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  1. Boyd

    Saw a lot of him in the Portugal tour,not what I thought he was about from seeing him before,really puts a shift in ,and great touch and vision,going to be a big asset.
  2. Carlos haters

    Made a big effort to get it in one.Loved the pic Mrbs, class.
  3. Carlos haters

    Post of over 5 lines should not be allowed on 0T,just ends in a load of b......s.See above.
  4. Give pudil some credit

    Woo,shock horror,Czech international good enough to play for Sheffield Wednesday,whatever next?.
  5. tonights fans forum

    Like I said football fans are funny creatures,another expert appears.
  6. tonights fans forum

    Football fans are funny creatures,watch arsenal V Foxes and thought it was great stuff,then the Arsenal fans were on the wireless whinging how crap they were and the boss should be sacked. Most fans in the country are probably thinking ,I wish we were that crap. We are going in the right direction ,but it may take a bit longer than some plonkers on here think.
  7. More against Carlos than for?

    Are you the spokesman for all fans then?,did your poll that you took make it overwhelming that's fans want him out,show me the results.
  8. SWFC Championship champions 2017/18

    Come on ,this is the forum of doom,no place for good vibes,it's not allowed.What about the odds for relegation.
  9. Actually the pitches were fine,problem was they watered them before the game and at half time to slick them up, but it was so hot they dried out very quickly make shifting the ball around at pace impossible. Good work out for the boys,impressed with George Boyd ,big lad who gets around the park should keep Ross Wallace on his toes,funny watching Ross as any sort of incident that caused a bit of bother, he was involved in,he just can't help it even in friendlies .
  10. Quality of pre-season opposition.

    I've just got back from Portugal and believe me it was a tough test,3 hard games and a lot of training in the days between,I'm absolutely knackered,but now ready for the season.
  11. Portugal roll call

    Early morning ...../ Bradford for us.
  12. Portugal roll call

    Had to fiddle around with work so can't make it until Tuesday,going to treat the boy to football abroad after passing his exams at Uni,will need a bit of info where and to go to meet fellow Owls as the game is the next night. We are right in the centre of Albuferiea,so handy for the boozers. Hope there are some younger folk around, as he thinks I'm clubbing with him,little does he know I'll be home having my Horlicks when he's getting fired up. Looking forward to meeting some fellow Owls.
  13. Portugal roll call

    Hoping to give the boy a surprise trip after passing his exams at Uni,any tips never been to Portugal.How far is the ground from the town,looks a few miles on the local map .Is Albufeira the best place to stay as I've had some places recommended but they look a bit out of town.Cheers in advance for any info.
  14. Keepers

    I must add to my previous post by the way,I love Westy,good keeper ,never lets a mistake upset him and the defence trust him,and a rare thing in this day and age plays with a smile on his face.Unless Ron is suddenly coming back I'll stick O'Neils favourite goalie,not.