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  1. Remember thinking it was a shame that McGeady wasn't on the bench for the final when Helan came on. We'll definitely be better prepared this time round should things be going against us
  2. No, that's the point I'm making. They literally do no research. Even the channel 5 presenters and guests have clearly little to no knowledge of current form.
  3. Honestly don't know why people get so worked up. These people (Chris Evans, Channel 5 etc) watch barely any Championship football in reality and have no idea who's likely to make the play offs or win the play offs. Relax and let things play out on the pitch
  4. Tremendous again. Arguably best player on the pitch every game since returning
  5. Lots of people bracketed Hooper and Rhodes as 'just' goalscorers. Both have had a great impacting assisting and creating of late though
  6. Been absolutely superb since returning. Tbf to Carlos he mentioned more than once how much we missed Hooper. Fantastic player
  7. Much stronger position. Dont think Derby or Fulham are consistent enough or resilient enough to break into the top 6. All 4 of the current play off occupants are remaining consistent. Definitely wouldn't rule out one of the 4 knocking either Newcastle or Brighton out of the top 2.
  8. We won. Look at the crazy scores across the division tonight. It's reached that time of the season when sides like Blackburn and Wigan start fighting for their lives. Mid-table sides like Cardiff play without pressure or fear and can go to Derby and score four. Whilst we can criticise Carlos for being too cautious at times, the defences of Derby and Fulham are what's stopping them from making the top 6.
  9. Kitftenbeld on Fox
  10. Seen him twice now. Very assured down at Bristol and then again tonight. He looks like he's been in the team/squad for ages. Not afraid to get forward, mobile, defensively sound. bargain
  11. He wants to play every minute. He's desperate to have the ball, desperate to score goals. No problem from me
  12. Westwood 7 - So comfortable and such safe hands. Hunt - 7 - Solid against their biggest threat, fantastic cross. Fox - 7 - Rarely ruffled, defends properly and looks to attack. Loovens - 8 - Great leader, great interceptions, cool and calm again. Sasso - 7 - Still worries me but I don't know why as he's done well since coming in. Hutchinson - 8 - Never has a bad game, so much more bite than Jones, reads it so well. Bannan - 6 - Didn't turn up tonight, tried as usual but didn't happen. Wallace - 7 - Did ok again, some clever touches and positive intent. Forestieri - 6 - Started well, unlucky on a few occasions but uncharacteristically wasted the ball as well. Rhodes - 7 - Bought to score. Give him service and he will. Plenty more to come. Winnall - 8 - Tireless, desperate to perform. As with Rhodes, deliver crosses and he'll deliver goals. Delighted with all three subs. Reach was superb, Abdi looked comfortable and is starting to get a look in. And been saying it for a while; would love McManaman to get a start, he always pushes us upfield and looks dangerous.
  13. Superb after coming on. Most positive I've seen him
  14. I am delighted to say that, after the criticism I've levelled at him lately, Hunt was excellent tonight. Pushed forward, tremendous cross for the goal and also defended much better tonight and against their biggest threat in Keita.