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  1. Just tried to find it, no joy. You have a link for it?
  2. So us and Villa should have gone up, who would the other be? Not quite as simple a game as some people would like.
  3. Why would you complain in a comments section? If you want to complain there is a complaints procedure here >> Or head of sport is Bob Westerdale Phone:0114 252 1344 Expect them to palm you off about it not being in their paper etc though
  4. To the tune of 'Where's ya caravan, 'Dejphon Chansiri, Dejphon Chansiri....' Ripping off Man U's new song to the tune of Herman Hermit's 'Im in to something good' Woke up this morning feeling fine, got Wednesday on my mind Carlos got us playing the way Wednesday should Something tells me Chansiri's f**kin good
  5. What Suarez doing with Carlos, is he trying to sign him?
  6. All this time and i never realised he was ginger
  7. Best player. Ross Wallace. Most improved player. Jack Hunt. Best home performance. Newcastle. Best away performance. Wolves. Best away team. Barnsley. Best away player. Tammy Abrahams. Best addition to the squad. Adam Reach.
  8. The only thing the club are guilty of is signing someone not good enough, never been good enough. Chansiri has to accept responsibility for that though, signed him when we had no manager or coach I believe and probably to create some positivity within the fan base as most wanted him. Ahh well, expensive lesson and gone exactly as I said it would shortly in to the 15/16 season. Always knew we could do a lot better than him for around 15k a week and that was proven shortly after with the arrival of Bannan & Lopez
  9. He's got some good attributes but I never thought we'd sign a centre forward slower than Nuhiu. Hopefully the brilliant deal Carlos spoke about is better than any of us could imagine. It's good to have him around but I'm afraid to say that he'll never achieve his previous goal ratios at this level imo, still hope he proves me wrong
  10. Hope not let's leave tinpot invasions to the unwashed
  11. Poor that this isn't close to sell out. Get ya tickets bought people everyone of us needed tomorrow
  12. Nearly, Mooy out for Ritchie for me
  13. Why rightly cautious? I think it highlights that they're overly cautious but sadly they're is still nothing that can be done as respective SAG's assess each public event on a case by case basis. Besides, that's not a concourse it's a gangway. Any competent H&S body should insist that their TV's come out and refreshment stalls are closed
  14. The majority you're appealing to wouldn't buy it even if it was stripes, for themselves anyway I'll buy it for my lad cus I know he'll want it. I nearly didn't this season because of the cost but he's had so much wear out of them that he will have had the money's worth and it's not like any other item of clothing where you can go for an alternative. While ever we're in blue and white I'm ok with that
  15. No chance of it being televised if title isn't decided