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  1. Odd season with so many in and out for long periods It's not going to be a popular opinion but I think Jack Hunt. Only regular in the back 4 for the whole season once he saw off competition from Palmer early on and he's been playing a role that requires a huge amount of running and fitness. A lot of teams target him with diagonal high balls but dealt with it well and he's been excellent defensively, the usual crowd around me give him dog's abuse but he's been very consistent and a good threat going forward.
  2. I was talking to a Man Utd fan from Burnley today (I know) and was surprised at how highly he regarded Carlos. I get the feeling a lot of other club's fans rate him a lot more highly than some of ours do. He's not up there with Big Ron but he's the next best in my lifetime I think
  3. Fewer....
  4. I believe it's hip street talk that the kids use to indicate a commendation or approval
  5. We have more good players than we can fit ina match day squad. This is a good thing. Nuhiu offers something different from the bench, this is a good thing. We have strength in depth and a squad to be proud of. Stop looking for negatives or you'll eventually find some. Enjoy the ride ffs
  6. Think there's some selective memories here. We created far more than Derby in the first half and made them look very poor, fletcher could have had two in the first half alone and Westwood didn't need to make a save first half. Still the right thing to do to change the system when we went down, props to Carlos for being brave and making the switch
  7. It will have either been '433' or him knowing reach would be central and he'd have to cover a very good winger all on his own. Nothing to see here, move along
  8. Jones was ill yesterday. Fair chance some players may have not been feeling 100%. Rhodes did well all considered his inclusion and the change of shape pushed us on
  9. It may have been Get Ready For This, I shall flagellate myself immediately
  10. ...You mean Blitzkreig Bop? One of the greatest records ever created by humankind? We should obviously go back to No Limit by 2 Unlimited, that was much classier in the 90's
  11. Coupled with our best run in 9 years.....
  12. April has gone rather well. 6 Games played and a 12 point sing vs Leeds. Carlsberg don't do Easters, but if they did.....
  13. Whilst I agree with the sentiment this isn't football manager or fifa or something. He doesn't just decide to drop deep and defend and the players then magically do it. We we're winning so players will naturally take fewer risks. I'll admit Fletcher going to left side of midfield for 10 minutes was probably an order from the bench but it worked. The 3 up top plan for Rotherham does seem to have worked and with such firepower on the bench it's always an option if needed. I thought we should have started that way against Cardiff personally and if we're in this division next season I suspect we'll play more games that way against teams that are not committing players forward themselves
  14. We have our best players fit, we're not inconsistent. Funny that.