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  1. The London Pub in Vancouver with a select gathering of Vancouver Owls and some Geordies on the other side of the pub. Was nice to finally have a lunchtime (for us) game on TV. Made my Christmas
  2. This event now moved to London Pub 700 Main St Vancouver See you there
  3. I'll be there (but you knew that anyway). Will try to get my son to come too.
  4. That game at Highbury was the day I emigrated to Canada (Vancouver) - I remember listening to the score in departure lounge at Heathrow and thinking to myself it's a bloody good day to be leaving the country.
  5. I like the hooped socks
  6. Sounds a bit too much like Aussie Rules to me
  7. Thursday 11am local time. Vancouver
  8. There's this on twitter https://twitter.com/owls_ottawa/status/734748156886417408 But maybe that's him?
  9. 4,706 miles each way for me. (Vancouver)
  10. Very familiar feel, my only MINOR improvement would be to have "1867" on there too.