forest in the last few years have spent much, much more than ourselves and I would like to think that although our RECENT signings have been more in value than our previous ones, we are in a better position than all 3 of the teams mentioned above. For the 15 million Wolves have spent on one player, I would argue that we have bought 3-4 players for that total amount, FF, Abdi, Rhodes who all round should make us a better side.
  12. Spot on sir. For all the doom, gloom and disappointment, the Brighton example you quoted is what I hope we are trying to achieve.
  13. Think too many people are getting a bit carried away with Wolves, and particularly the signing of Neves. At his age, and with his progression, surely top European teams and the top half of the PL should have been looking at him. Him dropping into Championship level seen a bit strange to me. Yes, he is undoubtably a good player, but seems a very strange decision by his club to let him go, and if held in such high regard, so cheaply.
  14. f**k my wanger !!!!!!!