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  1. How has he been missed? We were losing with him on the pitch, once he went off we looked more balanced, the tempo increased and we went on to win the game. He's wasn't missed at all when he went off.
  2. Why is he, our league position has improved without Lee and Hutch.
  3. Simply because I don't rate him as highly as some do, we needed a better midfield after last season to progress and we still need a better midfield today. Had Carlos addressed the issues from last season we'd have given the top two a run to the end and would at the very least be sat in the playoff places, not having two win two of the last three games to have a chance. Lee made very little difference to the side in the first half of the season and I fil to see what he will bring to the side to move us up a level, this side needs leaders not players not shrinking violets when it comes to the crunch, had Lopez played in the playoff final he would have given something different..
  4. Today is the big one, lose it whilst Fulham and Leeds win and we go to Ipswich next week having to win, a win for ourselves keeps the pressure on the other two. No matter how you look at it today is the bigger game yet we sell out for a game in two weeks time.
  5. It will end in tears when Carlos puts him back in the side, moving players to accommodate him will put an end to our momentum. Carlos won't be able to help himself. It's amazing how great players become when they've been out a while, tinkering now will end our playoff hopes.
  6. Of the current players Jones and Hutch.
  7. If all the players were absent we'd lose so having players on the pitch makes it more difficult for oposition.
  8. Im not at the moment, if you were to post a picture of yourself i'm sure i would be.
  9. Don't be coming on here wi yer fancy facts.
  10. You do soft lad because you know exactly who this is.
  11. Not my season ticket either it's the pigs.
  12. That travels home and away.
  13. Fair enough but i just don't see that midfield being strong enough over the course of a season, Hutch is a great player but i really think his midfield days are over. Jones has surprised me the past month or so, he's been excellent. Some big decisions to be made in the summer.
  14. It means he's played like c vnt.