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  1. I must add to my previous post by the way,I love Westy,good keeper ,never lets a mistake upset him and the defence trust him,and a rare thing in this day and age plays with a smile on his face.Unless Ron is suddenly coming back I'll stick O'Neils favourite goalie,not.
  2. A bit worried to say this on here as it shows my age,but Ron Springett was a bit special,England keeper when we had the best in the world by miles.No sugar frostie saves for the camera,he just held on to the ball. Love the old films where he bounce it around the box before smashing it up the pitch,don't think Pep would have signed him.
  3. Nothing would give me more pleasure than see Carlos to get us into the big time,the man is class,but there are a lot of clubs going to be in with a shout this time.Looking forward to a very interesting season.
  4. Off to a flyer there with your reps Garry,keep it up.
  5. Ah ,now we are getting somewhere,you've now gone from 'Every pundit',to 'most pundits'.Which one is it?.
  6. Just remind me,didn't every pundit back Fulhalona to walk the playoffs?,sort of pees on your theory about pundits,use them when it suits your point ,but ignore them when it doesn't. Give us your own thoughts not some other bums.
  7. Turn the record over pal ,we read it the first time.
  8. Mr Chansiri has made his decision,ok by me.Everything done early which gives us an advantage as others don't even have managers.It's going to be a tough old season but a lot of teams will think they have a chance, so enjoy the ride and good luck Carlos.
  9. Must be a bit dangerous cutting a moose head.
  10. Wish I'd of thought of that S36,made me laugh.
  11. Back again muppet,keep trying.
  12. Alcohol is bad for you.
  13. Well guys,I got the loan of a box at the Boro this season because they were all peed off with the style of footie and didn't want to go,says enough.Keep Carlos.
  14. Well Mr OP,with a wonderful total of admirers,I can tell you,nobody up here is laughing at all,they are all so disappointed with how it has panned out. They are more unhappy with the way they have played,and the money wasted on some pretty ordinary players. I suggest before you post about another club,you do a bit of homework,when you have finished your revision first though.
  15. I'm with you S36,we were going nowhere for years,Mr Mandric and Stu Gray steadied the ship,Mr Chansiri and Carlos have put us on the front foot,the Drama queens on here obviously haven't been around that long . Because what we have now is fantastic compared to what we have had for the last 20 years. I'm not brainwashed ,I don't agree with everything the Owner and Carlos do,but I respect what there aim is and I'm looking forward to next season which is probably going to be as tough as it get in the championship.