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  1. be safe to all wednesday after last night in manchester 'god bless all
  2. NAH there ram like ya mam
  3. Booked hotel with 3 other couples months ago but still going for night sun to mon and to top it it there leeds 'Any other owls sticking with booking ?
  4. Small chance but please dm if you have a ticket 'money waiting plus a beer' can pick up if on route wawaw.
  5. Does anyone no how to get round the previous purchase history ?
  6. I have a spare ticket in the south stand for the home leg of the play off and was wondering if anyone with enough points for the away leg can't attend and was looking for a extra home ticket for a family member friend etc 'If I don't get any luck in 24 hour then whoever's in need of a home leg ticket can buy it cheers wawaw
  7. Anyone who is going to wigan and willing to car share please get in touch 'there is 2 of us and live in between york and beverley or if anyone does no of any mini bus etc due to no trains home .cheers wawaw
  8. sasso is shuffle its simple
  9. work tomorrow for me and most of you but should I not ? Its a yes 'got a family to support and a team to watch thats me done 'night everyone passion wawaw
  10. did he or not ? hope he does see every thread wawaw .
  11. booked my trains from york but now kick off times changed need to change booking'just been in contact with virgin and they want £40 'tail tugging tuggers. does anyone know how to get around this or do I have to pay ?been told I cant cancel due to andvanced ticket.cheers for any advise wawaw