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  1. Where did you get them from please
  2. Hahaha play both clips together its better than some songs out now
  3. Start with Fernando & Reach I would also bring in Abdi giving a rest to Wallace & Bannan
  4. Best player we have needs support from the fans not abuse from the idiots .
  5. ffs I wish we would just sign him even if we don`t play him I am stick of this every transfer window
  6. Buy him last yrs Ipswich kit & put the badge on it
  7. I suggest Daniel and the rest of the boys sit down and watch the match in full . I didn't hear any Boo's during the game all I heard is groans after yet another throwing near the oppositions box /free kick or promising move makes its way back to Westwood . Frustration was the world on Saturday Ipswich let's be honest didn't really offer a threat but we gave them the game. He's sadly made a rod for his own back now with that comment.
  8. Just a thought maybe Carlos made the sub's he did to see how the defence would cope while under pressure like we were in the last 20 mins , its a pre season game .
  9. Don`t like the home kit looks like Ipswich shirt (Im old school so stripes for me sorry) Away shirt not bad I guess & White shirt ok but sadly all look cheap which makes it worse when they will be wanting 50 quid each .
  10. No I book hols in school hols because I have a child , I booked to go Sunday with the hope of it being H 1st game which it was (lucky me) then fecking Sky step in
  11. I fecking hate sky also , I wanted home 1st which I got great I thought but no we get Villa and what do sky do move our game to Sunday . Great I go away Sunday to Spain a aaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh. throw pots
  12. When you look at the other clubs who have had very very poor Chairman Leeds , Charlton , Cardiff & Blackburn to name a few ,it make`s Mr Chansiri even better than we already know he is . Get behind him buy a ST if you can if not buy a membership and get to as many matches as you can let`s get S6 fuller than it`s been for years .
  13. Danny Batth not just because we had him before , I think he would fit very well with Lees . Jake Bidwell Knockeart Huddlestone if we could . striker I would look at Chris Wood at Leeds and Wells at Huddersfield
  14. Not going to start slating any players after the season we have just had . Didn't turn up today sadly we needed to be at 100% but sadly fell about 70% .Hull just sussed us out and one bit of magic cost us. I would have personally played a 433 Hooper Big Dave or Lucas & FF but the games gone now .