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  1. So was I, but we still lost. And Smithy missed a penalty I seem to remember, which NEVER happened.
  2. Whatever we're paying him, there are several clubs in the division that could and would pay him plenty more.
  3. You berated Lee for not making a first time pass earlier. The number of touches is irrelevant in a game, it's the result of the touches that matters.
  4. Fuckrightoff.
  5. And we never will be.
  6. Exactly right. We got 3 points, against a far from 'great' side, just as we did against Toytown; enjoy, but let's not show ourselves up.
  7. Has always had terrible inner ear problems.
  8. Be careful what you wish for...
  9. 'embarrising'. How ironic.
  10. If his agent decides where he plays then we don't want him. One is enough!
  11. Have you considered that they may be following orders from the coach?
  12. This^^^^^^
  13. What??? He shoots like a man with his boots on the wrong feet! Have a look at his "assist" for FF's goal against PNE.
  14. Did he actually say that he chose/agreed the targets, and that he got the players that he wanted? He could just be accepting responsibility for a process that he did not fully control.
  15. Stop confusing this Madine dissing session with facts.
  16. I quite like away games.
  17. Club didn't want it widely known...
  18. At least we had a sell-on clause.
  19. If you want your accounts to comply with UK GAAP, then it's 'has to be treated'. To be fair, given the losses in the accounts, we effectively spent that money before we got it.
  20. That's how it has to be treated in the accounts as well, just as the income from 3 year season tickets has to be spread over 3 years.
  21. No, but they are both good players. Jury's out on Buckley.