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  1. I mean, it's not really too much different from rich kids shipping their kids off to a foreign boarding school really is it? (Happens more than you'd think amongst the super-rich). Of course, difference being is he's doing this for footballing reasons rather than an educational one. He'll still get a decent enough academic education I'd have thought (without being too presumptuous, probably better than a Bulgarian education), he gets two years in a foreign country surrounded by a different culture, and he gets hopefully an excellent footballing development. Plus you'd imagine enough money is involved that he'll be able to afford to fly back home regularly enough to visit family and friends. I get that it can seem pretty sketchy to be getting what is still a child, relocating him by a couple of thousand miles on what is essentially a gamble on his ability, but it's not like we're stealing him away in the night. It's a great opportunity for all involved... the absolute worst case scenario is that he doesn't overly enjoy the next couple of years, spends a third of the year back in his hometown when he has the time to do so and heads back to Bulgaria when his contract ends with the added gifts of wisdom, experience and a foreign language skill.
  2. Isn't the whole point of this thread so people who want to put "rumour is" and "we should sign X" can put it in here and not clog up Owlstalk, so then the other threads dedicated to actual substantial rumours and discussion can be seen in Matchday pretty easily? I always consider Matchday as a whole to be the official summer transfer megathread this time of year, with the 'official transfer megathread' simply being the 'dungheap of whispers and rumours'. That's why I spend most of the time in the megthread anyways... love a good dungheap me
  3. Ken Ryder isn't it?
  4. Not necessarily... if I were in Westwood's position, I'd happily wait a couple of weeks to see what happens. Could be if one club makes a bid, it triggers others to match it, and then he has a choice of contracts to choose from. Take into account wages, bonuses, potential playing time and then make my decision from there. No need to go for the first club, he has plenty of time and clout to choose where he can go if multiple bids come in Of course, all that is on the assumption that any of this is true or accurate in the first place
  5. Because that's now how a release clause works If it exists and it's the figure suggested, we have to accept any £3 million bid. Why would West Ham come in at £5 million when they can bid £3 million, same as Boro, and get their offer accepted just the same as Boro did?
  6. Didn't we have all this last pre-season with a lot of chatter about him having a low buyout clause, and in the end he didn't go anywhere?
  7. I'm starting to get flashbacks to last summer... we seem to be slow out the blocks don't we?
  8. In team of the year for the Turkish Premier League having played nearly every game this season for the Champions of that league and 10 full European appearances Why on Earth would he want to drop to the Championship? I'll trust the multiple websites saying he's going to Lyon over some random twitter account with 2k followers... just can't see how coming to us would be anything other than a backwards move
  9. Kev? Talking rounduns in the transfer thread? Well I never
  10. This is the argument in a nutshell No-one's debating the fact that the pegs we got were of excellent build quality... the problem is they didn't really fit what we were after.
  11. That's not how it works... do you think if you throw a 16 year old into the Premier League for 4 years he'd develop into a better player than a 16 year old thrown into League 2 for 4 years? It's all about playing at the right level, not the highest... years of being outpaced, being kicked pillar to post and having to deal with a physical level above what he's capable of and you can ruin a player for life. Yes, you'll develop faster playing in a better environment, but in this instance 'better' doesn't necessarily mean 'higher in the league system'. If he's not good enough for the Championship, if he isn't able to reasonably adjust to its physical and mental demands, then he is better off lower down the pyramid. You can't rush it. It's not a case of "use it now or lose it forever"... why can't we utilise it in a year or so? ie... when it's ready. If Hirst can make the step up in the next 6 months then great, but by all accounts, including my own relatively shallow knowledge, he's not yet at a stage where he realistically could do so
  12. Adam Reach? 41 games having signed at the back end of August Oh wait, do you mean a good winger?
  13. You're not wrong Holmowl... but ffs I swear you literally make two threads a week about this very 4-4-2 Forestieri on the left topic... GO OUTSIDE
  14. You're welcome!
  15. 2/10, must try harder