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  1. In the spring I was in the Carlos out camp. I wanted a change in the international break, and I thought if we kept him we'd finish 8th. Then Hooper came back and Carlos formulated a style of play which was defensive and allowed us to score at the same time. We'd have got to the final had Hooper not succumbed to injury. Carlos will always cover up until the defence changes. It's not good enough to go on all-out attack, at least not if points matter. My view is that if we get what we need in this window then we should judge him after that.
  2. These 10 are leaving today, you choose

    I don't know. When you pot a ball, you have to think where the cue ball is going to go. When you sell weapons abroad, you either sell to an ally or a country you think you can beat. The snag with selling FF or Rhodes, for example, is that the only clubs who can afford them are our rivals, and they'd both be on fire for their new clubs. Doubtless they'd play a key role in defeating us in the play-offs, followed by bitter recriminations by the fans. HirstWhoScoredIt's right. You don't sell players like those two, you sack the manager and bring one in who can make them play.
  3. An Owl who has actually been tonight

    For all the (good) analyses, I just don't think they're bothered about the cup competitions. Unless they get an Arsenal or a Newcastle, that is. It's as simple as that. Apart from those two games two seasons ago, when have Wednesday really performed in the cups? Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't think of any games.
  4. Just got back

    I just don't think they're bothered about this cup. OK, if it's Harsenal and Newcastle, yes. But otherwise, no. They've failed too many times for it to be a coincidence.
  5. Well Done Jordan Rhodes

    Three seasons ago both 'Boro and Derby fans said that he's the one they were scared of. They said that he "tore them a new one". It's not surprising that Rhodes plays well alongside him. It's a partnership worth considering if it brings out the best in Rhodes.
  6. Well Done Jordan Rhodes

    Stout fellow.
  7. Well Done Jordan Rhodes

    Get Big Dave back. If Hooper and Fletcher can be considered a pair, then so can Dave and Jordão.
  8. Well Done Jordan Rhodes

    Little Willy won't, for goodness sake. He's a good third-tier striker. How many people wanted to sign him last season? Strikers are at a premium. If he'd have been rated as a good Championship striker he'd have been gone.
  9. Well Done Jordan Rhodes

    Aye, it worked with Gestede, not with tiddlers.
  10. Well Done Jordan Rhodes

    Rhodes will always score at this level. If he doesn't for us it's because of us.
  11. Just got back

    It just isn't important to the club. This cup, I mean. It's the same every year.
  12. Just got back

    And yet he played 30 games in the Prem, and well by all accounts.
  13. Carlos Tonight

    We've gone out to lowlier opposition than Bolton since Carlos has been manager. We put it about against Arsenal (because it's Arsenal), but apart from that we've never done anything in the cups.
  14. Apart from Harsenal, we've never done much in the cups under CC.