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  1. Really? Half the PL now is made up of no-mark clubs like Burnley, Watford, Bournemouth, Swansea, Palace, Huddersfield, Brighton etc etc. We'd be lucky if any of them brought more than a coach load. Much happier playing a club with real tradition that will bring a big, vociferous following and generate a superb atmosphere. Should also be a nice confidence boosting run out for us, before the season starts.
  2. Yep, absolutely. With big sell-on clauses attached too, if our hand is ever forced.
  3. I know wher you're coming from with Westwood's character, but for me a keeper should never be captain. Needs to be someone in the thick of the action, and who can have a word in the ref's ear when required.
  4. Maybe it is his type of player, but maybe McManaman's attitude in training and in matches wasn't right for CC. He came to us with a poor rep, and at times in matches looked like a red card waiting to happen.
  5. Would rather have Flint for £4m, than Hanley for £5m tbh. A goal-scoring threat, born near and started his career at Alfreton, so might be attracted by a move back to the area...?
  6. Yep, last August, contracted until summer 2019.
  7. Hard to believe, but looks like Stockdale rejected a new deal at Brighton to join Brum : Agree with you on Bentley though, but don't think he'll come cheap. At 6ft4 he's a commanding keeper in the box, a great shot-stopper (who can forget that night at Hillsborough?) and as you say, at just 23, a likely England keeper of the future.
  8. Well, Westwood still has a say in it, too! I don't think he'd leave us for any other Championship club, but think if this clause is correct, it leaves us pretty vulnerable to a PL club turning his head, for what to them, would be peanuts.
  9. 100%.
  10. Yep, if he'd been fit and available for the play off at Hillsborough, he'd have been a different option to come off the bench and try and unlock them...
  11. We could do a lot worse than bring Stearman in, definitely prefer him to Hanley. Still a decent age and a fair bit of PL experience too.
  12. Would be funny, but suspect those hypocritical twats would welcome him with open arms - he's head and shoulders above any other creative player they've got.
  13. I'd certainly rather keep Sasso, than throw away £5m on Hanley.
  14. Shocking that anybody could see fit to pay Hanley that amount. He's an error-prone donkey.
  15. Word is he's not settled in Birmingham and wants a move back to Yorkshire.