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  1. Have a friend who is a Walsall fan, suggests technically he is a very talented player and could comfortably cut it at a higher level if he is consistent and to be fair he is a relatively good judge of character as he said the same about Romaine Sawyers, Troy Deeney, Will Grigg, Jamie Patterson. However another link player between the front line and midfielders, would be slightly contradictory in terms of reports from the club. I would not be surprised to see him move to the championship this summer but would be surprised if we were that club.
  2. Went 09/10 season and they split that stand down the middle however it was Tuesday night match. Cant imagine they would turn down the opportunity of a guaranteed 4/5 thousand fans when they can not sell the rest of their ground out whether it is first game of the season or not.
  3. He has traveled to Portugal with the squad which would suggest nothing is imminent, otherwise why would we have taken him. I have been saying it for a few seasons now, I can not fault his commitment and desire, when he's on the pitch you can see he really does try his best and puts maximum effort into the opportunities he gets. We are told he is great in the dressing room and is good for new players coming into the club which is something that is incredibly valuable in modern football. Sentiment and "passion" aside facts are facts and he has not scored a goal for an entire season in a competitive match no matter how you look at it or dress it up for a striker that is not good enough at all. His all round game does not offer enough to warrant a place in our starting 11 or even on our bench IMO at the moment, he rarely wins headers, he struggles to hold the ball up, he struggles to find crucial passes and I can not remember the last time he had a shot. To put it simply we have better players in the squad than him in his position and that should be all there is to it. If there is an opportunity to offload him then yes I believe we should take that opportunity, if it free's up wages to invest elsewhere in the squad.
  4. My apologies, I thought he was out next summer. As you were.
  5. Personally I wouldn't want Westwood to leave at this minute in time I see no better keeper in this division at present, and if i were in DC's shoes I wouldn't even entertain the idea.I would rather get a year out of him expecting us to seal promotion then revisit the idea of a new contract around November/December or next summer. Alternatively I would rather let him go on a free next summer and replace with someone else then, if not promote Wildsmith. If the club do want to sell i'm confident it will not be to a direct promotion rival. This season is S**T or bust it seems for CC and I would imagine a few of the playing squad would want away next summer if we fail in our promotion bid this term round. So let's have one more year with the current squad I would assume will be the remit, it's CC's squad so why break it up if you are going to give the manager another year at least.
  6. Good bye Fillippe, I'll never forget you hooking the ball back into the box from an over hit Chris Maguire free kick, only for it to be cleared...then helped back by Tom Lee's for big Adthe to finish on the last day of the season away at Watford ah the memories.
  7. I think from chatting to the Villa fans I work with today they would be more gutted to see him go due to his work rate and as they put it "has been the only player who tried the last 2 seasons when no one else did". This appears to be why he has developed an affection and affinity with their fans and they would be disappointed to see him leave, that and the fact that he is now one of their longest serving players in their current squad. However if I rewind to a few seasons before he was farmed out on loan for long spells and all iv'e ever heard on the player is how much of a car crash he was at times, they used to slate him non stop for his defensive capabilities and the fact he used to run down the wing failing to deliver a cross of any meaning. IMO he is no better than Hunt or Pudil at this level and we should be looking at better.
  8. If and it's a big IF we did sell Tom Lee's we would have to go out and purchase someone with a similar quality to him, I do not think Hanley has ever been considered one of the best CB's for his on the ball abilities, having seen him play a few times for Blackburn and Scotland I personally have never been convinced by him. Bartley I confess I have not seen enough of as to form a proper judgement, unless we are playing Leeds I try to stay away from watching their games as their style of football last year bored me senseless so I can not say I've seen much of him. From what I remember he appeared the more composed CB of the pairing they had last year and the more comfortable of the two on the ball. It appears on paper his style of play would fit into our system as anyone who watched us last year could clearly see CC want's to build from the back and any CB has to be able to pick a pass rather than a more traditional English CB (Kick it and head it) type. However at 7.5 mill I would imagine we need to shift players before bringing others in to free up wages and balance the books, it would lead me to think this is a bit of business that if he is still available come the closing stages of the window we will go in for as I think it is evident we need to trim the side in other areas to make room for positions of need. If he only has 12 months left on his deal a bid of 5 Mill should test their resolve. Boyd was fantastic for a free transfer but I can not see us dropping the sort of money quoted by some on here without shifting others out first with the specter of FFP looming, I do not think at this point it matters how deep DC pockets are. This summer I think we will begin that process of starting to live a bit more within our means and with our swollen squad that undoubtedly means shifting players in other areas before investing in areas of priority. Whether that means taking a loss on certain players (Mcgugan, Joao, Matias, Nuhiu,Palmer all been mentioned) or selling off one maybe two of our team (FF Lee's Winnall again all mentioned) i'm not sure. Either way it should be an interesting summer.
