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  1. Exactly this. It was an organic atmosphere, amazing at times, tense at others, but a real atmosphere. The crowd roared from all four sides last night. We were all there with the team and showed them we were ready to carry them forward if they were going to go for it.
  2. I think Reading will do Fulham second leg. We should have enough to win on Wednesday. Think we were unlucky with our results against Reading this season and hopefully we make up for it at Wembley. All close games though, don't see anymore than a one goal margin in all the playoff games.
  3. We're Sheffield Wednesday, we clap with our hands,
  4. He actually said "Klingon here". It was a joke about that bloke from that there Star Trek being in the crowd. It was a crap pun though, and I don't blame you for missing it. Wish I had.
  5. Also love how Rhodes and Winnal screams 'going there for a draw' to you.
  6. Hate to break it to you, but we don't get any points even if we win this one.
  7. Was gunna say the same, quality comedy that.
  8. Won't be sleeping tonight. Come on Wednesday!
  9. I think they will try and play their normal style, then revert to hoofing it up to their center backs in our box for the last 10 minutes.
  10. How many red cards is that in that area of the pitch this season? Someone needs to put a compilation together.
  11. He had a chance to get into the playoff squad, and he goes and gives the ref a great opportunity to send him off. Ruined the game for 30k fans, some of which, like me, had traveled hundreds of miles, and makes his teammates work their balls off for 50 mins. Think he's got some real talent, but he's a bit dirty, I don't like him. Real let down yesterday, hope it was worth it Marco.
  12. Fulham, last year.
  13. Wonder how soon into the two games it will be before they start chucking center backs up top and hoofing it into the box?
  14. There should be some available for general sale because there will be people like me who have bought their ticket, but might not be able to make it depending on what days the fixtures end up being on.
  15. I'd like to think the chairman sees the value of having him at the club and offers to extend his current contract for another year. I think it will then be down the whether or not Jose is happy to sign, knowing that he likely won't be getting much game time again. Hooe he is, he seems to be the heart of the squad.