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  1. Deserves to see the season out for me, take stock in the Summer if we don't finish in the top 6. If DC has done his football homework he should already have his succession planning in place regardless of how the head coach is performing.
  2. He was an inspiration as a player but, I'd always be in favour of a Coach/Manager that is mentally stable (just my preference....) Pearson doesn't fit that bill. Also, I'm not a fan of nepotism.....
  3. Life lesson for you, always put your kids first.....
  4. Pull your pants up!!
  5. Do you not see the irony in the stuff your posting.....You want the players to show commitment, determination and to be winners and yet you throw the towel in yourself after a few minutes and your only sat listening to it, think about that.
  6. I guess one positive is your probably at home on here and not in the crowd booing? Football a game of 90 minutes duration against an opponent that is trying to beat you.
  7. I hear you, @Athelwulf explained the difference very well in his post above. Hopefully we'll find the recipe for success.
  8. I wouldn't disagree, I just didn't agree with either the list of individuals put forward by the OP or the reasoning, if thats the right word. Bannan would be a better example, last season CC built him up from nothing to become arguably one of our best players, then proceeded to destroy him by continuously playing him out of position. Only in recent months have we seen him looking anything like last season. Without a doubt we have a few players who need to hold their hands up and take responsibility for not meeting the required level of performance and consistency this season. Additionally, as others have alluded to in their replies, CC's tactics have at times meant the performances of some individuals have been negatively effected, he needs to own that, that said I'm sure his response would be that we are still in 6th place in a much stronger league than last season. In general, there needs to be an acceptance that all players drift in and out of form, some are more consistent than others but no club in world can boast all it's players playing at the top of their game. As I've said elsewhere, in this league you can hope to finish in the top 2 and expect to finish in the top 6, expectations beyond that are not realistic for any team in the Championship, regardless of what you've spent or who your coach is. Ultimately, we should be and need to be doing better, not everything can be laid squarely at the feet of CC though, to say he hasn't got the best out of players that are injured, were signed as cover, have showed an unwillingness to wear the shirt or even players that have only been at the club a couple of months is nonsense.
  9. Such a tenuous list that doesn't really relate to your post heading. McGeady came to us with no game time and subsequently zero form, it just didn't happen for him at S6 no mystery. Maybe at this stage in his career he's happier being a bigger fish in a smaller pond, who knows.... Joao I think most of us would agree that he was responsible for his own dip in form, he started well then seemed to believe his own press and lost his way, in the end he just needed a goal but we just couldn't wait for him to score it. I'm happy he's getting game time, the loan was right for both him and us. Lewis McGugan wouldn't get in our team even if CC was prepared to pick him, we've not been privy to the discussions between CC and LM but if the former refuses to pick him because he believes his attitude is wrong then I'm going to back up the coach because LM has form. Urby Emanuelson (International Player.......of yesteryear) Signed as cover and he's been injured for most of his time here, making him sound like a current international is silly. Almen Abdi also injured, hence his lack of game time. Rhodes and Winnall no issue with them, no idea why you'd add them to this list. McMannaman, CC has already stated that he's been incredibly unlucky not to have featured more, he's done well when he's played so again no idea why you'd add him to a list that is supposedly players CC isn't getting the best out of....
  10. For me it feel's wrong to even consider anyone else at the moment, I find the talk of replacing him to be disrespectful given our current position and his record, not to mention the fact that it undermines our chances. In this league you can hope to be in the top two and expect to be in the top six IMO. There are no guarantees whoever you are. Finish the season outside of the top six then I think we need to look at who's available and carefully consider our options.
  11. There are no easy games in this league, some of us would do well to accept that fact. Once you acknowledge that it doesn't result in devastating overreactions when a team fighting for their lives actually does just that in a game against us.
  12. Try this Utah, I've been using in NZ works a treat for sky, BBC, C4 etc
  13. and it's goodnight from McClaren....... Derby, genuine underachievers.
  14. I didn't see the bit about fighting them on the beaches???? I want to fight them on the beaches so we can vent!!!