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  1. Is that your glorified name for a glory hole?
  2. Admit it everybody, if we dropped say 80 million pound on the euro millions 40,000 pound + vat would be nothing and most of us on here would buy an executive box for the season in the blink of an eye
  3. I'm struggling to think who that could be under that mask, there's no distinguishing features that give his identity away
  4. Why thank you for your kindness I shall miss all this
  5. Posh tvvat
  6. Nah it's Gary megson with breasts
  7. I know it's his name but I Plussed that for the word slutsky
  8. Just remember to take your shoes off in the back passage
  9. Not just my wife then?
  10. Somebody else who never watched prisoner cell block h
  11. Not showing off now but is it Julian watts?
  12. Make it a four pack of John smiths and 20 embassy number 1 will ya
  13. Steve mckenzie