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  1. He's been released like the over 5. The club have worded it wrong and left out Dawson and Wildsmith as they have been offered deals
  2. I think you are reading too much into it and its just an error by the club with poor wording. We'll see tomorrow.
  3. Alan Biggs has got it wrong. Dom Howson has got it right. Club communication error.
  4. Yes I'm the same as you. The club have worded it wrong. Bit of a wee wee tail up. Even Alan Biggs has misread the situation. All 8 would be on the list if it had meant to show whose contract was up. Why would they say that anyway as we already knew whose contract was ending.
  5. Rubbish. Where do you get that from??!!??
  6. He's just turned 32. Could yet have 5 years playing over here or back home.Not even a veteran yet.
  7. Thats just the pros with squad numbers. To make it up to Alan Biggs 46 there were the likes of Lachman, Dielna, Melo, Kean, Clare and Penney on loan, dead wood like McGugan and some other young pros without squad numbers like Percival, Hayford, Kirby, Preston, Lonchar, Baker, Lee, Clarke and Williams. U 18s not included.
  8. I tweeted him about that. He said that is all professionals so some U23 players like Penney, Stobbs, Hirst, Thorniley etc all included. Not had that many professionals since Premier League days.
  9. I think club have worded it wrong. There were 8 players out of contract.The 6 they have listed and Wildsmith and Dawson who the Star have confirmed have been offered deals. Should say released not out of contract. We knew they were out of contract.
  10. Melo. Think club have made an error and worded it wrong. Says the players are out of contract but we knew that. I think they mean released. The fact that Dawson and Wildsmith aren't on the list they have given show this.
  11. Daryl Lachman 2 years 0 minutes Urby Emanuelson 1 year 16 minutes
  12. He was on a season long loan the previous season like Lopez. He went back to his club and then we re=signed him permanent in August
  13. He's 32 not 42. I hope he finds a new club and plays as long as he can. Don't get all this coaching thing with him.
  14. Would you bring in another keeper then? Cant have Wildsmith and Dawson out on loan and Kean transfer listed and probably on his way. Can't see another keeper joining unless Westwood was to go.
  15. It shouldn't be. That would be ridiculous. I read what Dom Howson in The Star said and he worded it like it was. 'Sasso has an option of a second year' Surely he meant it to read Wednesday have an option of Sasso for a second year. Think he was trying to save characers on a Tweet but not worked!