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  1. Is he the one who scored a hattrick not too long ago
  2. http://sportrelated.cf/sheffield-wednesday-will-sign-theo-walcott-if-they-are-promoted/ Poorly written article, from a non reliable source, but had me thinking, what could we do if we managed to sign a player like him, exciting times ahead
  3. Someone on here will kn… kneel down and worship him for being the god that he is
  4. Completely changed, giving our boys a rest for the playoffs Wildsmith Palmer Sasso Ogrady Fox Mcmannaman Semedo Jones Buckley Winnall Nuhiu Youth Players on bench mostly
  5. Best of a bad bunch
  6. About the players not the club they play for, if we could get Britt fit and firing then we would have a monster
  7. Leeds got me rolling on floor atm
  8. Everyone doing us as job, now we need to do one our selves
  9. They're in wrong order, sky tho
  10. Pornstar Darryl Lachman you all know why im not really a pornstar btw or am i.
  11. The fact we play 3,6 and 7 is slightly scary
  12. Some Merry Millers trying to say he was offside, can anyone telll me what thr hell he was on ablut?