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  1. Get someone from Barnsley to count how many players we have got on their fingers
  2. Honestly, Im surprised at Semedo going, wonder what effect that will have in the dressing room and such
  3. Really?His brothers called Timmy? I honestly thought you were taking the p*ss
  4. Newcastle have been given permission to talk to Tammy Abraham about a loan deal for next year
  5. Called up to the under 21s training camp ahead of the Euros. The 28 will be cut to the final 23 on the 6th June
  6. Ok so we know we are getting a new website, but some clubs have already upgraded to it, so heres what we will be getting, as when I went to look at the bolton site its the new one, so gives us an idea
  7. Already have in the other 4 topics
  8. Be fair, he got 31 pages out of it, its his best attempt yet
  9. Sky have reported it, so defo staying, which is good. 6th, then 4th, so progress is 2nd in keeping with the pattern
  10. Sky sports, which is marginally better than the Star or the Daily f*cking Mail
  11. 11:40 BREAKING NEWS We understand Hull head coach Marco Silva is in Portugal for talks with Porto. This is why no one believes the papers
  12. Joe Wildsmith, Cameron Dawson, Vincent Sasso, Jose Semedo, Darryl Lachman, Urby Emanuelson, Claude Dielna and Modou Sougou