  9. A quick winger and a CB is all that is needed IMO, quality not quantity in the named areas will see us challenge this term round I believe for a top 2 position. The sooner they are in the door the better it is for all involved, hanging around until the last day/days of the window yes you get the odd player who add's something and hits the ground running but I have always felt the longer a player has to get to know team mates and how they operate and the system they are going to be playing in is ensures a smoother transition between the clubs. It also allows a players family time to settle down before the madness of a football season starts, which is often sited as a big reason players feel unhappy.
  10. Bolton supporting mate is convinced they are interested in him, I know they are currently under some sort of embargo so unsure how any transfer would work out but there rumour is that spearing has turned down a new contract and is on his way to Blackburn (he is their highest earner) so could free up the wages for him. On paper its a perfect move for him, low expectations from the club in terms of league position would be a guaranteed starter for them allowing him to be that big fish in a relatively small pond. As I say its just a rumour like everything else at this point but on paper the move makes sense, but until he moves we are all just guessing, i've said it before and will say it again he is a talented player and was great for us in the Stuart Gray era but right now we should be aiming for bigger and better things we also have better players more suited to our current style of play in our squad than him IMO.
  11. My main criticism would be this was the approach that Aston Villa took last year (Hogan, Kodjia, Mcormack, Hourihane, Lansbury) and it did not work at all for them, yes they steadied the ship in the end up they looked at one point in danger of the double drop with arguably the 2nd best squad in the division on paper. The basic principle is fine of course, however I would hazard a guess that for the most part this does not work, a group on individuals is useless you need a team. You get a team by bringing in players who compliment one another's best attributes and play to one another's strengths, otherwise you end up with all the meat but no fire as our esteemed Portuguese commander would say .
  12. Born, raised and still live in Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday fan and would not have it any other way. My Dad is from Sheffield moved to Birmingham early 70's he was born into a family of Wednesday and raised me the same. Personally to me it does not feel like a home match without the trek up the m42/m1, my dad is a season ticket holder and goes to on average around 10 away games a season also. I am a member had been a season ticket holder when I was younger but as I am still able to run about and play I will until my legs pack in. The past two seasons I have got to around 20 games a season both home and away, for me Tuesday night and Friday night fixtures are a god send as I can leave straight from work and get to most grounds within 150 miles before kick off. I have never been pressed as to why I chose them over the local teams of Villa and Birmingham City even at school as when I respond that it is a family thing most just left it alone, tbf most BCFC fans are ok but only turn up in numbers for particular games and a lot of Villa fans I know are premier league snobs and simply still can not work out how teams from the bottom of the table can turn up anywhere and beat top in this division. I must say however it was particularly sweet when at the start of the Season two Villa fans had a bet with me with regards to final table positions as they were convinced they would finish above us, easiest 300 quid ever.
  13. Depends on the system used, if CC is to persist with 4/4/2 then I think one winger to start is a must and another as cover. The one I would personally go for is Sakho at Palace and I suggested the same player last summer, used to be at Wolverhampton. Hasn't settled, can't get a look in their side pace to burn, couple of tricks can cross and can finish would be well worth a bid. I'm not sure CC would see him fitting our style so no doubt it will be someone of the Buckley/Reach mold who he goes for, many have said Jota at Brentford but I just can not see that being a realistic possibility as they will want stupid money for him, it's going to be an interesting summer in that department.
