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  1. Well done ace stuff
  2. How about that Mr keys? WE' RE ON OUR WAY UTO
  3. All the best pal, let's get this win for you.
  4. Wallace looks like he's working door for Phoenix
  5. Looking forward to hutch and Lee back to full fitness Westwood Hunt Lees Sasso Pudil/Fox Wallace Lee Hutch Forestieri Hooper Rhodes
  6. Agree but I would prefer to play dirt bags in playoffs
  7. Yeah well-done Wednesday callers Carlos had a DREAM
  8. Good job its not pigs players donating 90 mins wage. They'd only get a table n chair well done wednesday
  9. Philip is not going to want to go back to the stain
  10. That is unbelievable its getting to be a joke now. We should all abandone listening too it let them have a mucky lovin themselves
  11. Can't listen to dross and bullshit
  12. Good call mick praising Wednesday he got cut off premature though. And no agreement from presenter that we played well just a well sufc very may well beat u twice devo pig he is.
  13. Angry mad that caller decent points though
  14. Wasn't good that call. Have too agree its all hear say at the moment. Although there will be a lot calling for change if we lose or even draw