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  1. Hope restricted view on kop come on sale
  2. Semedo stares enviously...
  3. So are we if we beat Ipswich
  4. Glenn: 2-0 Burton Bazza: How many?
  5. Should get the restricted view tickets on kop on sale, if allowed
  6. Nothing. He was very very good for us.
  7. She then then went on to reveal block DD
  8. Andy Giddings: #swfc boss CC says Kieran Lee is fit again and will be in the 18 tomorrow.
  9. Or listen to his favourite tune "You can't catch a slow boat to Bolivia"
  10. Av heard its off
  11. Think he likes to do his shop at Iceland
  12. Depends if he likes playing in winter when it gets a bit Chile
  13. Burkino Faso "ian"