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  1. Yeah not seen Lee or Loovens all pre season. Not even in the training photos & videos. Perhaps given an extended break or more likely doing gym work, wouldnt have thought they'd miss the trip to Portugal.
  2. It will have some blue & white on it...
  3. FF

    He's off to Real Madrid
  4. Yes it's Deon Moore from Peterborough
  5. And so they should
  6. Transfer Centre Live @TransferCentreL·2m Birmingham City and Sheffield Wednesday are both interested in signing Derby County defender Richard Keogh.
  7. Why don't we just buy out the Scottish FA ...
  8. Dunt know left from reyt typical
  9. They payed more than that... £8m??
  10. Lees wins most things in the air...
  11. Wouldn't be surprising with the money involved now.
  12. Conga conga conga Zungu zungu zungu
  13. Zungu zungu zungu zungu