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  1. Tell him to roger off, I pick the team not him. If he doesn't like it then sack me.
  2. Wolves after Jordan Rhodes

    For £15 million it makes plenty of sense if we can improve the first team. Rhodes on what we have seen so far does not improve the first eleven. Not saying he isn't going to come good because it only takes a moment to change all that but...if you were to go on performances so far and you were just judging him on them (and did not takie into account his history) you would snap anyone's hand off for £15 million.
  3. Daniel Pudil

    Me and Trevor Francis. We have got 52 England caps between us mind.
  4. FF to Brighton

    FF is the only player we have that can beat his marker. Not really good enough to have just one player in the entire squad with this attribute Imo. To have none would be pathetic. Hope we can replace him with a tricky pacy forward if he were to leave.
  5. Yes, I agree with that. I actually enjoyed the match last night, I couldn't say that too many times last season despite us finishing 4th.
  6. This season has barely started.They scored 80 odd and coceded 50 odd goals last season playing a an expansive game. This is not 'exhibition or fancy football', to call it so is a massive mis-understanding of their game. Their style is the way their manager sees best as getting results, it just so happens that his style is very entertaining and pleasing on the eye. It would appear that last season his style was defensively suspect, which I suppose adds to the entertainment value especially if you were a neutral watching one of their games. There are no guarantees playing any type of game be that defensive or attacking so I don't quite see your point. I originally replied to 'why have Fulham got so many fans on here' It's not rocket science to see why fans would want to watch /appreciate that type of football is it?
  7. That was meant to read: Fulham play the game in the way I suspect most fans want to see. Let's be reyt no one in their right mind would watch us if they weren't a fan.
  8. Fulham play the game in the way I suspect most fans want to see. Let's be reyt no one in their right mind would pay to watch us if you weren't a fan.
  9. Whatever it takes...

    Enjoyed that Snooty. It made me laugh. Well done.
  10. Whatever it takes...

    Heckingbottom "Erm, I don't think Brucies head will fit into your new media office, It'll definately get stuck in that serving hatch thingy. Yeah I can deal with you making the signings and I'll shoe horn in 13 strikers as I like to play an expansive game...a very expansive game if we've got 13 of em on the pitch. Mardy arse Fernando is playing left back. roger him."
  11. Whatever it takes...

    Hecky "Fat head Brucey will take the strikers, he loves a signing does that lad, leave their chairman to me if he starts writing emojies and dollar signs for no apparent reason. I'll sort the lunatic. Pah, your paying too much attention to all the internet and social media geeks, proper Wednesdayites don't use such stuff. I'll sign players from Penistone Church and turn them into world beaters, just you watch. These Portuguese lads, bring em down t' Cud'uth Club, we'ill sort em. Can they lake at Crib? 15-2 15-4 and a pairs six...Martin Tyler got took for 3 nicker just the other week, wont 'appy. Yeah you've got me on the trackies"
  12. Whatever it takes...

    Heckingbottom "No problem, sell a couple of strikers, move on the dead wood. I've seen a couple of young centre backs playing for the Dog and Duck up in Barrow who'd step up no problem. Got me eye on two flying wingers who are turning out for Crow Edge under 18's...they'd wee wee this league. Center Mids...loads of 'em if you know where to look...they aren't over 30 year old mind and they like to pass the ball forward...would that be a problem? Need about 75 grand for the lot of em and some hardly used tracksuits, not soiled if possible.
  13. Daniel pudil please

    Nope, not just you pal. I happen to think most Championship full backs would struggle in our system. I once watched Wallace last season clearly operating to instruction playing most of the game within (imagine two paralell lines running the length of the pitch) the outside edge of the 18 yard box and the centre of the pitch. The opposition put a winger right on the touch line who then had a free run at Hunt every time he got the ball as Wallace was so narrow. Hunt to be fair did pretty well against him defensively but then was expected to be the one who got forward and supplied the crosses as again Wallace was playing 'inside' I understand many teams use their fullbacks in this fashion but play a formation that allows defensive cover when they bomb on. To play how CC wants his fullbacks to play I would imagine having blistering pace and being super fit would be high on the list of requirements. Hunt without being super quick is pretty nippy and very fit (see his recovery runs as opposed to Palmer's), Pudil and Fox are painfully slow and I'd say Palmer has average pace. It still annoys me that Arsenal nipped in and signed that flying young left back / wing back for £40,000 from non league last season while we dithered about deciding on him.
  14. Foreign centre half

    Calling at Sheffield Midland, Glasgow Central...
  15. Forestieri Transfer Value

    No doubt in my mind that in today's market if we wanted +£10 million for FF million someone would pay it. There are always managers out there who think that they can get the best out of temperamental talented players. We would have lost the only player in our entire squad who can run at and beat his marker mind. I wouldn't be confident in us bringing in anyone of a similar type / standard or even playing them if we were too.