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  1. Almost identical starting line ups sent out to play in two very different ways.
  2. Again i agree, we have no one else who can do what Hooper does but was there really a need to go so negative, we were playing Huddersfield not Barcelona, we battered Newcastle at St James park with almost an identical line up, Lee was injured and Palmer played instead of Hunt. What was wrong with FF on the left, Rhodes and Fletcther up front, why no Buckley or McManaman named on the bench, one needed to cover Wallace and bringing on Nuhiu is indefensible.
  3. A big miss but we had cover, Carlos chose not to use it.
  4. So why did he change is for the playoff games?
  5. We will have to sell at some stage to keep within FFP, a transfer embargo would be catastrophic. He's been part of a midfield that has not been strong enough for two seasons so if the price is right is could be benficial to him and the club.
  6. Another vastly overrated player that goes missing when it's time to step forward and lead the way. some of our supporters need to take a look at our better results and periods of good form, none our so called best players were on the park. FF, Lee and Hutch all out for lengthy spells yet form picks up, Hooper was a big miss as we have no like for like replacement.
  7. Not happy he's staying but so what, as seen these past 24hrs things like this are irrelevant in life. We'll still have a club with or without Carlos the poor people caught up in the events in Manchester will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives, Carlos staying or going doesn't matter in the slightest.
  8. You have far more bargaining power in contract negotiations if a host of others are queuing for your services.
  9. Loovens and Lee have also dropped plenty, Considering Sasso has been in and out of the side and often call upon at the last minute he's done well.
  10. lee

    Our midfield is our weak link and has been for two seasons, Lee, Bannan and Hutchinson have been first choice when fit, all put into the starting 11 despite the glaring inbalance this causes. All are solid championship players but it doesn't work playing all three together. Tough decisions are needed, if we could get a decent fee for Lee I'd take it unless he's prepared to move back to right back and unfortunately i'd be letting Hutchinson go too. Managers that are winners are ruthless and do what's right for the team, sentiment has no place otherwise you end up also rans. You now where the red button is, fire away.
  11. We've looked better with Sasso at the back instead of Loovens, he brings the ball forward much quicker and can find a man instead of aimless punts up field.
  12. It's exactly what Huddersfield have done this season.
  13. I don't think we need a total rebuild, we still need what we needed 12 months ago and that if very frustrating. We are very close. We know what it's all about to compete at the top end of this division but a big concern for me is that it's all becoming a bit cosy, we don't don't seem to like change, we try it, it seems to work but for some reason Carlos gets his comfort blanket out and reaches for last seasons players. We have to be more ruthless, a replacement for Loovens is an absolute necessity although Sasso has done a very solid job, midfield still needs someone (or two) who can get hold of the game and drive us on, this is the part that is going to cost and lastly a pacey winger. If we are shrewd like Brighton were last summer promotion is possible. In all fairness the playoffs are a great may to be promoted but if we're honest Reading deserve it having finished third overall bit i'm gutted it's not us facing them a week on Monday. We need to start learning because 12 months on from the Hull defeat we appear to have learn't nothing. Anyway get yer sens dusted down , enjoy the summer and be ready to go again in August, we down not out and we'll be ready for them dirty red and white b a stards. I'm off to put me toys back in the pram it's been a long week.
  14. What is the reasoning for playing FF,Hutch, & lee when without them we'd been on fire. There is absolutely no justification for it, none of the three were anywhere near fit enough yet CC saw fit to play them at such a crucial stage in the season. We went from battering Newcastle a few weeks previous to what was seen on Wednesday night because of the changes CC made, both tactical and personnel, the players aren’t to blame for missing penalties, supporters aren’t to blame for questioning the manager, the chairman isn’t to blame for his manager spending 20 million quid yet deciding Nuhiu is the man to save the season. There is one man to blame for us not heading to Wembley at the end of the month and he should hold is hands up and say he got it wrong, I don’t accept Huddersfield were the better team, we threw away a very good chance because CC didn’t have the b*LLocks to go for it.
  15. I'm all for change too but I've just heard something that makes me think he's staying, a certain pre season also adds to this theory.