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  1. I'm sure the bored players in the hotel are loving reading this thread....
  2. Despite the huge strides we've made as a club there's still so many negative comments come from people. "Same old Wednesday", "Our policy is to sign useless players for loads and let them rot" , "It could only happen to us", "I know we'll concede in the last minute, we always do", "Same old Wednesday" etc etc etc. Every club in the world has some fans who seem to think the same way as if their club is somehow special when actually about 2% of teams actually win anything of any note and even their fans are never happy. We're light years ahead of where we were before Mandaric and Chansiri's times at the club and I trust DC to handle this situation in the same way he handled FF situation and so many other decisions since he arrived, professionally, behind closed doors and in the best interests of himself and our club.
  3. No Idea why an old Arsenal right back sponsored an owl though
  4. Before you suggest it. This was the original, before the chuffing boat.
  5. If we've been paying a shed load for taxis for players, staff and visitors maybe it makes more sense to bring it in house and make a profit. Can always run it as a going concern and use it for adverts in the stand and programme as well. Not a bad idea really. Or maybe he wanted a new limo for while he's here and you get a tax break on them if you own a taxi firm.....
  6. We should ask Rob from the programme company. I bet he knows.
  7. Straight red for a violent tackle is a 3 game ban isn't it? We only played two play off matches after the Fulham game
  8. Isn't he suspended first game of the season anyway?
  9. Most talented - FF. Most important to results - Lee or Hooper
  10. There was a time Steven Gerrard was considered to be permanently injured in his early 20's, he got a tailored training and fitness programme and had a corrective surgery then went on to have a glorious career.
  11. Like having one?
  12. Good luck to him. His business, not ours.
  13. He's stated that we need centre backs. Played a full back at centre half and conceded 2 goals to lower league opposition then said he's struggling to get players this week because of finances. He's playing a blinder to twist the chairman's arm.
  14. That would make then a left back I think
  15. Come in number 9, your time is up. left back, and number 84 up front.