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  1. Just me mate , bit slow !!
  2. You really believe we can't cope without Ross Wallace ?
  3. Yeah that's what I thought !!!
  4. Yes I agree Hooper does take longer to get fully match fit more than likely be next season now
  5. Yes it's a big surprise I had him written off until next season
  6. We have missed him and his link up play , looking forward to seeing how him and Rhodes fair , if it ever happens !!!
  7. Wasn't expecting him back so soon . I haven't got Sky Sports News
  8. Lee who is out all season ??
  9. Next season yes !!
  10. Well for me Barnsley bossed us and should have beaten us I was well impressed with them we got lucky no two ways about it
  11. Yes I know we need better in other areas too but this thread is about Ross Wallace , I agree in principle on how you describe him, mostly, but don't see him as a threat and he hasn't the energy or pace to play the way Carlos wants Someone like Reach has the energy but he lacks the experience that Ross clearly has . Hope this opinion by some that he is a big game player comes through in our run in to promotion all the same .
  12. Can't remember this Wallace love in earlier in the season !!! I must be the minority on here because for me he ain't good enough for us to progress he's ok at times that's all
  13. Er cost of a ticket maybe ? , priced ourselves out of a big crowd on this one
  14. So you describe Wallace as a winger ? I can hardly recall him setting up a goal but my memory isn't as sharp these days , I have been impressed with his corners this last month or so but his lack of pace shows in spades as an out and out winger I believe
  15. Rarely lasts 90 minutes , why start a player that will more than likely not see the game through ? . He gives his all and doesn't get intimidated by feisty opponents I like that . Didn't realise Wallace was held in such high esteem on here , ha like I say goes to show how we have such differing views mine is we could and must find better .