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  1. Was part of the squad the season we got promoted at Cardiff in the play offs under Sturrock in 2005.Came through ranks but got released that summer and went to Notts County. Played quite a few games in that 04/05 season.
  2. It's a tricky one with keepers as they either play or don't at all. Not like a striker who is on the fringe and who can come off the bench. There comes a point when it is best for the individual that he gets 1st team football and gets his career going. Man Utd have Sam Johnstone who is 24 and has never played a first team game for them.. They must rate him to have kept him so long but he is never going to be their 1st or even 2nd choice and is restricted to loans. I see Villa want him permanantly so that would be a good move for him. You just can't see Dawson ever being number 1. I the club want him to stay and he is happy to be a number 3 fair enough but i think there a times when it does a player favours by letting him go .
  3. He played quite a lot in the middle. Hutchinson only played 25 out of 46 games.
  4. Think Stobbs will be struggling. No nearer 1st team than 3 years ago
  5. Starting this afternoon v Cardiff. Only 2nd appearance of season even at that level.
  6. Yeah you're right. When look at the facts he doesn't miss games but you always hear in the week about a niggle he has and during games he often has to have treatment. Lots of minor injuries but nothing ever serious.
  7. Quite a few of the U23s are out of contract as well like Jack Stobbs, Connor O'Grady, Jordan Thorniley etc
  8. It pwon't be the keepers choice necessarily to stay. Wildsmith, probably,because Carlos clearly rates him and Im sure he will get offered something. I'd be happy for Dawson to stay but Carlos might think he has no prospect of 1st team football and it would be best for him to be released to find football elsewhere. There is also Dan Wallis from the Academy who has played for the U23s a lot this season. If they were to offer him a contract as a pro it could effect Dawsons situation.Don't know if the second year scholars have been informed yet. There's only three that are not on pro contracts yet. I hope Dawson gets offered something and Kean is moved on.
  9. It would be a bad enough post if you had got the surname right(McGugan) but thinking it's McGuigan is taking the P***.
  10. We were one of the original teams when the Academy system started in 97/98.United started their academy a few years later and back then still did the School of Excellence system.
  11. Yes I agree. All the players mentioned on this post were picked up after being released. None of them were poached. If Man Utd released Connor O Grady at 16, he comes to us and becomes a star why should they take any credit in development. We would be the ones who gave the lad a chance and got him on the ladder. If players are poached like Defoe was from Charlton by West Ham then Charlton would have every right in claiming they were a large part of his development as they didn;t want to let him go hence their compensation.
  12. Connor O'Grady was at Man United until he was 16.
  13. I agree. 16-18 are the big years for developing a player as they have left school and are now at a club full time Whoever has a player at 16-18 should take a lot of credit if he comes through.