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  1. You will be lucky !!
  2. Central midfield is his best position , when he is fit surely he has to get a run in the team ? Take Bannons place if need be
  3. My lad and me driving down Friday morning , staying over for a drink or two always enjoy our trip to the Amex got a sneaky feeling we are going to do well !!!
  4. Newcastle , Villa and Leeds are the top 3 away supporters in our league . Our 958 is a bit poor alongside those don't you agree ?
  5. Yes I know but I hope he will be back soon !!!
  6. Abdi is a class player , now is the ideal time to play him with K. Lee out Hope to see him play soon !!!
  7. I agree but theres no chance of that
  8. Will yesterday's win tempt a few more ??
  9. Our allocation is only 2k though !!!!
  10. Thought 3k at Boro was a fantastic turn out , felt so sorry for the fans travelling home afterwards just wondering if me and my lad will be the same at Brighton . We are not playing that well this year are we , could get a mauling at the Amex but then again knowing Wednesday wouldn't surprise me if we won , would like a few more fans to make the trip to cheer the lads on but I can see why some will think nah give that a miss !!
  11. So it seems
  12. We managed to sell out for the play off game , were fans not working then and Sky not there ??
  13. Yes hope to pay on the day , if I can get there , last minute decision for me !!!
  14. As I feared
  15. Sky will keep quite a few from travelling I fear , can see us doing well though, feel it in my bones !!! Unbeaten at home this season aren't they ? a win would be a massive result