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  1. I can see Guru's point. If you were buying a striker to suit how we play then you wouldn't have signed Rhodes. For the defensive counter attacking game we played last season then you would have bought a striker who was an absolute flyer, preferably with a physical presence. That type of player may cost big money but I'm sure we could have gotten one in for the outlay on Rhodes. Again the question of pace and power rears up and CC's attitude to those attributes.
  2. Can't stand 3 at the back mesen but if we are going to go with it why not try this...361. It'll take them all season to figure out what we are upto...or go completely boobies up.
  3. Thanks for that. I will have a proper read of that later. Chelsea playing a 343 answers my question regarding why is 352 (when it flawed against 451/433) making a come back though? The extra forward in the 343 as opposed to 352 will cause the back four to stay at home in the 451/433 thus negating the overlapping fullbacks threat. Is the new fad for teams playing a back 3 to have four in midfield and not five? That would make sense.
  4. Thanks for that Scram as I didn't realise the diamond formation was so effective against it. But as you say 352 is vulnerable to width, so how come it is now making a come back when teams are setting up 451/433? I can sometimes see the two wingers in the 433 plaing quite narrow (but still occupied by the 352 wing backs) but then there is still the overload from the fullbacks in the 433??? *I used to get out more
  5. I asked this question in another thread as I genuinely don't know the answer but nobody answered. The 352 formation in the early 90's was brought to an end by teams playing 451/433. Basically if you map out the positions on a tactics board 352 v 451/433 you will see all players cancel each other out apart from in the 352 the two spare players will be the two centre halves and in the 451/433 the two full backs will be spare. As it panned out the two full backs in the 451/433 would run riot down the flanks as the wing backs in the 352 were busy marking the wingers in the 451/433. The central midfield three in both formations were marking each other so that left the two spare central defenders in the 352 with a decision to go out wide and pick up the marauding fullbacks of the 451/433..this is obviously a massive flaw for the 352 and got exploited to the maximum. What's changed, how has the 352 overcome this? I don't watch much football on t.v so can't comment on how other teams play but 352 does seem to be back in vogue at the moment. Is it really 352 or are they playing or a variation of it to overcome its natural weakness against 451/433? I can understand why 352 is sucessful against 442 but not 451/433 especially as 451/433 is pretty common these days for most teams...next year will see the return of the WM...probably.
  6. That's where I disagree. On paper the formation was a narrow 442 but Hutch was so deep (on the centre halves toes) we were to my eyes obviously playing 352 from the off. Put it this way if CC came out after the match and said we set up 352 not 442 I don't think anyone would have questioned it. I totally agree regarding Reach and Wallace tucking in as that has been doing my nut in all season.
  7. Pre season Hutch was down to play centre half (not midfield) if I remember correctly. Imo Hutch when playing at centre half makes the game look like a stroll in the park and with Lees and Loovens either side this should be more than good enough for a back three in The Championship so the point is far from irrelevant. I think you need to look more at CC's tactics in getting the best out of the 352 system as we definitely gave it a go last season. I take your point in signing another centre half with Hutch's injury record.
  8. Nothing to do with Semedo. See Bouncing Owls post for an explanation.
  9. Didn't you see us attempt to play 352 last season?
  10. Hopefully he will point out to Carlos that having a squad of players with sprinting abilities akin to that of an onion is not a good thing.
  11. From the little I saw of him at Forest I thought he looked dynamite, full of pace and direct running. Carlos would have a job on to turn him into compact paceless central midfielder mind.
  12. Oliver Burke on loan. Ex Forest winger who went to RB Leipzig.
  13. Maybe Preston know how to get the best out of their wingers? McGeady was supposedly flying last season and as you say Preston fans rated Reach. Can't think of any winger who has been a success for us since CC has been here. You could argue a good case for Wallace but most of the time he's playing very narrow.
  14. Bingo. I thought I was going daft, why couldn't anyone else see this? 352 is what we often do now. I mentioned this on another thread. When 352 was in vogue in the early 90's the 451/433 formation brought about its downfall. If you were to plot the positions of both formations on a tactics board up against each other you can see where the 451/433 gains the advantage. Basically most players in both formations cancel each other out apart from in the 352 you are left with two spare centre halves. The two spare players in the 451/433 are the full backs. With most fullbacks in a 451/433 being like wingers you can see why the 352 was pulled apart down the flanks. I was into such stuff years ago but wouldn't have a clue nowadays so how has the 352 overcome this obvious draw back when up against 451/433? Are teams actually playing 352 or is it more 343 or summat else?
  15. I'd say JOC "made the most of what he had." If JJ could ever have consistently played near his talent then he'd have been Premier League. I think we took JJ's dribbling at pace for granted, how many times did you see him just knock it 10 - 20 yards in front of his marker and just run after it like lots of pacey players do? I don't think I could recall one time, the ball was always under control when he was running with it at frightening speed...what came at the end of it was a different matter but that's why I loved him. With a few exceptions (Brunty, Whelan, Marshall and Antonio.) I generally expected the square root of sweet f.a out of the rest garbage he played with. Just to have someone who on his day was capable of a standard far in advance of the league he was playing in was good enough for me no matter how fleeting those days were. I also happen to think that when he had an average game people would mark him down as being crap when he was no better or worse than those around him.