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  1. Boyd

    Offensively he looked naff apart from little quick 10 yard passes Defensively one of the best performances I've seen from a winger/wide midfielder. As has been said, needed with that Sessegnon on that side. Definitely a Carlos player and a Carlos performance, but did what was needed
  2. Winnall to Leeds

    Eh? He just said the rules state that you can't play for more than 3 clubs in 12 months. In the case of Winnall: Barnsley + Us + Other = 3 3 is not >3
  3. Winnall to Leeds

    Is this possibility based in reality or has it all come from your own head?
  4. Fulham had fergie time

    The ref was very favourable to us today...
  5. Bannan

    He's not looking for the Hollywood ball every time and is distributing the ball much quicker, which makes him a much better player. His skills are a low centre of gravity so a quick turn of pace, and his passing and passing awareness.... he's finally back to using both and being quicker in thought too and it means the ball is moving sharper
  6. Aye, which is why I said 'many' and it's more what the fanbase thought rather than a necessity Personally I wasn't too fussed about getting a CB in until this season, but I always thought it would be best to get it done in May/June so they have a full preseason with Lees. Loovens, while class, has legs that won't last forever.
  7. As has been said, it's all self-inflicted Expectations have been created. We've finished top 6 two seasons running, and while much of last season was full of dross footie, we still got the results to warrant a 4th placed finish. So -We've created an environment that expects results -We were told we'd get signings early -We've supposed to have been after two CBs for months, with many of the fanbase saying we've needed another CB for a year -We continue to sign players fitting a certain profile that while solid, many of the fanbase believe we need to sign a few of a different profile to add variation -We were promised exciting attacking football from day 1 of CC's reign A failure to deliver on all the above points (bar the CB signing finally getting in the door this week), and pressure starts to build. People are tired of seeing what they perceive as the same mistakes being made week after week
  8. Yes, it's one of "those" threads, where the title is a little ambiguous and you know the content is going to be moan moan moan However, I'm going to keep the tone as diplomatic as possible -We're all in agreement that things are a bit stale on the pitch at the moment... performances have been poor for a while despite the play-off place last year -We're all in agreement that we have fantastic strength in depth, some of the best in the league. Some would say the squad is even bloated. But regardless, lots of players -By my count, we have 9 players in our current squad that weren't here for the play-off final just over a year ago 7 of our starting XI from the miserable Huddersfield play-off home game started last night. You can also assume that if two of Lee, Loovens and Hutch had been fit they'd have been playing. That would be 9 of the starting 11 would have been from that awful performance. Going back further (making the same assumptions that two of Lee, Loovens and Hutch would have started last night if fit), our starting XI last night would have shared 9 of the starting individuals from the play-off final fixture against Hull. My point being is... if we're all in agreement we've gone a bit stagnant, and we're all in agreement that we have great strength in depth, and we've recruited a lot of players in the last 14 months or so... why do we persist with the same starting XI week after week after week? I know this thread is following a similar tone and trend to others have been made, but when you lay it out like that, it's mind-boggling really that we've signed so many players and yet we haven't improved. The truth is, we haven't progressed from two seasons ago, while the rest of the league has.
  9. DC please act

    I'd quite like to see his rendition of Othello
  10. I've been thinking for the last 6 months that that may well end up being a necessity. Haven't wanted to voice it, partly because I wouldn't want to admit it and partly because I'd be seen as overly negative, but I suspect that may end up being what happens. IMO I think we need to prepare for another 3/4 seasons of top 8 Championship footie rather than an imminent promotion, but we'll see eh?
  11. Fulham have an attacking threat that we can only dream of Which is weird, because our strikeforce us something the rest of the league must envy Still, that's what happens when you spend all your money on expensive guns and nothing on ammunition. Fulham seem to have spent a lot on ammunition. Bloody quick and dynamic ammunition at that. Tipped with acid.
  12. Liam bridcutt

  13. Surely your response to such an enquiry would be Still, he must be good... we go through 200 names before making our minds up on a signing don't ya know...
  14. Forestieri Transfer Value

    Then we're pretty much in agreement Honestly it wasn't a sarcastic point mate, the truth is is that it can be considered a complex issue with a complex solution, an alternative viewpoint is that more players on the pitch at one time that historically score goals results in the team as a whole scoring more goals. Personally I ascribe to the latter point of view... If you have attacking players that have historically scored and assisted lots of goals, chances are your team are going to score more. But at the same time, I can totally see why an argument of greater complexity than that could be made to the whole thing