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  1. I look at teams who score 3 or 4 and even more , away from home , Tottenham come to mind lately and I just cannot ever see us being that ambitious and attack minded , our mindset seems to be get in front and hang onto the lead instead of killing teams off , my pet hate is when we try and play keep ball by the corner flag , that irritates me so much ,the under 23's we're doing it against Hull when we were 3-1 up !! I don't pay to see that , we need to play with more freedom this coming season
  2. Accept if !!
  3. All this speculation !! Let's just wait and see , prefer Carlos to give it one more shot myself
  4. Let's all meet up and drink ourselves silly , drown our sorrows and tell our story might help us you know
  5. Never saw us losing , still can't get my head round it
  6. Don't think we will ever go up Football can do one for a while
  7. Can't put a price on success they say !!!
  8. Yeah me too , it was very sad actually
  9. To say we weren't singing or loud is ridiculous , Huddersfield copied our songs most of the game and yes they couldn't even sell out at their place , they deserved to beat us over 2 legs can't argue with that but there is simply no comparison fans wise , we are what they would like to be but never will because they aren't a big enough club . Good luck to them and with finding a team for next season
  10. Lucky to finish 4th ?? why do you say that ?
  11. Missed Hooper big time for me
  12. We handed the initiative with our performance in the first leg . Aren't we good enough to go to Huddersfield and try and win the game ?? It was like we were scared of losing not looking to win , lost it at theirs for me
  13. Right everybody sing loud and be proud let's do this lets foo king do it COME ON THE WEDNESDAY
  14. That sounds difficult to me
  15. Haha