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  1. Think it will be a good match, but can't see past that Winnall scoring the winning goal unfortunately! Oh wait, that's right, he's our player now! UTO!
  2. 6th Sence.
  3. Home game is second weekend of March. Not sure about the away game yet as I've not made a date up yet.
  4. Yes 29
  5. Heard he had a fiddle with Carlos' wife and that's why Forest, Watford and Wednesday have had problems with him...
  6. The answer is no.
  7. Irrelevant of what you think of anyone on his payroll, we have a chairman who's goal is to get us into the Premier League, and no one can argue he's not showing how serious he is about that ambition.
  8. Neato! Great job buddy!
  9. Urby posted this 9 weeks ago on instagram. Wish I looked that good from playing play station and eating pizza.
  10. If they're doing well, then what are they doing much lower down the league compared to us?
  11. Next two fixtures suit us better than last nights. Be reyt.
  12. It shouldn't be a mandatory 10 minutes off, because then the tactic would be "whack him in the head and get him sent off the pitch for 10 minutes." The rule should be something like "The referee has the power to send a player off for inspection following a head injury during the game." This would also be good for safety of players who try to just play in with potential dangerous injuries.
  13. The only thing I'm worried about is Brayford might NOT be playing.
  14. Depends how long it takes you to drink 16 pints.
  15. Never a penalty for the simple fact that he pushes him just outside the box. Proper professional CB foul that.