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  1. Although devastating I can take the loss, like @holmeowl said it was the manner of the defeat, i was certain we'd throw everything at them in the home leg......but no.
  2. I've not really seen to much disproportionate moaning to be fair, mostly people getting the frustration of their chest and moving on, more than reasonable under the circumstances. We're progressing as your post illustrates and I'm sure we will again next year, we need to follow the example of Brighton and I'm certain we'll get there.
  3. I'm not going to bash CC, he'll be hurting as much as anyone else right now. If he decides to stay he'll have 100% of my support. Alternately if he decides enough is enough I'm excited about the next chapter of our progression. No doubt that our club is an attractive proposition to managers throughout the game. For me, we lost this in the first leg, the result was good but we showed them way too much respect, they should have feared us, instead we were the ones looking afraid, that only served to fuel their belief and they carried that in to tonight. They should have been dreading a visit to S6, that's a given.
  4. Tommy Smith, complete wee wee tail....
  5. @Blue and white I've only just noticed they are showing the game on Sky Sports Pop up here in NZ, just checking you know!!
  6. Honestly, let the pundits talk about everyone else, we don't care, let's do our talking on the field and have the final word.
  7. I remember my old man moaning about how biased these twats were 35 years ago, Calendar, Look North they were all the same. It's scandalous how they've failed to impartially represent the region for so long. That said it makes what's just happened so much sweeter, f**k em.
  8. Despite feeling confident I'll word this cautiously to appease my superstitious side.... Perversely, what many of us considered to be a tougher league to get out of than last season could arguably look a little easier via the playoffs. As as I see it we have nothing to fear from any of the potential playoff contenders and I'll take them in any order. Last season you always felt that Hull with their squad and experience might just have the edge on us. This year, we have the squad and the experience, we need to channel the hurt and frustration of last seasons final and with that little bit of good fortune that all teams need we can fulfil our destiny!! UTO
  9. Nothing worse than when you think you've got a witty response to a post only to find you've been beaten to it hands down! Edit: and by several people it would seem.
  10. Mmmmm, I thought the bit where I said "It's in our hands, let's do this" was positive..... Whilst historical results do not determine the outcome of the next game they do provide context, it's going to be tough but we are more than capable.
  11. 2005 since we last beat Derby at S6, with only two wins out of the last 29 meetings we will need to be at our very best to take 3 points. It's in our hands, let's do this!
  12. Just emphasises how tight the margins are in this league.
  13. Was hopeful that Norwich would take 2 points off Fulham overnight so that was disappointing to wake up to. I'm sure CC will have the boys focused on what's ahead of us rather than behind though. The dream scenario is that Leeds falter and fall behind ourselves and Fulham so come on Toon, batter em.
  14. Totally agree with the second sentence. I'd back us against any team that turns up with the intention of attacking us and playing a more open game. What's more of a concern is the playoff games, should we make it. They will be cagey affairs and we've struggled against teams that look to frustrate us, that said anything can happen with a bit of luck.
  15. Me too, it's easy round here.