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  1. We hardly deserved to lose either of them also , Wish people would calm down , sleep on it then comment when the dust has settled so to speak !!! we are in the play offs !!!! hello !! get a grip goodness sakes
  2. Rhodes blew his big chance I expected better
  3. Fox is scaring me too !!
  4. Before Middlesboro he got 83 In 152 starts for Blackburn
  5. By the sounds of it Leeds should be 20 points clear and walking this league , yes they are decent but Cardiff coped ok the other week and Ipswich battered them by all accounts , just saying we are up there with them for a very valid reason . I worry about their strengths but we have players to hurt them also should be good
  6. Nothing much said about our goal threat , its equal if not better than theirs and definitely we are far stronger in depth , Just visiting can big up his pace players etc. lets see how their defenders get on eh if Fessi is on his game should be fun !!! did I mention Jordan Rhodes too ??
  7. Just remember , Rocket if Sasso keeps Wood quiet , plays well you are the first to congratulate him , yes ?? haha
  8. More concerned with the Midfield battle as a whole , win that and we probably win the game
  9. Oh yes we have quality going forward no doubt about that we just aren't utilising it properly are we
  10. Got total confidence in Rhodes putting away chances just needs the chances now !!!!!
  11. Sasso is becoming a better defender going forward with the ball than actually defending whoever faces Wood will have a big challenge keep him Quiet and we will be a lot better off . wont be easy though !!!
  12. Hes not exactly scoring many anyway is he ? reverse psychology maybe ?
  13. Yes a nice time for him to step up
  14. I'm playing down how good we are its the way i am !!! , I worry that they will overrun us though and Wood will cause havoc I also know if we play at our best we will muller em
  15. Yes its a massive game for Leeds fans isn't it !!! haha pray they are disappointed , settle for a draw I suppose