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  1. so you arent gonna ***** about no mcmanaman, or fessi not starting down the left? Honestly im glad this got its own thread
  2. F*CK THE BULLSH*T. LETS HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Everyone vote for Kim Olsen!
  5. awwww thanks
  6. wait, we have messi and neymar? If not, its not a squad of my dreams then
  7. Everyone out! Carlos out, DC out, players out, owlstalk out!
  8. cue Flyingowl in 3.....2........1.......
  9. Maybe Yaya Toure will show up for the cake?
  10. spunktrumpet
  11. whats actually bizarre is this post is on its 8th page
  12. can you get off owlstalk with your sense talking. You are ruining the site
  13. god can you imagine what owlstalk would have been like when we switched Warhurst from centre half to striker
  14. especially since both EA and Sky didnt have a picture of him until 2 weeks ago