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  1. Our football league position has improved every season since Megson was first appointed. We're on an upwards trend and have one of the best chairman in the country, alot of our panic signings are out of contract this summer, bring in a couple more of quality in their place and we're incredibly well positioned for next season. No rebuilding work, no clear outs, no big drama, just steady progress
  2. I really liked Buckley, but as was the case with Abdi, he started to get going and then got injured and never really found his way back in
  3. Cobblers. He's more than good enough, just been hamstrung by our style and formation. If we finally get past having too many strikers on the field most of the time and actually learn to play to the strengths of our team then Jones can be vital to a midfield allowing Lee and Abdi or Bannan to impact games a lot more
  4. Pearson for me. I love Loovens and our defensive record with him is twice as good as without him but Pearson was taller, stronger and a real goal threat while being the organiser and captain. If you add 10 goals from a CB at set pieces to a good team you get enough points to go from playoffs to automatic.
  5. The state of this thread....I'm out until July, see ya.
  6. We've lost a game, time for everyone to hate Adam Reach again.
  7. He could/should have been harder on Mooy and Hogg in the midfield, both guilty of pulling us back on the break on several occasions but all in all he tried to let the game flow and was better than 99% of refs we've had at Hillsborough in the past decade.
  8. Oooh oooh is one of them John Sheridan?
  9. McClaren was at both legs of the playoff semi....
  10. All opinions, mine no more valid than yours but I'd say Hutch - lacks forward drive, we never build an attack when he's in midfield Bannan - Wasted and ineffective out wide FF - plays too far forward and doesn't link up, the anti-hooper, especially with Hutch in midfield Fletcher - I prefer Rhodes too but Fletcher has been scoring recently, Rhodes hasn't Carlos will pick the team, at this point I think we all owe him the respect of trusting him with it
  11. Yeah Bannan on the wing and FF up front with Hutch sat in midfield...none of those things have ever led to a disjointed and slow performance with the front line detached from the midfield and absolutely no link play...... Same as Sunday for me but Rhodes in for FF unless Hooper is fit in which case he plays there. Tempted to say Winall for Fletcher just to remove the temptation to go long too much
  12. What makes you say we're not a young team? Loovens, Wallace and Fletcher are over 30, anyone else? We made a habit of signing players between 21-25 under MM, was a sound strategy, got the likes of Lee and Lees as they come into their prime.
  13. Shh nobody spotted it, been watching tonight's result :)
  14. Huddersfield will try to annoy us tomorrow, they will try to force our play to be disjointed, they will try to make the crowd boo misplaced passes and jeer at our players for not playing well. Doing that will only help Reading. If we get nervous cheer the players on, don't go quiet. If the ref looks like he hates us cheer our players on. Even if we go behind double the noise. Cheer every missed pass if you have to, roar the players on. One game to Wembley and we'll give nothing but full support until the job is done. Were All Wednesday Aren't We?
  15. He may have a part to play and should be on the bench, could be vital in the final 20 minutes but we have better players, and I love Nuhiu