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  1. Nope, that's not one of Dr Xia's formulas, he doesn't have to worry about that. Ironic, that a system initially setup to preserve the financial health of football clubs and prevent ambitious owners from overextending themselves is now potentially doing more harm than good to some clubs. Parachute payments made the job of competing incredibly difficult, now add to that the ever increasing transfer fees, limited revenue streams and the unrealistic constraints of FFP and it's evident that the mechanism currently in place is broken and actually holding clubs like our own back, massively so. Either the allowed losses under FFP need to be increased, at which point you could argue its not worth having or there needs to be another mechanism for owners to inject funds through loans even if that means it has to be done through the EFL or another third party. Maybe even a second tier of FFP for clubs who have more financial muscle behind them? I applaud the fact that we're working tirelessly to stick to the current rules, it's proof that DC's stewardship is sound but it's frustrating being shackled like this and it will continue to deteriorate.
  2. If anyone's popping down the shop can they pick up some mega for this thread!!
  3. Your quite right of course, but it's much more satisfying to be judge and jury!!
  4. If you could get that avatar to mouth the words "sh*t anyway" I think you'd have the perfect setup!
  5. It can only be that because there is roger all merit to the argument that not playing at all is better for your international chances!! Lucky escape.
  6. Yep, because sitting on the bench (if your lucky) for your Prem club is way better for your international career than playing every game for a top Championship side....if true what's wrong with these players.
  7. Thats how I'd see him and given how much Lee was missed in his absence it would make sense.
  8. How long before someone on here rights him off on the basis that he's ginger.
  9. About 15 seconds ago when I opened this thread?
  10. Surely we'll just download the patch and select the "No hard Brexit" option.
  11. Never let me down on FM17.
  12. Its all too easy to hear a name that's linked to us and instinctively react based on the little (being honest) we really now about that individual. This is a prime example of that, scratch just below the surface and you reveal some compelling stats. I think your last point is really pertinent and again something we tend to forget and that's who has the individual been playing with. Partnerships are important on the pitch, arguably none more so than at CB where the guy your playing next to can have almost as much influence over your game as you do, certainly they can make you look good, bad or indifferent. For example, I'd say Lees is a player I wasn't massively excited about when we signed him but his partnership with Loovens improved him, in fact collectively, they both improve. A slightly different example is Lee, a really good player that seems to elevate his performances as the squad improves around him, not every player can achieve that and it's why he's one of the few players we have who could step up to the Prem. I rattled on a bit I know....
  13. I've just watched his YouTube highlights, there may be trouble ahead.
  14. Feeling a little flat and frustrated like the majority of fans at the moment. Slagging a potential signing and writing off our season aren't exceptable reactions for me, ever.