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  1. Probably for the same reasons Winnall came.
  2. Think we were interested in Tom Clarke at Preston in the summer, might be a good shout and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg...?
  3. Thought we sold our allocation at Newcastle? Not to mention Boxing Day 7.45pm kick off, poor public transport and game on Sky...
  4. Yeah, I was wondering if we might take another look at Preston's captain, Tom Clarke.
  5. Our only outfield player to go to the Euros (and after having had an extended Championship season prior to) has to be a factor? Barely got more than 2 weeks off during the summer. To me he looks like a player crying out for a rest.
  6. With Winnall being good in the air, think it might be Fletcher who's place is under threat, rather than Hooper, though I'd imagine CC will integrate Winnall gradually. Hopefully we'll see FF on the left now, and with Macca on the right, that's some forward line...
  7. Has Lonchar been offered a pro contract? Sounds like we need to protect our investment here too...
  8. I wouldn't bank on us being able to shift either by the end of the window, so for me you've got to go for your targets asap. Getting rid of either would just be an added bonus.
  9. Looking at the highlights posted earlier in the thread, he'd clearly be an improvement in the air on any of our current strikers.
  10. Really? Did he move there, as he was born in Wolverhampton?
  11. If it comes down to the player choosing between us and Brentford, I don't think we'd have much to worry about...
  12. Sam Hutchinson extended contract. What a day!
  13. Leeds are only the 4th biggest club in the Championship, so Top 6 in the Country seems a bit of a stretch...
  14. Just can't stand to watch his style of play. Like Grayson at Preston, he may have done well on limited resources, but its football from the dark ages.
  15. Bringing Gary Rowett in wouldn't make it any easier to watch, I can assure you.