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  1. Less than half were in use, the lights may have been on but no one was in.
  2. How is it a way round FFP if no f**ker buys one?
  3. The way we play has made Rhodes look like a reincarnated Francis Jeffers, Winnall despite being red hot at Barnsley was turned into Colin West over night, Joao under the right system and manager could be a very good player.
  4. We should keep him and try and improve him, our only front man with any kind of pace. There's a player in there but he lacks confidence.
  5. We'd better with the Jackson 5 in midfield than one that contains Hutch, Lee and Bannan.
  6. Is that our defence that's been amongst the best in the division for the past two seasons??? We need a replacement for Loovens if CC is not going to use Hutch at the back, we only need two if we get a big offer for Lees. CC hasn't learned a thing, he continues with the same three shoehorned into his midfield that have come up short when it really mattered. There will be no promotion with a midfield that contains Bannan, Lee and Hutch, look at our better spells of form during the last two seasons, they came about when that midfield was split up due to injury or suspension.
  7. It's let us down two seasons in a row, Loovens is about done but that midfield needs sorting, too many like for like players that lack strength and pace, players are also shoehorned in leaving us unbalanced.
  8. The midfield is our biggest weakness.
  9. No toys out of the pram from me, i have renewed my ST as always and ready to go. I'm realistic and have constantly said our midfield and one center back is not good enough for promotion, the current squad will make the playoffs barring an off season but Carlos does not have the bottle to win the playoffs. I think he will continue to shoehorn his favorites into the side, supporters will finally lose patience and he'll walk. That might not be a bad thing because we're fast becoming a Derby County who bottle it every year. Neg away girls, we don't all wear blue and white tinted glasses.
  10. No prizes for finishing in 3rd, 4,5 or 6th position, ending the season in any of those places basically gets you into the semi final of a cup competition. Under Carlos we gave Hull a free pass to the premiership and last season against Huddersfield he did a better impression of Alan Irvine than what Irvine could have done himself. This season will end in tears and they won't be tears of joy.
  11. He'd still not found it in May
  12. I expect he'll play in the same position as Buckley, Mcmanaman or Mcgeady the previous season.
  13. Yep more square pegs for round holes.
  14. Needs a hair cut the foo king Gypo