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  1. Thanks, Edinburgh, interesting stuff. Surprised clubs are willing to offer contracts to a player not yet fit, but then again he does have age on his side and no doubt Warnock will be negotiating a cut price price deal as a result. I was hoping our Scottish contingent might've been able to persuade him to come here..
  2. What was he doing at Hillsborough - were the rumours we were tracking him in January true then ? Is he fit again? Looked an exciting prospect, prior to his injury.
  3. Seems bizarre to me that we're even discussing whether Jota can tackle or not ! Since January 1st he scored 12 goals and 5 assists in 23 games primarily playing on the right hand side. Brentford triggered a 1 year extension to his contract about 2 weeks ago, so he would cost, but not that much, you wouldn't think. As others have said, the biggest problem would probably be convincing him to leave London.
  4. Bloody hell! That long ago? Nevertheless did read a rumour somewhere linking us. Also heard more recently, Derby have been sniffing...
  5. Pretty sure I read somewhere (here maybe?) that we made an enquiry about Irvine in January, before we signed Dave Jones?
  6. Not sure why anyone's mentioning Villa players, bearing in mind the lunatic Villa chairman who won't sell to us?
  7. Looks like they triggered a 1 year clause for him last week...
  8. Yeah, just done the same, conflicting reports, but some seem to suggest the clause was activated last week. Judge would be a nice alternative though, if that was the case.
  9. Jota is the fast, goal scoring winger we need. Right age (25) and out of contract at Brentford now.
  10. Think it hinders the current players more, with 3 weeks less recovery in close season.
  11. Even if we're in the same division next season, I'd expect us to do far better than Hanley.
  12. Think there will be quite a few like that, I know of at least 2 former players who refuse to even talk about the game. Don't think it's unique to football either, think you'll find it in most sports. When you've had day to day involvement in a sport for most of your life, you can easily become cynical and jaded by what you've seen and drift from it completely once retired.
  13. They've no chance with that one - blatant handball.
  14. Agreed. Our regulars will still rightly feel like they're on a 6 game win streak, having taken no part in today's game (KL excepted).