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  1. Looked good last pre season shame about his injuries again.
  2. Michael Kightly has been released from Burnley...
  3. Yep we've got the players to hurt the opposition so let's not be over cautious of them & let them worry about us.
  4. Yep me too
  5. Hope it's not Pardew can't stand him
  6. Hope he isn't
  7. Restricted view on kop didn't go on sale... They never do nowadays.... SAG
  8. Only looked briefly but Jan Kirckoff stands out... if correct. Tall, strong & can play if that's what we want in midfield. Would be an improvement imo but he seems to be injury prone.
  9. The news we've all been waiting for....This year's play off the shirts are now in store!
  10. yep that Smith was there for every foul.
  11. Let's get it rocking people, come on!
  12. Richard Hinds
  13. My thoughts too haha
  14. Thanks for bringing this up OP. Was wondering myself