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  1. Yes 53
  2. Abdi took a knock to his shoulder yesterday- one of the many fouls/ heavy challenges not given /seen by the ref. Struggling before half time.
  3. Still waking up with first thought being the result. Got worse day by day, hope getting today out of way will make it easier. Still singing " on our way" in my head all the time. Had this week off so dreading going back to work. Just planning to sound really positive about the whole thing and trusting that I won't meet part time piggies first( they are always the worse I find). " on our way, on our way .........
  4. The "on our way" for the first 20/25 mins in second half. Just got louder and louder. There was actually a moment when I believed that we could score by belief alone. And the moments at the end looking at the team(esp Carlos) looking at us. The connection between us and them; heart wrenching. The "what ifs" are really hitting home today but that day will stay with me and my son forever. We'll see you on the Kop!!