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  1. Saving myself 'til we get to the Premier League...
  2. Loovens was targeted and bullied by Brentford all night. He got no protection from that moron masquerading as a referee, or, more worryingly, from Sasso. It was Sasso, for their 2nd goal, that was laid on the ground, pleading for a free kick, WHILE THE BALL WAS STILL IN PLAY; but yeah, everything was Loovens' fault...If Lees had been playing, someone good enough, and hard enough, to support Loovens, we would have been fine. Or if we'd taken half those chances that we missed in the 2nd half.
  3. Charlie who?
  4. Really!? So who do you support then? Which team do you want to get a point from a bad game, rather than lose?
  5. Went to that Cambridge game. Stayed in a country house hotel with an ex for the weekend. Gave it large on the Friday, drinking in the bar with the local fans. Went to the match, watched us get one of the worst beatings I've ever seen us suffer. I was inventing new swearwords by the end, not just because of the result, but also because of the prospect of spending the night in that same hotel bar...
  6. So?
  7. So?
  8. I was there. Still angry. Still can't stand Ferguson, and particularly Kidd. Don't even get me started about Worthington's antics on the post.
  9. Is it right that you're allowed to kick the ball directly into the net from a free kick!? We should get stuck into that straight away. Maybe even from 12 yards .
  10. Very good player, but there is no excuse for that challenge, particularly on a yellow card. Lucky not to get a straight red. He's now put the next 2 games in jeopardy.
  11. Interesting ticket prices...the Prince must have stumped up some cash at last.
  12. So was I, but we still lost. And Smithy missed a penalty I seem to remember, which NEVER happened.
  13. Whatever we're paying him, there are several clubs in the division that could and would pay him plenty more.
  14. You berated Lee for not making a first time pass earlier. The number of touches is irrelevant in a game, it's the result of the touches that matters.
  15. Fuckrightoff.
  16. And we never will be.
  17. Exactly right. We got 3 points, against a far from 'great' side, just as we did against Toytown; enjoy, but let's not show ourselves up.
  18. Has always had terrible inner ear problems.
  19. Be careful what you wish for...