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  1. could be as player coach with the emphasis on coach, plus how the hell else are we gonna sign Ronaldo........ Scroll up you lazy tw*t oh and 1-1
  2. wait why does something from HITC deserve a f*cking topic.............
  3. Thats just for John Terry
  4. 21:03 BREAKING NEWS Aston Villa have announced the signing of defender Chris Samba on a one-year deal. The 33-year-old was a free agent after leaving Greek side Panathinaikos in January, and has been training with Villa for the last few months. "It’s a big season as everyone knows and if I can play my part in making it successful, I will be very happy," he told the club website. Old slow centre backs FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you thank you, I owe this all to @Grimbarian, He is truly my an inspiration to us all, and my personal hero
  6. My wings are like a shield of steel!
  7. oh dont say that, the only reason Im doing the bloody twitter updates is coz the mrs is watching soaps and id rather hang myself than watch that crap
  8. you still celebrating last night goal mate?
  9. and you can get out as well. Come back in and start again