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  1. No. I will time my walk down from the top of the North going on the amount of injury time. It's an exact science is arriving at the exit just as the ref blows for full time. Sometimes have to drop a shoulder and "Waddle it" 'round the persons in front if I'm a bit late. Likewise, I may have to slow time it if I'm early - "Boycotting it" chuck in a few blocks, a few kicks of the floor, accidentally drop summat, check me guard etc. just to arrive at the point of exit on time to miss the traffic.
  2. Does anyone remember the match against Derby at Hillsborough when Dalian received the ball on the half way line took a few strides then unleashed this rocket? 35-40 yards out and this bullet just went crashing into the post, Shiton beaten all ends up. I recall the "tink" of Shez but this was different, the sound of hitting the post made a right racket reverb ing around the South stand. The thing was the ball never got above knee height but still was rising when it hit the post, such a pure strike.
  3. Got to agree Vulva, the lad had so much (unrealised) talent, power and pace. At the time I rated him potentiality higher than Hirsty which just about says it all. Absolutely frightening player when on it, such a shame how it turned out for him. He'd be worth an absolute fortune these days.
  4. Reach can and does carry out his defensive roll apart from him being a bit nesh. Mathias, who knows what he can do? I do remember CC saying that Mathias hadn't played 442 before so struggled with it. I'm of the belief that CC intended to go with 433 at first but something changed his thinking. Take your point regarding a like for like replacement for Wallace mind and tbh a lot of the signings don't make sense when you see how we line up and the style we play
  5. I think CC had his hand forced against Reading and had no option but to go with genuine wingers. I do not think he likes / trusts out and out wingers to play his way in this 442/352 thingy type formation that we play. With Wallace he can trust him to play narrow and give Carlos his "compact" ideal. Until he changes his formation (4231,433,451) to accommodate proper wingers and keep within CC's compact structure I think he'll stick with Wallace until we are chasing the game. Shame really.
  6. "It's not fire that kills-it's ignorance." Woof Woof.
  7. Couldn't agree more. The players we have suit those formations down to the ground. I can't believe CC hasn't given it a go when we had most of them fit, it just seems so obvious to me (I think he tried something like a 433 against Barnsley but not with those players). Everyone in their natural position, round pegs and all that...The only issue I would have is the one up front. Could Rhodes play that role? That's why I'd have been busting a gonad to sign an athletic striker with genuine blistering pace instead of maybe Rhodes.
  8. I thought the full backs last season were to the key to how well we played as they were high up the pitch. I'm convinced the opposition have turned the tables on us and made them our weakness this time around. People say the opposition sit deep against us, save for two or three teams I don't believe that to be the case. IMO they either press our fullbacks or set little traps where they nick the ball off our full back (usually on the half way line) as he doesn't have any options in front to pick out, especially down the line as our "wingers" are playing narrow. It's also noticeable just how much joy the opposition get from dropping long diagonal balls in behind our fullbacks.
  9. Although we line up 442 I think we very nearly end up playing that formation anyway. Certainly seems like that to me as Hutch naturally goes deep, Wallace plays very narrow and the fullbacks provide the little width that we have.
  10. So apart from us being able to do the most fundamental parts of the game we're ok then? Maybe we ought to participate in a sport that doesn't involve passing, moving and shooting?
  11. But got out passed, out muscled, out played (in a footballing sense), and out manoeuvred tactically. Added to that not winning any headers or fight ball's and Reading's players knowing how to play the ref then yes we were the better side...Give over we were second best, our long ball stuff did result in at least three great chances I will give you that.
  12. See what I said about fads in football, one up front doesn't suit Rhodes. Football is cyclical, players like Rhodes will be worth their weight in gold again when teams start going with two up front. Three at the back has been making a come back so this allows for teams to have two up front without being out numbered midfield. Re. the 'role for this type of player down the leagues' I take it if Lineker or Rush had been playing nowadays they'd be in the Championship? Just for balance I did not want us to sign Rhodes, I wanted us to sign an absolute flyer up front and a centre half as I thought that would suit us better. I thought we had a better or just as good version of Rhodes in Hooper (who imo had a better all round game). I have been surprised at how good in the air Rhodes is and the space that he creates for others. He's also a more intelligent footballer than I had originally thought.
  13. I reckon he'd score if he played in a front two. The fad of playing with one up top have done the likes of his types no favours imo. On a slight tangent I have often wondered how Defoe would have got on if given a decent run at international level for England.
  14. We are talking championship here, right, comparing Rhodes and Joao? You did not recognise the talent of putting the ball in the back of the net, just brushed over it by saying he's good at what he does - putting the ball in the net, like it's just like shelling peas.
  15. Putting the ball in the back of the net is probably the most sought after natural talent going. Rhodes has that talent by the bucket load, Joao doesn't. Nice way of degrading Rhodes btw, just because he doesn't fit into your perceived "talent attributes."