  14. Our expectations in failure have only risen IMO, last season we were all ecstatic to be in the play offs and to get to a final and loose we still were very pleased. Most felt a top 6 finish this season was the minimum, personally I thought we would just miss out at the start of the year but as it turned out this is what we got. Next season I think there is an expectation that we MUST challenge for the top 2 from all corners of the club and externally. Ultimately I think that is where the decision will rest on CC's future. Is he the man to make us a top 2 side in this division? In theory all the ingredients are there with two or three additions maximum as I can not see DC giving whoever is in the role large amounts of money on a squad already littered with top championship quality as he has consistently mentioned the FFP rules since his arrival. At present I see no out of work manager who I trust to get us a top 2 finish more so than a manager who has built this whole squad, however I am like most just a fan and therefor realistically have no idea who is out there and available to go and either get or poach from another club. I would expect an announcement this week regarding CC's future from the club, neither result of either stay or go would surprise me but if I was a betting man I would say he will be staying which will mean that the pressure is well and truly on him to come up with the answers. He is a very likable character in terms of his personality and a lot of our squad clearly enjoy playing for him and his coaching staff, he is also one of our most successful managers in terms of winning games and has proved a very good defensive coach so on paper why would he be shown the door? CC suggested teams were more prepared to play against us this past season and my only question is can he adapt and find a different system to get us to that next level of a top 2 challenge as I feel that is where the answer is. I'm not sure he feels comfortable playing a different system and I can not see him changing now, if he stays and we are someway off the pace of the top 2 come December/January I would expect a change then.
  15. Not just because its "fashionable" currently but I think when all fit, 3,5,2 is the best system we could currently adopt at the club. For me not a complete overhaul like some have suggested as I don't think that's what is needed here, you do not consecutively finish in the top 6 teams in a division without proving your worth. IMO opinion this system is what best suits us at the moment when all players are fit and available, you also have the ability to change it and go more defensive with Jones coming into the middle of the park as well. It showed last night and throughout the season that 442 (although it is not a rigid 442 we play) simply is not effective enough, and you need to have a different dynamic to your play. We do essentially tuck into this sort of formation when attacking anyway with the rb/lb pushing on and hutch or Bannan dropping back in between the two central defenders to receive the ball. A new center half is a must for me and if we continue to play this style, one who can win both his individual battles and play the ball out from the back with his feet. Loovens has been fantastic for us in his time at the club but he should be seen as a back up moving forwards. With this formation Bannan and Lee (both will run all day) can act as protective cover for the wing backs if necessary. We have not seen much of Abdi this year granted and he may not have been the player some where expecting upon arrival. However every game I have seen him play this season suggests he is very good at keeping the ball and indeed finding the feet of the front men, something that for large parts of the season we seemed to struggle with as we were all talking about that illusive linking player to the front man. For me, in his absence Hooper has proved his worth more so than when he was playing last year and scoring goals. Rewind 12 months and people were still in doubt as to whether he should actually be in the side with some calling for Joao or even Nuhiu to start games in place of a frontman who scored 20 since his arrival in December. When he has played of late he has shown his quality and I think it is no coincidence that the run of form coincided with his return to fitness. Rhodes/Fletcher/Winnall are much of a muchness for me, all potentially fantastic forwards on their day in this division and all do a slightly different job. For me Rhodes has done it in this division for lesser teams than the one he currently finds himself playing in and our main focus for the off season is providing an answer to the question. How do we get the best out of a 10 million pound front man? Winnall has done well in his limited opportunities since his move across to Sheffield and civilization, and as long as the ball is in the air for Fletch to attack then you have a good chance of him finding the net. Westwood Lees Hutch Sasso/(New) Hunt/(new) Reach/Fox Lee Bannan Abdi/ff Hooper Rhodes/Fletcher/Winnall Some of the deadwood needs clearing in the squad and everyone will have their opinions on who they want gone, in the cold light of day I think DC and CC (who is currently still in the position) will see and I hope act accordingly. IF and it is a big IF we are to do what Brighton or Boro have done we need to be ruthless like they were in bringing in the correct players and letting others go, no time for sentiment or players who are nearly good enough but not quite, you cut your losses and move on. IMO Blue and white tinted spectacles firmly on, that team named above should be competent enough to beat most teams in this division and compete for a top two place in this division next season, we have a team loaded with attacking quality and players who like to play a certain style of Football so lets play to that strength. There was a lot of clamor last year for a 'midfield enforcer' and i think there is still an argument for that, but at present this is IMO the best team and formation to allow us to challenge for a top 2 spot next term Posted this earlier in another thread, but seen as someone hast started this i'll drop it here.