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  1. Why even mention it ?
  2. I don't know , referees should not get manhandled at all or suffer the verbal abuse they get EVERY game , My point is the club should have backed him , he felt he had to leave because they didn't that's my take on it and like I say everyone deserves a second chance , was Di Canio a nasty dirty player ? No I don't think he was .
  3. Well that's all speculation , you are implying he said one thing then did another did he ask for a transfer ? All I know is he was a gifted player and we don't get that many do we , , don't suppose you would have put up with Gazza's antics either then ? But every player deserves a second chance don't they , PDC played with raw emotion and passion and needed to be understood. All water under the bridge now though
  4. So he got banned didn't he ?? What's your beef with him ? Players are doing far worse and in packs these days . So you wanted him out then ? He was passionate and played on the edge that's why he was so good , quite simply one of the most gifted players I've ever seen at S6 . Give a bit of slack it was a stupid thing to do he got punished move on . The club should have dealt with it better What was your take on Cantona in the crowd ?
  5. Sam is the most competitive , committed player we have for me . I admire and wince watching him tackling at times . Do we function better without him ? I think so , we need a couple more like him with a bit of flair too in the side to make a difference I reckon . Don't go along with him at Centre Half he isn't commanding in the air for me . love him though .
  6. Prefer to err on the side of caution , it's not a given we will be in the same form as the last 2 seasons . I say worry about how we are and if we hit form let the rest worry about us
  7. Wish Kirkland hadn't stayed down for so long from a push by that scum Leeds tvat !! I would put that in the " soft " bracket !!
  8. Yes thank you for that , all I'm saying is Abdi as far as I'm concerned is a quality midfielder . I wasn't at Forest so can't use that game as an example . If Carlos is to change tactics slightly and be more forward thinking well Abdi could well be the answer .
  9. I take offence to that remark imo you simply haven't got a clue old lad
  10. So you just don't like Abdi then is that it ??
  11. It was only Port Vale at home at the start of last season but from what I saw of him in that game made me realise we had a very good player , he bossed that game for me , nothing outstanding just good forward movement and simple passing , and I was well impressed , still waiting though a year on !!!!
  12. David Hirst by a mile .
  13. So the rumour that the Arctic Monkeys were playing is just that then !!!
  14. First season Carlos was saying things like " we are Sheffield Wednesday " second season it's how good the opposition are , a reality check maybe ? . I think he says one thing to the media and another to the players .
  15. Get Abdi playing , fully fit and in central midfield With Hooper in front of him with some pace down the wings then things may start to click . This coming season has to be the one for us , third time lucky isn't it !!!!