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  1. And we could easily have done a lot worse, we'll never know
  2. You're going to end up very disappointed
  3. Be surprised if we pull this one off, Spurs also interested
  4. Upgraded to 87 on FIFA 17 after a reyt season and in Turkish ultimate team of season
  5. Rubbish, he's going through the motions. No ambition. You only have to look at the picture of him doing his coaching badges to see that
  6. Don't some of you take any time off?
  7. I can't believe people are defending someone that's not given 100% to the club
  8. I can't believe that people still think he has something to offer us. Whats more I can't believe that people seriously think other clubs would be prepared to pay him 15 - 20k a week. Was always going to end this way
  9. He's sh it , potential was there but it's clear to see he will struggle to fulfil it now
  10. Some people are going to look very silly re Adam Reach
  11. If be happy with Lees, Ayala, Loovens and Sasso
  12. Already said I assess on more than goal records Correct, but anything more than £3m is too much as is more than anything in wages of over 20k per week. No I'm not in judging him on what I've seen of him in the last 18 months. To go back any further that isn't really fair That's a fair point but his was already going south before joining us. i think he will struggle, I also think there's better value to be had out there. i said the same about McGugan too. Think Jordan will find himself behind Hooper, Fletcher and Winnall next season.
  13. I ain't on a bandwagon, I never wanted us to sign him because I believe he's overrated by our fans and worth nowhere near what we will have paid. I make that judgement on what I've seen of him and not on his goalscoring record alone, which happens to be going southwards at an alarming rate over the last 18 months anyway, that's what happens when you're forced to step up a level though