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  1. See I prefer to be bought breakfast
  2. ok yes, 38. The things I do for you mate
  3. is this physical age or mental age because they are wildly different for me and it seems most of owlstalk oh and yes
  4. it's not good enough, you're getting sacked in the morning
  5. From everything Ive read and heard from journos and stuff, the deal is already agreed to be permanent in the summer, fee, contract etc etc all done already and signed. Loan was either to get it over the line before the deadline, or to help us with FFP, or a combination of both
  6. Hes posted worse to be fair Oh and No obviously
  7. Thats exactly what it was, it was a vid of him doing prank calls ffs
  8. you could have just said "people are c*nts" mate
  9. yeah it's still up, its on the latest video Att posted. Was going to comment but decided I didnt wanna start a troll war on his channel so for once took the mature option and just reported the comments
  10. Sad little c*mstains on the sofa of life. Probably the same f*cktards who abused Fessis wife. This is why I hate people
  11. oh god its like Deja Vu, or, I'm hallucinating again.....
  12. I have to vote for Hunt because Antonio said he was the best right back hes ever played with <.<
  13. To be fair even I'm not sure if I'm Neil or not anymore
  14. Park in our goal but you'd have to move it at half time