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  1. Bullen is though
  2. It might not be the first time that we've had a horny owl in the shirt, but...
  3. Love the geniuses who reckon we should just hand the captaincy to the brand-new centre half regardless of who it is. With that being said, there is an overemphasis on captains in British football and realistically it probably doesn't matter all that much.
  4. Yes. 100%. You are putting far too much stock into the opposition we are facing. As many people have mentioned, it is just a run out at the start of the season. I've spoken to professional footballers and semipros alike about this and they all agree the preseason is simply to get the legs going. You just need a team in front of you to enable you to play.
  5. Doesn't matter and you're putting too much stock into it.
  6. Who likes short shorts?
  7. Tell you what, not arsed if it's a brand I know or not, so far every bit of gear they've made has looked sharp as.
  8. Hopefully he is in the shop window whilst back home in Portugal next week. I see flashes of brilliance in the man, even disregarding *that* goal, but sometimes for whatever reason things just don't work out for certain players at certain clubs. Still, if he remains a Sheffield Wednesday player on 1st September I will continue to support him.
  9. Oh it's true.
  10. Don't like our new strip tbh
  11. Spurs had him as a back up for a long time - in fact, he was there for four years and only just made it to 50 games. Villa got him in 2011 and he only played for one year before being loaned out. Twice. He didn't play a single game for them for two seasons. As for Scotland, there were very few alternatives at right back until Callum Paterson broke out a year or so ago. I was at every single home game Hutton played in for the national team, so I feel like I've got some kind of perspective on his ability. He flatters to deceive and his only trick is cutting inside from the right back position. Not worth a fee, especially at 32.
  12. Alan Hutton is cack. Used to rely on his pace and that's long gone. The day he retired from international football was a happy one for me and I'd be genuinely gutted if we spent money on him.
  13. Would think that with Dawson and Willis signing up, we should expect to see Joe Wildsmith leave this summer.
  14. That's not really the issue though is it? It's the way he's worded it. "He’s a really fine goalkeeper and he’s actually a really good lad but he needs moving"? That's not the same thing as, say, "I'd like to see him playing at the highest level as I feel he's good enough to do it". I imagine O'Neill is still surprised and bitter that we sent Aiden McGeady back to him early last season before the playoff final.
  15. Thought we had an outside chance if we went up, not happening now. Will go somewhere else in Premier League.