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  1. Again, this whole argument of "The individual players are good signings"... no-one's saying they're not. I can't think of a single 'bad' player we signed last season... the issue is that they don't complement each other. Abdi plays best as part of a midfield 3, Reach as a midfield 4, McManaman and Buckley as wide in a front 3, all our strikers as part of a front 2. It was as if there was no formation in mind and instead a "This player is great, let's get them in" mentality. Had Buckley and McManaman been fit, we still would have barely seen them because they're not the sort of players that can play in a 4-4-2. And all this is ignoring the Emmanuelson farce or the fact that we still didn't sign pace (that we could consistently play). We signed great players, but this summer we need to sign players that can do exactly what we need them to do. We also need to sign a midfielder that has a history of getting assists, because (and I know it's a fairly simplified argument but it still stands to some scrutiny) if you look at the number of assists our midfielders have got over their careers, they're largely on the low side for what should be some of our more creative players. We need to look to be positive in all regards, I really like the bloke but I honestly think Carlos is a little lucky to be given the faith he has been when many chairmen would let go a manager that assembled such an expensive squad and put in so many average performances last season. Positivity in transfer market, positivity on the pitch with a sensible but attacking approach is needed
  2. This is only good news providing the same recruitment mistakes of last season are not repeated. In terms of Carlos staying, I'm delighted we have his character, I'm tentative but optimistic regarding his tactics, I am horrified in regards to potential recruitment. Whoever was in charge last season needs to be sacked from that job... if it was Carlos then I'd keep him as well away as possible, if not I'd look to try and get him involved. One thing's for certain, we simply cannot have the same atrocious transfers we had last season. We need to be a lot smarter with our money I really hope this pays off
  3. OK, and as evidence of the particular characteristic that he scores from range, you provide me with: -A missed free kick -A free kick from 20 yards out -The same free kick -A goal from inside the area -Another free kick, this time from about 25 yards So I guess 2/5 ain't bad. Would also have certainly shown me to be wrong if I hadn't already said I thought he was good at free kicks on the page 3, so really all you're doing is providing extremely limited evidence for something I've already said. "I was commenting on your belief that 4 years was half a decade": Close, except I didn't say that "Four goals in four years in his career prior to joining us Once again, if he has a reputation for it, he hasn't done it consistently for half a decade" So you take the 4 seasons I was talking about before he joined us, and then you take this season too. 4 + 1 = 5. There's no arrogance here... show me I'm wrong and I'll gladly admit it. All you've done is agree with me and misread what I've said to try and trip me up.
  4. 5 league goals since the 2009/2010 season, that's 227 appearances: Wiki says 6 in 214:,_born_1984) Whoscored reckons 4 in 215: So again I ask you... where is your evidence that at any point during the last 7 seasons he has a reputation from scoring from range? Or should I just ignore you and your use of alternative facts?
  5. Four goals in four years in his career prior to joining us Once again, if he has a reputation for it, he hasn't done it consistently for half a decade.
  6. His second best ever season in his career and you're complaining? Clearly you expect too much from him
  7. I thought this too, but it seems he's certainly not had the best of luck with at least direct free kicks for a bit. That said, our whole squad has been a bit poor at direct set-plays since Carlos took over... Only that Forestieri free kick this season off the top of my head?
  8. Can you please explain to me how a player that has scored 4 goals in the last 4 season has a reputation for scoring with long-ranged efforts?
  9. I stand extraordinarily corrected then They're all doing their jobs very well clearly
  10. I think if this season has taught us anything, it's that whoever is in charge of our transfers shouldn't be so Personally, I think we could do with someone who has an eye for a player heavily involved in bringing players in. If that means having that person as DoF as part of a long-term strategy, then so be it. Look at Brentford, no DoF but they have a very clear brand and strategy that was dictated by the chairman and his insistence on statistical-based recruitment... Yet again they've massively over performed on a shoestring budget. So get so, so much bang for your buck with that recruitment technique, it's all about making it work and establishing that structure.
  11. I honestly can't see him coming good That's not me saying he isn't a good player, but I don't think he has the required attributes to succeed in a midfield 2. I really hope next season I can stand corrected. For a 30 year old to miss an entire season of football is very difficult to bounce back from physically
  12. Sorry mate, got to disagree with you on this one myself! I appreciate this is only one sample, but I'm going to stick my neck out and go with it: Below are three heatmaps, one each of Bannan, Lee and Hourihane. The Lee and Bannan heatmaps are from the same game (both played 90 minutes), the Hourihane heatmap is from a seperate Barnsley game... however the final score in both of these games was the same. Both are taken from home games for both teams. If what you say is true, then you should be able to distinguish the Bannan heatmap, because Kieran Lee's and Hourihane's will look relatively similar. Just a friendly challenge, let's see if you can match the player to the heatmap I don't think you can do it, because Hourihane is more similar to Bannan than Lee Heatmap One: Heatmap Two: Heatmap Three: Some extra info from these games that may (or may not) help you: Hourihane: Shots 2, Passing 83%, Tackles 5, Interceptions 2 Bannan: Shots 2, Passing 86%, Tackles 0, Interceptions 1 Lee: Shots 2, Passing 74%, Tackles 3, Interceptions 2
  13. You're quite right, sorry I'm only on my phone and drinking copious amounts... 2x more tackles per game
  14. He's better than Bannan... Scored and assisted more in half a season than Baz has in two years. Also puts in about 4x as many tackles as Barry per game and has about 6 inches on him (oo-er). I know who I'd rather have
  15. I'll have to confirm when I'm back home, but I know for a fact that before the final 8 games of the season, we actually had been doing better with Sasso in the squad than when Loovens was in it. Maybe the final good run changed that fact, as I say I'll let y'all know when I have the time!