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  1. They're in wrong order, sky tho
  2. Pornstar Darryl Lachman you all know why im not really a pornstar btw or am i.
  3. The fact we play 3,6 and 7 is slightly scary
  4. Some Merry Millers trying to say he was offside, can anyone telll me what thr hell he was on ablut?
  5. Did look offside, he was always in front of the defenders ready to get in, but obviously cant tell from our angle
  6. They… They… They called us Sheffield
  7. No wonder Bannan plays every week
  8. Anyone know if wednesday against Hull is a derby?
  9. Wycombe 2012 no other words needed
  10. Sorry didnt realise she was taken, you can have her back Shes very good with her feet btw
  11. Dont change anyone again all season, today was incredible
  12. Lock up your sisters…
  13. We also have an actual Fox in the box
  14. Me too