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  1. Sat in Doncaster airport, waiting to check-in. Wishing I wasn't. COME ON YOU OWLS!!!
  2. For reasons beyond my control I'll be in Berlin on Wednesday. Anyone know of a bar there that may be showing the game? Name and whereabouts gladly received.
  3. Thanks very much.
  4. If I'm going to travel, I do it properly, so I'll be in Germany. As I'm only going for a week, not sure why this has been moved to the Exiles page, where nobody will read it!?
  5. I'll try and get back from Leeds in time to watch us in a pub in Sheffield on Sunday. I'll be in Berlin for the home match. Can anyone please suggest any bars where it might be on there? Next time I see them in the flesh should be at that there Wembley...
  6. As soon as Carlos accepts that he's bought a goal-scoring machine in Rhodes, he, and we, will be flying. Try watching Rhodes, and to a slightly lesser extent Hooper, when we have the ball in defence or midfield. They both spend their time on the shoulder of the last defender, imploring the man with the ball to play it early and long, into the killing ground between them and the keeper. The way we set up and play means that we almost never do that, prefering to make 3-4 sideways or backwards passes, then back to the keeper, before playing the ball into the striker's feet, thereby completely negating his advantage over the defender of speed and mobility. It's a wonder he's scored at all, because we rarely get good early crosses in either. On top of that, there's the wonder saves/blocks that he's been the victim of, many of which have led to goals for others.
  7. Imagine what they're going to get from Pigsmad when we go up...
  8. They're just preparing for not having us on their programme at all next season
  9. So, when they're all in form, who's a better player than Lee in midfield?
  10. An interesting, and, factually at least, accurate observation. Out of interest, which of the midfield players currently available to Carlos do you think are better players than Lee?
  11. Let's not.
  12. Or an adult, as we're sometimes called...
  13. To be fair, that shirt was a bit tight on him...
  14. Shouldn't cost too much to get him out of retirement...
  15. We had an ideal replacement in Ian Taylor, until we foolishly traded him away.
  16. Watford fans of a certain age still argue about the relative merits of Barnes and Blisset. A friend of mine told me that in his opinion, Barnes is the best player that he ever saw, but Blisset is "the finest", a distinction that I fully understand, and can see applying for some Owls to Dalian and King David. Just wish we could have such debates about some of our current players!
  17. I think you'll find that's exactly how how the league table is formulated.
  18. Saving myself 'til we get to the Premier League...
  19. Loovens was targeted and bullied by Brentford all night. He got no protection from that moron masquerading as a referee, or, more worryingly, from Sasso. It was Sasso, for their 2nd goal, that was laid on the ground, pleading for a free kick, WHILE THE BALL WAS STILL IN PLAY; but yeah, everything was Loovens' fault...If Lees had been playing, someone good enough, and hard enough, to support Loovens, we would have been fine. Or if we'd taken half those chances that we missed in the 2nd half.
  20. Charlie who?