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  1. No, every single friendly in the history of the game has an attendance of zero. I can't understand that personally but it seems it'll come as no surprise to you
  2. There's actually been a number of clubs under the name, granted the current club can't go back to 1867. However an offshoot of the cricket club was formed in 1867 Disclsimer - Taken from Wiki so don't hold me to it
  3. It's a nice story that's for sure
  4. That goal needs to be online
  5. Harkes at Derby
  7. A 4 team tournament at Hillsborough would be good inviting other teams formed in the same year. Chesterfield, Queens Park and Boca Juniors representing Buenos Aries who no longer in existence but incidentally also had links to cricket
  8. Wow, some incredibly nasty bitter people on here Well done Karl, it's very nice
  9. Thats the spirit
  10. They'll want one then but won't get one and will moan on here that they've supported the club through thick and thin for XX years
  11. Undisclosed, overpriced?
  12. But someone on Twitter thought it'd be funny to lie and say he refused to be on bench. Some of our fans are absolute r's holes
  13. Wrong you're nit picking, it affected nothing