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  1. I'd love to see Penney in the team but he will probably go on loan. No good if it turns out like Bradford again though. Can have short youth loans for a month in the National League so that might be better for him and others. Wouldn't like to see any of them do a full season.
  2. I think Matt Penney would like a go at left back before Joe West although Penney was originally let wing.
  3. Not so for me!!!! All this year 9,10,11 rubbish!!!!! In my time in Senior school it was 1st year when you started and 5th year when you left!
  4. The rules are a bit different for England Under age football for some reason. Instead of September to the following August for years they use January to December!!!.So the England U18s that Hirst has played for are players born between 01/01/1999 and 31/12/1999. In effect that is players from two academic years so those born before September are a year 'older' in effect.
  5. Sorry those second dates show say 2018 not 2017-31/08/2018
  6. Spot on. The new first year scholars are those that have just left school so they will turn 17 between 01/09/2017 and 31/08/2017. The second years will turn 18 between 01/09/2017 and 31/08/2017. George is now in his first proper year as a pro(he signed a year early because he was doing so well) and the likes of him, Kirby, Preston turn 19 between these dates. The England U21 rules are the best. You can be 23 like Jordan Pickford and still be eligible for them as he was U21 when the qualifying games started!
  7. 18 year old No they are not eligible after the end of their 2nd year scholarship which ended at the end of last season. You can play an U19 overage goalkeeper though. The profiles on the website show the U18's. Hirst is now profiled on the U23s with the others of his year who are also ineligible:Fraser Preston, Liam Williams, Connor Kirby, Dan Wallis and Jack Lee. Eligible players will be born after 01/09/1999 this coming season. Hirst was born 15/02/1999. It's the same cut off points that schools have always used for a year ie using September to the following August for pupils birthdates in a particular school year.
  8. Hirst is too old now for U18's from this season coming so will be playing just U23s unless he goes on loan.
  9. Just to clarify, Sasso signed for Belenenses in Portugal a few weeks back
  10. Think he may have had an option to extend triggered/exercised. Definately only signed for one year last summer. On the official retained list there was no 'o' for offered next to his name like Clare, O'Grady and Stobbs had indicating that something was agreed before the end of the season.
  11. Palmer is definately not 6ft 2. Carlton Palmer was that height but not Liam. Some of these heights published are rubbish. You only have to look on the team photo to get a decent idea. I have stood next to players that I am a couple of inches taller than yet all the books and sites say they are the same height as me.
  12. He's not been resting. He has been playing in the U23 friendlies.
  13. How can I forget him!
  14. The third youngster on the tour is James Murphy. He is a 19 year old American midfielder who was a sub in the League Cup game last season. Perhaps he is the closest to the first team? Have we not had an American since John Harkes?
  15. I thought he would be borderline to be honest. He is no nearer the first team now than 3 years ago. Captaining the U23's success may have helped. When he signed a year last season I thought he would have to break through last season. Never been on loan either-even non league.