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  1. Think the T.A bought it. As others have said, shame the club didn't buy the land, but think the sale went through when Milan was in the process of selling us.
  2. Hourihane doesn't look much better tbf
  3. Yeah, if only we'd managed to sign Marilyn Manson, or Hanson, or whatever the f00k he's called...
  4. Yep, not sure he hit a stray pass, was looking to get involved going forwards, started the move for the third. Did very well in the short time he was on.
  5. Never forget that game, one of the greatest striking displays (certainly by an opposition player!) I've ever seen at Hillsborough and I've been going over 40 years. Incredible to think he's ours now!
  6. To be fair to Pudil, Knockaert is by far and away the best player in the Championship (FF doesn't even come close nowadays, unfortunately) and when he's on his game, as he always seems to be when he plays us, then he's pretty much unplayable. I've said before though, that Pudil had the shortest break this summer of any player at our club, with the highs and lows of the Play-offs to deal with, before heading out to the Euros (and training for a couple more weeks, even if not necessarily playing much). Simply put, I don't think he got the necessary time to recover physically and mentally from a gruelling previous campaign before he was back in pre-season, and its showing now in his lethargic, immobile performances. It might be impractical if Fox isn't ready to step up to the mantle, but he just looks like a player crying out for a rest as much as anything.
  7. Still can't put how I'm feeling into words, but think you've done a pretty good job for me...
  8. Toytown fan...?
  9. Thought Reach had his best game for us. Boundless energy, and if it hadn't had been for his covering the woeful Pudil, we'd have lost that by more.
  10. For me, the biggest limitation Hooper has, is the fact he seems to returns to pre-season overweight every year and then struggles with fitness issues and niggling injuries from there on... Doubtful he'll ever be our 20 goal a season man, until he sorts this basic discipline issue out.
  11. Probably for the same reasons Winnall came.
  12. Think we were interested in Tom Clarke at Preston in the summer, might be a good shout and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg...?