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    Villa fans complaints about Bruce sound familiar...no pace, negative tactics, no shots away from home, playing for a 0-0, conceding all the possession
  2. Half time assessment

    As echoed by many others - Fletcher and Hooper together just works. Play Fernando on the left and stop worrying so much
  3. its only one game

    It's the bigger picture we are all concerned about
  4. Fernando's time to go...

    Best player in the division if we were an attacking threat. It's hardly his fault that we are terrified to attack
  5. Reach - Undropable?

    Nothing to do with the price tag. He's a Carlos player, works reasonably hard, helps his full-back, cuts back or inside every time he gets the ball and has no desire to beat his man or get to the byline. Carlos' blueprint for a winger. Why does anyone think he'll ever sign a pacy, direct winger??
  6. A bit of realism

    Yeah it's not so much the result, it's as you pointed out yourself we haven the changed anything since our first visit there under Carlos. That's unforgivable
  7. Mind the Gap

    No chance they'll be above us after say the first 5 games. Even if Carlos stays in charge all season. They are the very least of our worries
  8. Preston, Carlos and the Players

    Yep that's it
  9. Just got back...!

    Because they never get any service away from home
  10. Abdi

    Scram, you've seen Abdi more than all of us... I presume there is no way he would fit into this rigid, unadventurous style we persist with and therefore that's the reason he's being isolated?
  11. Mr. Chansiri...

    Signing players under Carlos won't change a thing. Chansiri is better off keeping his wallet in his pocket. Any manager with a bit of ambition and adventure would have Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes and Winnall scoring for fun
  12. Carlos apologises to the fans

    Of course we can but not whilst we continue to approach games in this manner. The Alan Irvine respect approach with 25x the budget
  13. Carlos apologises to the fans

    Most people on here could predict the pattern of play of nearly every Wednesday away game under Carlos
  14. Carlos apologises to the fans

    I'm sorry but an apology doesn't wash. You instructed them to play like that and we've seen it all before too often. In fact we played exactly like that at Deepdale last year and stole a point somehow.
  15. Carlos - not the man to take us up

    Supported him right up until now. He was a breath of fresh air in the first season and even last season I understood his more pragmatic approach in trying to ensure we didn't drop silly points. But to to go into this season and be EVEN MORE cautious than ever is disgraceful with the talent at his disposal. You can blame the recruitment but he has more than enough tools to make us top 2 material. Its not a lack of a centre half that's causing us to treat a trip to Deepdale like visiting the Bernabeu. You can criticise Jordan Rhodes but any goal poacher would struggle to score more than a handful of goals in a Carlos side. Anyone wondering why Abdi doesn't get a chance...he's too forward thinking, Carlos doesn't like adventure, he's scared of adventure. I dont know what's happened but I'd back almost every other Championship manager to get more out of this squad. We don't act fast and we won't get anywhere near the play offs. We have been well sussed by now.