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  1. The decision will not be over turned, if it was Blackburn would have a case to sue for compo
  2. I'll have adult one off you
  3. Done 39%
  4. Stop stop right now with the negativity. Its good to be real yes. unlike the pigs with the need to be recognized and the 10 day celebration for winning the 3rd division. If we don't quite make it this season I'm sure it will be next season or the season after. We are contenders now! building from the foundations getting bigger and stronger each day. Sit back and enjoy the ride of being a Sheffield Wednesday fan. We will do it this season though.
  5. Just before second half whilst turner was aving a pie.
  6. Two words SAG
  7. Well done wednesday yeahhhhhh!! He was horrible today, so negative said Ipswich was the better team. Boring match. Wednesday can't he into playoffs like this. Liked how turner put him in his place and told it how it was.
  8. Come on lads n lasses cheer them on too a win. Hope its a good day. I'm working at 3 pm but I'll be in the car listening I'm sure COME ON WEDNESDAY
  9. Seriously why is this ched getting all this coverage ?
  10. Really don't give 2 hoots about chav Evans he may score against the likes of Barnsley, but you have to laugh lining up there strike force against ours
  11. Well done ace stuff
  12. How about that Mr keys? WE' RE ON OUR WAY UTO
  13. All the best pal, let's get this win for you.