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  1. This. He's got a cushy job and is paid well for it. No way he gives that up for the madness of the Championship on purely sentimental grounds.
  2. Michelle Keegan? I'd be happy with that like
  3. Probably gonna make myself look like a bell end but is this true?
  4. Is there any nudity?
  5. This needed a second thread?
  6. Need to take a chance on that
  7. Don't replace it but I do wish we had more words for it, always feels a bit odd that everyone goes from shouting 'HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY!' to pretty much silence...
  8. Forgot this, that should make him an instant winner
  9. I've gone for Wallace over Westwood but either of them would be a solid choice. Hutchinson when he's in but he's been out a little too much to swing it for him this season IMO.
  10. Not sure but I believe 3rd vs. 6th is the first game, so that would be Saturday, except we can't finish sixth so there's no way our first home game is on 13th May - if we finish 5th, we'd be playing 4th on Sunday May 14th at midday in Sheffield. Pretty sure the matches are always in order too - 3v6 followed by 4v5 - so your dates for the 'second leg' home game would be correct.
  11. Quite difficult considering the amount of recuperation time, plus also in your breakdown you've managed to put both the Championship and League One games on the same day...
  12. The club have stated that for the system to work they have to specify a time/date, but that in fact this can fluctuate depending on the position we end up in.
  13. The Championship playoff final has always traditionally been on the Monday, hasn't it? I remember being annoyed last year when it was at 5pm Saturday for some reason - especially since I was supposed to be at work
  14. Combination of things but yeah, that can be a major influence