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  1. Just got back

    Can't disagree with much of that. Much too lethargic until the changes and a lot of that was down to Forestierri and Abdi, both shocking. Lees awful distribution, backing off all the time and this made their build up play for the pen painfully easy. Wildsnith is awful, Dawson as I've said previously is a much better all round keeper. 3 subs all did well, aside from Nuhiu miss, and helped change the game. However the stupid tackle from Bannan killed off our hopes. Carlos should be retaining some restraint too but well within his rights to tell the steward to get fcked. Finally, I've made my opinion clear on Rhodes before but nice to see him get a couple even if his first was a little fortunate. I maintain my opinion though that his all round play isn't good enough and his involvement at the expense of others would be at the detriment to our team. I do now think he's a better option that Winnall though who's first touch tonight was abysmal
  2. Frederico

    They have been, he's messed up one or two of them too
  3. Frederico

    Itll be his place at risk based on that first 45 minutes. How hard is it to pass a fckin football?
  4. Every fackin post from a whinger is ultimately asking what will happen or where will we finish. FFS just wait and see, it's boring as f*ck
  5. I base my opinion on what I see not old stats, now jog on
  6. They can't stand being wrong that's all, it's the same with Carlos. It won't be long until we're in the play off mix but still they'll spout boll0ks like 'taken us as far as he can' Some right n0bheads in our fan base
  7. I thought about it long and hard and conclude that to get the best out of him, whilst considering what's best for the team, is not to play him. Hope that helps
  8. Jones - the enigma

    Thank god some of you lot don't manage us
  9. Jones - the enigma

    Hahahahaha, apparently he's blinded by 'nice goals' yet you've increased your rating by 2 on the basis of said 'nice goal'
  10. MoM player ratings etc

    It looks very close there, Bannan hasn't actually struck the ball yet and he's walking up so I don't think we can have too many complaints. Had we not won I might be saying something different :)
  11. MoM player ratings etc

    He was offside, just
  12. Fletcher

    Changes were spot on yesterday, FF to u settle them with their energy and with Nuhiu the ball stuck a lot better than it would have with Rhodes. I've made my opinion on Rhodes clear but aside from his free header the Sunderland appearance was a very good one, he'll have a part to play
  13. Fletcher

    Remember when I got negged loads for saying he and Hooper is our best partnership and Rhodes was nowhere near as good as him?